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Digital technology A.S

  1. 1. Digital TechnologyProgression from preliminary task to final product
  2. 2. Software
  3. 3. PlanningFinal product-• Microsoft Publisher
  4. 4. PublisherI used Publisher to-• Create shooting schedule• Create editing schedule• Create mock ups
  5. 5. Editing imagesPreliminary task-• Microsoft PaintFinal Product-• Microsoft Paint• Adobe Photoshop
  6. 6. Microsoft PaintI used paint to:• Scan in and colour the original title for my magazine• To crop images• To convert Publisher documents (such as mock ups) into JPEG documents, to post on my blog. (Print screen -> Paint -> save as JPEG -> Blog)
  7. 7. Adobe PhotoshopI used Photoshop to-• Edit the saturation of images• Edit the exposure of images• Edit the white balance of images• To add ‘highlight’ to images• To ‘sharpen’ images• To add ‘fill light’ to images
  8. 8. These images show an example of how I usedPhotoshop. I changed the saturation of this image. Before After
  9. 9. Construction of productsPreliminary task-• Paint• Microsoft PublisherFinal product-• Paint• Microsoft Publisher
  10. 10. PaintI used Paint to-• Convert my Publisher products into JPEG documents to post on my blog
  11. 11. Microsoft PublisherI used Publisher to-• Construct my school magazine and music magazine
  12. 12. I used Microsoft Paint, Publisher, and AdobePhotoshop because I found them easy programsto use. I cannot afford the editing technologythat would have been used to create a ‘real’magazine. I used the resources available tome, that made my product look as conventionalas possible.
  13. 13. Internet softwareInternet software:• Blogger• Survey monkey• Facebook• Youtube• Slideshare
  14. 14. BloggerI used blogger to show allof my coursework. I used itbecause it is a veryinteractive medium, and Ifeel that media courseworkshould be expressed in thisway, because afterall, media is all about theaudience. It is easy toconstruct a blog usingblogger, and it is easy toaccess the blog foraudiences.
  15. 15. Survey Monkey I used Survey Monkey to conduct my target audience survey during the research stage of my coursework. This method was easy to use, for me and participants, and allowed me to collect vital information from my final product, such as what the audience feel they want in an Urban music magazine. I then used this information in the construction stages of my coursework for my final product.
  16. 16. FacebookI used Facebook to distribute my survey to mytarget audience. It was a quick, easy andeffective method of distribution, due to the factthat the majority of Facebook users fit into mytarget audience. Eg. Aged 15-25, socio-economicgroup C2DE. This meant that the results that Ireceived were relevant to my music magazineproduct.
  17. 17. YoutubeI used Youtube to upload the videos of my audiencevideos (feedback, ect), and to search for tutorialsfor Photoshop. I used Youtube because it is thelargest video sharing website in the world (that I amaware of). This meant that I was sure that I wouldbe able to find the tutorial videos, and because Ialready had a Youtube account, it was easy toupload my videos, and then embed them to myblog. This method is quicker than to upload thevideo straight to Blogger.
  18. 18. SlideshareI used Slideshare to upload MicrosoftPowerpoint presentations onto my blog, such asthis one. I feel that it is an interesting andinteractive medium to use on a blog. It is fun,visual, and looks much less cluttered than if Iwere to just use paragraph upon paragraph onmy blog.
  19. 19. Hardware
  20. 20. iPod touchI used my iPod touch to takethe images for my recce for myfinal product. I used it becauseit was easy to use, I carry it allof the time so it is easilyaccessible, and the images didnot need to be of high quality(iPod touch’s are 0.7megapixles).
  21. 21. Sony SLRI used this camera to take the images for my schoolmagazine, and my music magazine. I used it because itproduced higher quality images than my iPod because itis a higher megapixel camera. In the construction of ‘real’magazines, much higher megapixel camera’s would beused, however this camera was made available by myschool, so this was all I was able to use. It was easy touse, and did the job it was intended for. However, if I hadthe chance, I would have taken images with a higherquality camera.
  22. 22. TripodI used a tripod to hold thecamera whilst taking the imagesfor my final product. I did this sothat my images werestraight, and steady. I did not useit for my school magazine, andhad never used one previous tothe construction of my musicmagazine. However, I am gladthat I used it for my finalmagazine. It made the imageslook more professional.
  23. 23. Apple Mac Before I began my a-level media coursework, I had never used an Apple Mac before. At first I found them almost impossible to use. But after some experimenting, I eventually became used to them. However, this happened too late for me to construct any of my products using the Macs. Nevertheless, I blogged on the Macs.
  24. 24. Windows ComputerI used Window’s PC’s for myschool magazine and musicmagazine. I used my Window’slaptop primarily, because it waseasily accessible, and I wasfamiliar with it and all of itsprograms before I began mycoursework. This made theprocess of construction of myproducts a lot easier. I also usedthe school Window’s computersto finish Microsoft publicationsthat I created at home. Itransferred these documentsusing my memory stick.
  25. 25. Memory Stick I used my memory stick for my school magazine and music magazine. I used it to transfer my documents from my laptop to the school computers, and vice versa. I also used email to do this, however, my school has an EMBC block on most websites, including Hotmail, so memory stick was an easier method.
  26. 26. ScannerI used a scanner to scanin the drawings of myoriginal music magazinetitle. I also used it to scanin the draft ideas for mymusic magazine plan. Itwas an easy method touse, and when uploadedonto my blog, lookedvery personal. So I likedthis method, rather thanall of my work beingcomputer generated.
  27. 27. PrinterI used a printer to print outmy school magazinecover, and my musicmagazine to show myaudience the products asreal-life products. I felt thatthis way, they would get amore realistic opinion of theappearance of myproducts, as they were the