Vampire DNA: A Cure for AD

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  • 1. VAMPIRE DNA: ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE A CURE FOR Sarah Jane Calub Krystalyna Montano
  • 2. WHAT IS ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE? AD causes memory impairments from early stages, probably because of cell death in the basal forebrain, an area that produces the chemical acetylcholine, which facilitates brain plasticity, or the ability to learn.
  • 3.
  • 4. Short-Term Memory • also called “primary memory” or “active memory” • the capacity to hold a small amount of information in a short period of time • average capacity, without maintenance rehearsal, is 7±2 items
  • 5. The BIG Picture • As many as 5.3 million people in the US are living with Alzheimer’s disease. • Every 70 seconds, someone develops Alzheimer’s. • Alzheimer’s is the seventh-leading cause of death in the US. • Alzheimer’s disease is predicted to nearly double every 20 years.
  • 6. People living with Alzheimer’s and Dementia in the US 120 90 60 30 Today 0 2030 2050
  • 7. Goal Harness unique Vampire “gene” that may repair STM damage in AD patients. and Find a cure for Alzheimer’s to prevent these numbers from increasing rapidly in the near future.
  • 8. Groups Tested Group One •humans with no known STM disorders •ages 50 - 65 Group Two •humans diagnosed with AD •ages 50 - 65 •no medication for 6 months prior to experimentation Group Three •Vampires containing same strain of gene
  • 9. Pre-Experiment Studies • Recent study found vampire gene that helps vampires produce more acetylcholine, increasing their STM ability • “Gene” has been extracted and has potential to mutate human DNA, just as venom does during transformation ACh
  • 10. Methods 1. Test all three groups for STM ability through a 20-question test, lasting about 10 minutes each. Mass spectrometry will be used to measure acetylcholine levels. 2. Record scores based on performance. 3. Inject Vampire “gene” into bloodstream of AD patients. 4. Allow 2 weeks for mutation to occur. 5. Test subjects again using a similar test (same format, different questions). MS will measure ACh levels. 6. Compare results to initial tests to observe improvements. 7. 2 weeks after the second test, test subjects once more to observe if their STM continued to improve.
  • 11. Sample STM Test
  • 12. HOUSE
  • 13. Was the word in lower case letters?
  • 14. ball
  • 15. Does the word rhyme with “mall”?
  • 16. feet
  • 17. Does the word fit in the sentence: “No smoking within 20 ______”?
  • 18. Results AD Patients Non-AD Patients Vampires 20 15 10 5 0 0 Weeks 2 Weeks 4 Weeks
  • 19. Results 2 Weeks After Injection 30 people had 60% more ACh 30 people had 45% more ACh 40 people had 35% more ACh 4 Weeks After Injection 50 people had 95% more ACh 40 people had 92.5% more ACh 10 people had 90% more ACh
  • 20. Conclusion The mutation that occurred when Vampire “gene” was introduced to Alzheimer’s patients, is an effective way to treat the disease by increasing the secretion of ACh in the brain, preventing further damage and increasing brain plasticity. ACh levels in AD patients may continue to increase over time, further increasing their memory capacities.
  • 21. Applications This method may eliminate current medications for Alzheimer’s, and may be a permanent cure for AD.