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A presentation about what every foreigner should know about Ukraine

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Ukraine (1)

  1. 1. UKRAINE What every foreigner needs to know
  2. 2. UKRAINE: AN INTRODUCTION Ukraine is a beautiful country with a rich culture, friendly people, and unique landscape. The National Flag Symbol of Ukraine: Tryzub (trident [Тризуб])
  3. 3. WHERE IS UKRAINE? • Located in Eastern Europe, bordering the Black Sea, between Poland, Romania, and Moldova in the west and Russia in the east • Ukraine is slightly smaller than the state of Texas
  4. 4. NATIONALITIES AND POPULATION •Population: 44,573,205 (July 2013) •People native to Ukraine are known as Ukrainians. The country is also host to a range of minorities including Russian, Belarusian, Moldovan, Crimean Tatar, Romani, and Jewish Ethnic Ukrainians Crimean Tatars Ukrainia n Hasidic Jews
  5. 5. RELIGI ON •Interestingly, the majority of the population identifies as atheist or without religion. •This is largely due to the former Soviet Union’s ban on organized religion and policy of teaching atheism in schools. •The most common religion in Ukraine is Orthodox Christianity Saint Andrew's Church of Kiev
  6. 6. PRESIDENT The current president of Ukraine is Viktor Yanukovych (Янукович Віктор Федорович) who has held this position since February 25, 2010
  7. 7. WEATHER AND CLIMATE •Ukraine has a wide range of weather patterns which occur according to the season: owindy and rainy in spring and fall owinters vary from cool along the Black Sea to cold farther inland (Ukraine is famous for it’s harsh winters) osummers are warm across the greater part of the country, and it is hot in the south.
  8. 8. NOTABLE PLACES Ukraine has a number of breathtaking cities, buildings, and landscapes
  9. 9. •The metropolitan features beautiful architecture exemplified through impressive churches such as the Holy Sophia Cathedral and Kiev Pechersk Lavra. •Museums also make interesting destinations with famous ones including; The Museum of the Great Patriotic War which commemorates Ukraine’s participation in World War II; and for fans of Eastern European art there is The National Art Museum of Ukraine. •Monuments and landmarks in the country’s capitol include The Gold Gates of Kiev and The M. M. Gryshko National Botanical Garden. CAPIT AL •The capitol of Ukraine is Kiev (sometimes written as Kyiv) (Київ) and is also the country’s largest city.
  10. 10. HOLY SOPHIA CATHEDRAL (СОФІЙСЬКИЙ СОБОР) The Bell Tower One of the city’s best known landmarks which serves as a beautiful monument with breathtaking religious artwork inside as well as a museum. The inside of the expansive cathedral
  11. 11. • also known as the Kiev Monastery of the Caves, is a historic Orthodox Christian monastery. • contains numerous architectural monuments, ranging from bell towers to cathedrals to underground cave systems and strong stone fortification walls Inside the caves of Pechersk Lavra Kiev Pechersk Lavra (Києво-Печерська лавра)
  12. 12. THE MUSEUM OF THE GREAT PATRIOTIC WAR (НАЦІОНАЛЬНИЙ МУЗЕЙ ІСТОРІЇ ВЕЛИКОЇ ВІТЧИЗНЯНОЇ ВІЙНИ 1941-1945 РОКІВ) •The Ukrainian State Museum of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 was established in commemoration of 30th anniversary of Ukraine's liberation from the Nazi invaders on Pechersk hills in the former Klovsky Palace on 17 October 1974. •one of the largest museums in Ukraine (over 300 thousand exhibits) centered around the now famous 62meter tall Motherland statue, which has become one of the best recognized landmarks of Kiev
  13. 13. Archangel. Ternopil Region Artist: Anonymous Mid-18th century A Girl with Apples Artist: Oksana Pavlenko A Kiss Artist: Vsevolod Maksymovych 1910-1914 A Chaplet Divination Artist: Ivan Sokolov 1890 The National Art Museum of Ukraine (Національний Художній Музей • The current exhibition України) includes over 20 thousand pieces from Ukrainian, Russian, and international artists
  14. 14. THE GOLD GATES OF KIEV (ЗОЛОТІ ВОРОТА) •a major landmark of Ancient Kiev and historic gateway in the olden city fortress •serves as a museum and can be found on the corner of Volodymyr street and Yaroslaviv Val Street (Yaroslav's Moat)
  15. 15. THE M. M. GRYSHKO NATIONAL BOTAGARDEN NICAL (НАЦІОНАЛЬНИЙ БОТАНІЧНИЙ САД ІМ. М.М. ГРИШКА) • The garden has hothouses, conservatorie s, greenhouses and rosaries • • covers 1.3 km² (120 hectares) and contains 13,000 types of trees, shrubs, flowers and other plants from all over the world It has many coniferous trees and honey locusts, and flowers such as peonies, roses, magnolias, and bushes including lilacs
  16. 16. BEYOND THE CAPITAL Beyond Kiev, Ukraine offers a wide range of beautiful places to visit. Visitors are recommended to see the peninsula Crimea located on the Black Sea and the port city of Odessa in the south; The Carpathian Mountains and the city of Lviv in the west.
  17. 17. CRIMEA (КРИМ) & THE BLACK SEA (ЧОРНЕ МОРЕ) • • possesses significant historical and natural resources and is a region where it is possible to find practically any type of landscape; mountain range, plateau, grassland, and caves serves as a destination full of restaurants, resorts, and fishing
  18. 18. ODESSA СА) : THE ( PORT CITY • a major seaport and transportation hub located on the northwestern shore of the Black Sea • famous as being the unofficial “party city” of Ukraine, Odessa has an energetic night life scene
  19. 19. CARPATHIAN OUNTAINS (КАРПАТИ) •consist of a chain of mountain ranges that stretch in an arc from the Czech Republic (3%) in the northwest through Slovakia (17%), Poland (10%), Hungary (4%) and Ukraine (11%) to Romania (53%) in the east and on to the Iron Gates on the River Danube between Romania and Serbia (2%) in the south •The highest range within the Carpathians is the Tatras, on the border of Poland and Slovakia, where the highest peaks exceed 2,600 m (8,530 ft). •Ukraine contains the central portion of the mountains •popular destination for ski lovers a small but growing population of bears, wolves, and lynx exist on the mountains
  20. 20. Lviv (Львів): The "Little Paris of Ukraine" • regarded as one of the main cultural centres of Ukraine • evidence of the city’s cultural richness include a large number of theaters, concert halls, creative unions, and also high number of many artistic activities (more than 100 festivals annually, 60 museums, 10 theaters) • it’s old buildings and cobblestone roads have survived Soviet and Nazi occupations during World War II largely unscathed The city celebrates a special chocolate holiday on the 8th of March. The festivities include: • a creation of the longest chocolate cake • master classes on cooking of chocolate • tasting of chocolate • factory masterpieces «sculptures with chocolate» • “Chocolate Market Square” with real chocolate fountains • children games and competitions • performances of orchestra “Halytski Surmy” • musical groups • theatrical groups Features Western European style architecture The city is famous for it’s coffee and chocolate
  21. 21. THE CULTURE AND PEOPLE OF UKRAINE With it’s rich and extensive history, Ukraine has developed a unique flavor across all spheres of life
  22. 22. UKRAINIAN DANCE (УКРАЇНСЬКИЙ •ТAНEЦЬ) is Ukrainian Dance • • • Kolomyjka (кoлoмийкa): folk dance danced as a tradition on certain holidays, during festivities, or simply for fun In Ukraine's rural west, it is a popular dance for weddings often described as energetic, fastpaced, and entertaining • it is a characteristic example of Ukrainian culture instantly recognized and highly appreciated throughout the world • • Hopak ( к): the national dance of Ukraine The name hopak is derived from the verb hopaty (Ukrainian: гопати) which means "to jump," as well as the corresponding exclamation, “hop!” (Ukrainian: гоп) which can be uttered during a jump as an expression of surprise or amazement
  23. 23. ники) Syrniki (сирники) Holubtsi (голубці) Paska (Паска) UKRAINIAN CUISINE Kholodets (Холодець) Varenyky ( (УКРАЇНСЬКА КУХНЯ) Olivye (Олів'є) • The food of Ukraine is a hallmark of the culture. • There are a wide array of dishes with the most famous being Borsch (борщ), a soup made from beets, potatoes, cabbage, and other ingredients.
  24. 24. UKRAINIAN LITERATURE: TARAS SHEVCHENKO ( С РОВИЧ НКО) a Ukrainian poet and artist Ukrainians are extremely proud of this historical figure, often naming buildings, streets, and other structures after him There is a Shevchenko National Prize, also known as the Ukrainian State literary and artistic award His writings formed the foundation for the modern Ukrainian literature to a degree that he is also considered the founder of the modern written Ukrainian language Testament (Zapovit) (first stanza) When I am dead, bury me In my beloved Ukraine, My tomb upon a grave mound high Amid the spreading plain, So that the fields, the boundless steppes, The Dnieper's plunging shore My eyes could see, my ears could hear The mighty river roar. Заповіт Як умру, то поховайте Мене на могилі, Серед степу широкого, На Вкраїні милій, Щоб лани широкополі, І Дніпро, і кручі Було видно, було чути, Як реве ревучий.
  25. 25. Folk embroidery is symbolic and connected with a great number of: UKRAINIAN EMBROIDERY (ВИШИВКА) •has a rich history in Ukraine, and has long appeared in Ukrainian folk dress as well as playing a part in traditional Ukrainian weddings and other celebrations beliefs regarding protection and fertility myths superstitions
  26. 26. • Football (футбол) is the most popular sport in Ukraine • Major cities have their own football teams or clubs, as they’re more commonly known • The most famous city rivalry exists between Kiev’s Dynamo Kiev team (left) and Donetsk’s Shakhtar Donetsk (right) • The national team has participated in UEFA competitions for several years and the country hosted the 2012 UEFA European Championship, which took place in the cities of Kiev, Kharkiv, Donestk, and Lviv FOOTBALL: IT’S A BIG DEAL HERE Huge crowds swarm to football stadiums to root for their favorite teams
  27. 27. UNIQUE HOLIDAYS ( СВЯТО) IN UKRAINE Other than the typical holidays that are • celebrated globally (Christmas, New Year’s, etc.), Ukraine features some uniquely regional celebrations • • • • • • Ivan Kupala Day (Іван Купала) takes place on the night between 6 and 7 July An interesting feature of this holiday involves Ukrainians believing that as they jumped over a fire, they get rid of illnesses, evil and barrenness Ukrainian men and women may also jump over the fire holding each other hands if they are in love, a practice which is believed to lead to a happy marriage Epiphany Day (Хрещення День) is celebrated on the 19th of January Ukrainians cut a cross in the ice, put wooden cross vertically and pour beet drink upon it so that it turns red, and decorates it with flowers and pine branches Epiphany water was considered to be universal medicine from all the diseases If a person dunks themselves in the water, it is believed that they will be healthy for the rest of the year
  28. 28. THAT’S ALL, FOLKS! Please come and visit this fascinating country! Ukraine welcomes you.