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CSC Creative Submission

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Sarah Georges' creative submission to Curriculum Services Canada.

Sarah Georges' creative submission to Curriculum Services Canada.

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  • 1. Curriculum Services Canada
    Explore what our Seal of Quality can do for you
  • 2. What is CSC?
    We are a non-profit organization committed to quality assurance in learning products and programs
    Our staff has worked with on projects from curriculum implementation to programming for at-risk learners
    Some of our services include:
    Development, implementation, evaluation, and accreditation of learning resources
    Delivery of learning opportunities online through social networking and multimedia
  • 3. Resources that have the red CSC seal meet high Pan-Canadian curriculum standards
    Each resource goes through an evaluation process by trained and professional evaluators
    A resource with our seal is ensured:
    Inclusivity and is non-biased
    Balanced content and approach
    An effective presentation format
    But it’s not just a Seal of Quality...
    Our Seal of Quality
  • 4.
    • Curriculum Services Canada is committed to education and the community
    • 5. Our affiliate charity, The Curriculum Foundation, supports a Grants for Teachers Program – funding the development of classroom learning resources for teachers
    • 6. CSC works closely with governments, NGOs and agencies all over Canada on initiatives related to learning success at all stages of life
    It’s a Seal of Commitment.
  • 7. CSC’s web-based professional learning services offer the ability to overcome challenges of distance, time, and cost
    We facilitate professional dialogue and sharing of effective practices through:
    Web conferences
    Web Meetings
    Onsite Facilitation
    Online Learning Programs
    Interactive Websites and Social Networks and
    Project Management
    ... A Seal of Advancement.
  • 8. ... A Seal of Diversity
    CSC prides itself on the delivery of reliable educational services that respond to the diverse needs of educators, learners, stakeholders, and the public
    All of our resources are non-biased and are evaluated under high standards for inclusion
  • 9. A Seal of Accessibility
    CSC has always adapted to the changing technological landscape
    The Ontario Trillium List of Approved Textbooks is easily accessible on our website
    There are currently over 165 Pan-Canadian resources that meet our standards displayed on our website
    Last year, supplementary resources were downloaded over 45,000 times!
  • 10. Are you committed to
    Visit our website at:
    Call: 416-591-1576