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Achieving Health & Financial Goals
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Achieving Health & Financial Goals



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  • 1. Achieving your Financial and Health Goals The Sunrider Business Opportunity with Body & Mind on a Budget
  • 2. Why Work Online?We all have dreams, hopes, desires.Yours may be getting on the propertyladder; or having more income andflexibility to pursue a more creativelifestyle than a typical 9 to 5 job; youmay want to travel; or you may needa source of income that fits aroundyour studies or family commitments…
  • 3. … When I started working online from home it was for anumber or reasons.I wanted a decent source of income to fit around my full-time studies; I didn’t want to work for somebody else; Iwanted the flexibility of self-employment; choosing my ownhours, going on holiday when I wanted, running things at myown pace with no limit to my earning potential.It’s all about how hardI work,not what somebodyelse tells meI’m worth.
  • 4. Why is network marketing so hot now?...Social MediaFacebook has at least 30 million users in the UK alone,and it grows a little everyday.A further 10 million people on Twitter in the UK.Then you have Pinterest, blogging, Linked In… all of these platforms ON TOP ofall the face to face connections you can make and already have(as in old-school network marketing).Sunrider International operates in 50 countries, so you can run aninternational business if you choose to, thanks to the internet.So that’s over 900 million Facebookusers, over 500 million Twitter users…and so on.That’s a big marketplace! If you are like me then you are on Facebook every day. You are too? Well I’m earning money while I’m on there!
  • 5. Why join me at Sunrider?Online network marketing is a rapidly growing industrynow, thanks to the power of social media.All you need to begin earning are two things:•A little basic online networking know-how to get youstarted (I will teach you this)•A quality and desirable product to market,with the above mentioned know-how(The product needs to be of a high quality to createrepeat sales from the same customers, giving youresidual income month after month. Sunrider has createdaward-winning food and beauty products, all you need todo is spread the word about them!)This presentation covers the Sunrider businessopportunity, breaking down the finances for you.If you decide to join me then the next presentationteaches you the networking know-how!You can begin marketing today.
  • 6. How it all worksEarning money from your marketing The next few slides explain: - What Sunrider is - How the business model works - How much you can earn
  • 7. Sunrider International was founded in California in 1982by Dr. Tei-Fu Chen, a pharmacologist, and his wifeDr. Oi-Lin Chen, a medical doctor.Sunrider is a company that operates through networkmarketing, and is a member of the Direct SellingAssociation. I am a Sunrider Independent Business Owner(IBO for short). I simply recommend their excellentfood, skin care, and household products, earning myself agenerous compensation for doing so. Dr. Tei-Fu and Dr. Oi-Lin ChenThese exceptional products really speak for themselves, soI find that recommending the products and leading byexample is all that is required.I am not a sales person, I simply recommend and thenenjoy the benefits. Our most popular product is Fortune Delight, a concentrated herbal beverage that assists weight loss – it’s effect is so good it is often surprising to new customers. Sunrider HQ, Torrence, California. Our Best Seller
  • 8. How the IBO plan works1. Join the company by purchasing the Fortune Delight Business Pack for 100 Euros (approx £75 depending on current exchange rate) – that is all it costs you to own your Sunrider business. Noannual fees, no overheads, just the flat rate of 100 Euros. The rest is elbow grease!2. Make a list of everyone you know who may want to lose weight/improve health, make a full or part time income, or both.3. Let people know about it! You could use business cards with product samples (50 Fortune Delight sachets are in your Business Pack). Make use of Facebook, Twitter, blogging, Linked In, Pinterest, people you work/study with, family and friends.4. Refer these people to the Sunrider website to either become customers (earning you commission every time they buy) or to join the business too (the first 2 IBOs to join you cover your start up cost of 100 euros).• Make use of the free training presentation on my website, and stay in touch with me for help with kick- starting your online marketing campaign.• If you are based in London I am part of a Sunrider training and support group which I can bring you along too for a boost!
  • 9. Let’s talk money! How much can you really earn?Every customer purchase earns you 20% of the retailprice (you also get a 20% discount on your ownpurchases). Every month that you earn over 50euros, this is paid to your nominated bank account (lessthan 50 is your credit to spend with Sunrider).Switch brands to Sunrider yourself (of course!)to add to your personal sales total AND behealthier/slimmer too. Lead by example!Every new IBO trained up by you earns you 50 eurosinitially, then 5% of their total groupsales every month. Having a good team of motivated IBOs really boosts your earnings, soencourage and support them.How to earn your first 5000 euros after 8 months:- Sponsor 2 new IBOs into your group every month.- Consume 200 euros worth of our products yourself every month (rememberyour 20% discount, you can get a lot of your everyday stuff).- Train each of your new IBOs to do the same.-Even if only 1/3 of your group consume 200 euros worth a month, you will stillearn your first 5000 euros per month after 8 months.
  • 10. I made this presentation in order to findlike-minded people to join my team andbe part of my success.I am simply looking for positive andmotivated people.You don’t need much time to makenetwork marketing work for you, yousimply need to maximize whatever timeyou do have.What I mean by this is – if you only have2-3 spare hours per week, you spendthose 2-3 hours engaging with yoursocial media audience, and taking tipsand pointers from me.And you can ask me a question anytimeyou like – I might be busy but I willalways respond as soon as I can.If this opportunity is for you, pleasefollow the instructions on the next slide
  • 11. Please go to www.sunrider.comand select Join.Select your country of residence from thedrop down menu, then follow the instructionson the screen. It is just a simple form to fillin and submit.Your sponsor details (that’s me!) areSarahBrandis, is important to give my details correctly so that I receive you onto my teamand can then assist you with kick-starting your online marketing campaign, andanswer any questions you have as you go along.Welcome!I look forward to working with you.Sarah