Youth Subcultures


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Youth Subcultures

  1. 1. Youth subcultures<br />
  2. 2. The main youth subcultures are:<br />• indie• emo• goth• chavs• gangsta• glam rock<br />
  3. 3. Indie<br />Boys<br />Fashion style: skinny jeans, cardigans, loose fitting t-shirts, v-neck t-shirts, polo neck jumpers. Names such as fred perry, checked shirts, plimsolls or ‘Beatles boots’, bright coloured sunglasses e.g. rayban wayfarers, trilby hats.<br />Hairstyle: usually long and messy, a classic example being Luke Pritchard from the Kooks.<br />Interests: Indie music scene e.g. arctic monkeys. Going to gigs/festivals.<br />Girls<br />Fashion style: skinny jeans, tights, leggings, cardigans, bright rayban wayfarers, plimsolls, pixie boots, checked shirts, oversized shirts, denim, big jewellery, big bags.<br />Hairstyle: usually long and messy<br />Interests: Topshop, Indie boys, indie music scene, e.g. One night only, going to gigs/festivals, celebs such as Alexa Chung, <br />
  4. 4.
  5. 5. Emo<br />Boys<br /><ul><li>Fashion style: black skinny jeans, bright coloured t-shirts, hoodies., piercings, converse shoes
  6. 6. Hairstyle: Dark/black hair with big side fringes covering the face
  7. 7. Interests:Emos tend to be obsessed with self-harming, sad poems etc, emo bands e.g. enter shakari.</li></ul>Girls<br />Fashion style: black skinny jeans, bright coloured t-shirts/accesories, piercings<br />Hairstyle: dyed black hair, fringe covering face, loads of piercings<br />Interests: Emos tend to be obsessed with self-harming, sad poems etc, emo bands e.g. My chemical romance<br />
  8. 8.
  9. 9. Goth<br />Boys<br /><ul><li>Fashion style: clothes are black, black t-shirts, jackets, long black coats, black platform boots, sometimes wear dark purple as well. Girls: black tights, skirts, corsets, platform boots, sometimes brightly coloured clothes as well as black clothes, jewellery e.g. skulls.
  10. 10. Hairstyle: Black hair, greasy, limp.
  11. 11. Interests: heavy metal bands such as slipknot, death.</li></ul>Girls<br />Fashion style: black tights, fishnet/ lacey tights, skirts, corsets, platform boots, dresses.<br />Hairstyle: long black hair<br />Interests: heavy metal music, death<br />
  12. 12.
  13. 13. Chav<br />Boys<br />Fashion style: tracksuits, trainers e.g. nike air max. labels such as burberry (fake), fred perry, henleys, baseball hats,tracksuit bottoms tucked into their socks, big gold rings, big gold chains.<br />Hairstyle: shaven head or spiky up with gel<br />Interests: drum and bass music, smoking, getting drunk, smoking weed football (hooliganism), modified cars, hanging out in car parks, parks.<br />Girls<br />Fashion style: tracksuits, short denim skirts, low cut tops with, chunky gold earrings and chains, fake handbags.<br />Hairstyle: hair dyed blonde, with big boots, normally greasy, slicked back in a ponytail.<br />Interests: drum and bass music, smoking, getting drunk, hanging out in modified cars.<br />
  14. 14.
  15. 15. Gangsta<br />Boys<br />Fashion style: baggy jeans, baggy t-shirts, big hoodies/zip up jackets (all expensive) trainers (expensive) baseball hats, lots of bling!<br />Hairstyle: shaven head<br />Interests: gang culture – guns, weapons, rap/r ‘n’ b music, idols: rappers such as 50 cent, and Hugh Hefner (playboy mansion owner) shoot em up video games.<br />Girls<br />Fashion style: skimpy clothes, short tight skirts and dresses, low cut tops, killer heels, skimpy bikinis, thongs showing.<br />Hairstyle: Long flowing hair (normally hair extensions)<br />Interests: gangsta men, being their accessories, r ‘n’ b music.<br />
  16. 16.
  17. 17. Glam rock<br />Is mainly girls…<br />Fashion style: the latest fashions<br />Hairstyle: the latest hairstyle, e.g. the ‘posh bob’ was a craze a few years ago<br />Interests: partying, celebrity gossip magazines e.g. heat, music e.g. girls aloud<br />
  18. 18. Look and styling of The Interpreters…<br />The band I’m working with mainly fall under the ‘indie’ subculture, as do their main fan base<br />The band I am working with are an indie/alternative band. So I’ve researched into the indie subculture. I think the current indie fashions are heavily influenced by the 60’s. Fashion icons such as The Beatles and Elvis Costello. The typical Beatles look was very much tailored, with tailored trousers, polo neck jumpers and blazers. Today you can see the Beatles/60’s influence on bands such as The Last Shadow Puppets, wearing polo necks and blazers in their videos. Whereas some indie bands like to keep the indie look alive and a bit different, by adding a twist to the typical indie look such as a cravat. The current indie fashion aims to stand out and be unique in the way they dress; bespoke fashion is very popular, this is done through vintage one of pieces, which also stems back to the 60’s fashion. I’d like to produce a video that combines both present day fashion and styling with some 60’s styling. <br />The band try to be as unique as they can be and don’t want to be labelled as a certain culture, because there are so many indie bands out there that are so similar. They tend to shop in bespoke and vintage shop, instead of places like Topman and H&M which means they can have that unique look and not be wearing what all their fans and other bands are wearing…..<br />