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DRAFT Cabinet Presentation

  1. 1. Brand Identity ProjectAn Update: September 26, 2011
  2. 2. Spring 2011 – NowBranding 2
  3. 3. Summer 2011: What We’ve Been DoingBranding 3
  4. 4. Final StationeryBranding 5
  5. 5. #10 Envelope 1060% Scale City of New York Parks & Recreation The Arsenal, Central Park New York, NY 10065 www.nyc.gov/parks
  6. 6. Personalized and Generic Note Card (A6) 1250% Scale City of New York Adrian Benepe Parks & Recreation Commissioner Personalized City of New York Parks & Recreation The Arsenal, Central Park New York, NY 10065 www.nyc.gov/parks Generic
  7. 7. A6 Envelope 1450% Scale City of New York Parks & Recreation The Arsenal, Central Park New York, NY 10065 www.nyc.gov/parks
  8. 8. Buckslip 1660% Scale City of New York Parks & Recreation The Arsenal, Central Park New York, NY 10065 www.nyc.gov/parks
  9. 9. City of New YorkParks & RecreationThe ArsenalCentral ParkNew York, NY 10065www.nyc.gov/parks
  10. 10. Adrian Benepe T 212.360.1305 E adrian.benepe@parks.nyc.gov City of New YorkCommissioner F 212.360.1345 Parks & Recreation The Arsenal Central Park New York, NY 10065 www.nyc.gov/parks
  11. 11. City of New YorkParks & RecreationAdrian BenepeCommissionerThe ArsenalCentral ParkNew York, NY 10065T 212.360.1305 F 212.360.1345E adrian.benepe@parks.nyc.govwww.nyc.gov/parks | www.milliontreesnyc.org
  12. 12. Promotional Materials: Strategic PlanBranding 6
  13. 13. Strategic Plan UPdate:April 2011
  14. 14. Welcome to the first of a series of newsletters on the Recreation work stream - Under the leadership of theprogress of our Strategic Plan! new Assistant Commissioner for Recreation, Annika Holder, this work stream took a whole new look atAs many of you know, we started working with the Recreation in order to articulate a new mission andconsulting firm Accenture last summer when they offered identify clear focus areas.to conduct a pro bono strategic planning exercise for theagency. That project initially addressed the challenge: Planning work stream - Led by Assistant CommissionerWhat should be the key areas of focus for the agency in Joshua Laird, this group focused on efforts to morethe remaining years of this administration? How should closely align the agency’s own priority projects with thosewe best capitalize on all the progress we have achieved of our elected officials who fund them.over the last decade? Capital Process work stream - Led by Deputy CommissionerTrying to answer those questions led us to a more Thérèse Braddick, this group focused on dramaticallyexpansive project where we stepped further into the improving the convoluted and time consuming workdetails of our work as an agency. We set out a series of processes that go into the design of our parks, andfive major project areas where we saw the need and the bid and procurement processes that precede theirthe opportunity to make substantial improvements in construction.the way we do business, especially in this tight economicenvironment. While we knew we had accomplished a In the following pages, you will read about the specifictremendous amount in the last nine years, we felt that goals and progress of these work streams. We will bewe could do more across several core areas, with the updating you periodically on our progress and ask forgoal of making our agency more efficient, more responsive, your help and ideas along the way. Many of you areand more dynamic. A great project! already involved. Assistant Commissioner Betsy Smith has been assigned the task of sustaining this project’sThese five major project areas address very different momentum, and she and I both welcome your ideasissues, but all of them touch at the heart of what we do: and suggestions.design, build, maintain, and program our parks, mostof it with the help of a very wide range of partners. We There has been a lot of work done so far by these workpulled together dedicated teams of people for each of streams and we are confident that this momentum willthese areas and called them “work streams.” These work continue into the early summer as the changes that westreams were charged with identifying challenges in identified become part of our standard way of doingtheir areas, devising solutions, and then creating goals business. We want to thank all of you who have playedand timelines to accomplish them. a part already as well as those who have the time and inclination to help us make all aspects of this projectOperations work stream - Led by Borough Commissioner more practical, efficient, and sustainable. We know thatDottie Lewandowski, this group focused on two pilot the best ideas come from all you Parkies, as you are theprograms: 1) creating a clear and sustainable training ones most familiar with our mission and our challenges.program for the eventual, widespread use of our new Thank you for all you are doing to make the parks better.AMPS database; and 2) creating a “work force prioritizationplan” to standardize how we manage daily maintenanceschedules.Partnerships work stream - Led by AssistantCommissioner Sue Donoghue, this group focused adrian Benepe elizabeth W. Smithon understanding and improving the ways we work Commissioner Assistant Commissionerwith partners, from our large conservancies to our for Revenue & Marketingcommunity-based sports leagues that build andmaintain fields, all of whom help us in almost everyaspect of our work.
  15. 15. caPital PrOceSS “As capital projects have increasedit takes a long time to get a capital project in number and complexity, the timebuilt, and the design and bid/procurement it takes to complete a project fromprocesses in particular have received design through construction has expanded significantly. The goal iscomplaints from the public and city officials. to streamline the capital processin order to address these complaints and to increase efficiency, consistency and transparency so we canstreamline the process, the Capital Division satisfy our funders, maintenanceconducted two process re-engineering and operations staff, and mostsessions, one focused on design and one importantly, our park users.”focused on bid/procurement. thérèse Braddick Deputy Commissioner forin total, 21 Capital staff members as well as representatives from Capital Projects & CapitalParks’ Maintenance & Operations, Planning, and Recreation Process Work Stream Leaddivisions, the Mayor’s Office of Contracts, and the nYC LawDepartment participated in these two process re-engineeringsessions.These sessions were conducted as “Kaizen” events. Kaizen, bydefinition, is the “organized use of common sense to improve cost,quality, delivery, and responsiveness to customer needs.” This is aprocess that has been used by Toyota to improve their productionsystems. It is all about implementing solutions through eliminationof wasteful steps and increasing speed and efficiency throughemployee involvement.improvementsAs a result of the sessions, teams came up with 17 “quick wins” UPCOMing in OUR nexT iSSUe:and 28 long-term improvements to both the design and the bid/ Learn more about how the implen-procurement processes. Once implemented, the cycle time will tation of our “quick wins” is makingbe reduced by 203 and 92 days, respectively. our operation more streamlined.
  16. 16. + Completed Milestone • Milestone in Process caPital PrOceSS Milestonesgoal 1: improve efficiency and shorten time linesof capital design process.2010 Quarter 3 Quarter 4 2011 Quarter 1 Quarter 2 Quarter 3 Quarter 4 2012 Q1–4 2013 Q1–4+ CPM unit + new review of + implement 90% • Move up comparative • Valid contracts for • 1-wk turnaround on notification paper sets Constructability review immediate use expense implications review • Spec review • Better prep for PMs/ • Boro meetings on+ Reduce time on + Process for team unfunded projects review at 50% • Coordinate signoffs designers projects • implement design construction docs on construction docs process metrics • Timely assignment • Signed agreements+ new support coordination + Hold training for of support, and reqs up front meetings designers/PM’s skill sets • Formalize grant on completing process+ Pilot constructability budget packages in 2 boros + ensure CP packages+ Combine boro and are complete DPR commissioner meetingsgoal 2: improve efficiency and shorten time linesof bid and procurement process.2011 Quarter 1 Quarter 1 Quarter 2 Quarter 2 Quarter 3 Quarter 4 2012 Q1–4 2013+ Q1–4+ Better checking of + improve • establish and • Additional monitors • implement Bid/ • implement Bid/ contracts before communication with distribute technical for Management Procurement Procurement Long transmittal team checkers clarification Services Quick Wins Term improvements procedure+ Single contact for • Send broadcast • electronic calendar expediting contracts message asking to • Make a copy of the for due dates include project transmittal sheet• Mandate that APT • Reduce number of name on for the Contracts be checked everyday pages in the communications Director to use for registration packet data entryre-engineer the capital design processnineteen improvements to the capital design process were identified andprioritized as part of a Rapid Process improvement event.identified iMPrOveMentS PriOritizatiOn 1 new support coordination meetings and architectural requirements Quick Wins 2 Formalize process for team review at 50% construction docs 3 ensure CP packages are complete 4 institute new review of paper sets with Dep Chief of Design &Chief engineer 5 Complete and consistent budget package 6 CPM Unit notifies team when work order packet is submitted for reg. 7 Reduce time spent on unfunded projects 8 Combine borough commissioner and DPR commissioner meetings and improve Longer Term Projects borough scheduling for community board meetings 9 Definitive meeting with borough on projects10 Timely assignment of support and alignment with skill set11 Consistent 1-week turnaround on expense implications12 Move up comparative review of approved schematics & 75% construction docs13 Signed agreement and requirements for grants up front14 Move up constructability review15 Valid contracts for immediate use (soil testing, lead and asbestos testing, professional services, borings)16 Coordinate signoffs17 Spec review18 Formalize grant process19 Better preparation and senior designer input
  17. 17. adrian BenepeCommissionerwww. nyc.gov/parks
  18. 18. Welcome to our second two more long term improvements in newsletter on the the Design process. The Capital work progress of our Strategic stream looks at the detailed plan Plan! devised with Accenture last fall as a road map, and has been systematically moving through the recommendations Progress continues on our agency-wide with impressive momentum. effort to improve the way we do business. Each of the working groups, or “work Our next newsletter will be released in streams,” continues to meet regularly and early fall and will include short interviews tick off improvements and milestones with the work stream leads and a that move them further towards their commentary from the consulting firm goals. Read all about it! Accenture which helped up design and implement the strategic plan. Accenture Highlights in this newsletter include: is returning to Parks in mid July for a half-day checkup. • The completion of our “WorkSTRATEGIC PLAN Prioritization and Scheduling” pilot. The results of this pilot are being shared Thank you for your interest and your suggestions. Many of you have terrificUPDATE: now across the boroughs, under the leadership of work stream lead Borough ideas and observations; please feel free to share them with us!July 2011 Commissioner Dottie Lewandowski. • The roll out of over 25 “Park Network meetings” across all the boroughs, following a protocol that Betsy Smith was originally devised by Borough Assistant Commissioner Commissioner Bill Castro. for Revenue & Marketing Strategic Plan Project Manager • The launch of a new database for one of Recreation’s signature aquatics programs, Swim for Life, under the watchful eye of Assistant Commissioner Annika Holder. This achievement reflects a needed focus on core services and data tracking and measurement. • MIS, working with the Planning work stream has created a new on-line questionnaire for boroughs to enter specific projects into our agency “Wish List”. In addition, progress continues on beta testing our new capital projects “Scorecard” which weights projects against agency priorities. • The team out at Olmsted have ticked off 2 more quick wins within the Bid and Procurement process reform, and
  19. 19. system and an increased proficiency by STRATEGIC implementation of the meetings. Borough OPERATIONS the main users through the intensive training given by Bronx management. PARTNERSHIPS Commissioners will report on progress and best practices at AEM meetings.The Work Prioritization and Scheduling The Pilot added two new levels of In the spirit of proactively engaging our Philanthropy at the Agency LevelPilot in Queens Districts 8 & 9 (Central information to be entered on each work partners, Park Network Meetings are To refine the Agency’s PhilanthropicQueens), Manhattan Districts 6, 8 &15 order/request that will create more underway in each borough. Function, we have created a framework(East Side Manhattan), and Staten nuanced analysis of the problems to identify, prioritize and manage a wishIsland District 1 (Northern Staten Island) occuring in our parks: a Work Order list for the Commissioner’s Office. Weconcluded on April 16. Feature which tells what type of These meetings unite a network of have introduced a regular review of equipment category is in need of repair; stakeholders around a park, cultivate the wish list at Cabinet and a check-in and Work Order Category which details long-term relationships with community meeting bringing together recently-Each district has its own unique which of Parks’ core mission categories groups and make incremental identified fundraising liaisons from thecomposition of properties and staff and (cleanliness, safety, attractiveness and improvements to the park through joint Commissioner’s Office, Marketing Divisionfaces distinct challenges on a daily basis, functionality) the work order addresses. planning and communication. Our and the Boroughs to anchor the newbut over the past ten weeks, the Work By having added this additional commitment to Park Networks was framework. Fundraising liaisons can availPrioritization and Scheduling Pilot has information it is now possible to know, highlighted as part of our stewardship themselves of newly-developed templateshelped us examine opportunities in our for example, the average time it takes to efforts in Mayor Bloomberg’s PlaNYC April to document wish list projects andcommon daily work processes to gain complete work orders for safety surface 2011 update. manage the projects.efficiency, improve communication and compared to those for benches or playallocate resources in the best possible equipment. This information will be a Park Network Meetings Partnership Data Trackingway to deliver clean, safe, functional and valuable tool for shops staff in prioritizing Park Network Meetings will be held in 26 This summer, in an effort to improve ourattractive parks to the public. and scheduling work to be done by our parks across the five boroughs over the Partner Data Tracking, we will launch skilled trades employees. Additionally, coming months: an annual partner survey to obtain keyWork Prioritization Pilot Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) were financial, programming and volunteerFor example, before the Work Prioritization added that allow district staff and upper • Bronx: Van Cortlandt Park, Pelham Bay data. We are excited to receive thePilot, there was an inconsistent method management to monitor sites that have Park, Bronx River Park and Crotona Park. survey results, which will give a muchof prioritizing daily maintenance routes. not been serviced in a quick and easy way. more accurate summary of our partners’With the use of a new Pre-Planning With one mouse click, all playgrounds • Brooklyn: McCarren Park, Brower positive contributions to parks andSheet, Park Supervisors are now able to not visited by field staff within the last Park, Kaiser Park, Washington help inform how the agency works withdetermine a more efficient order to service three days can be listed for a district for Park and Shore Road Park. partners going forward.district properties. Also, in the past, the prioritization.Crew Chief often determined the service • Manhattan: Jackie Robinson Park,routes and needs. Using the new Daily St. Nicholas Park, Marcus GarveyAssignment Form as a resource to clearly Park, Stuyvesant Park, Bellevue Southcommunicate a work plan and record Park, Highbridge Park, Inwood Park,of what has been accomplished in the East River Park, Sara D. Rooseveltdistrict, Park Supervisors can see where a Park, and Morningside Park.crew left off the previous day and preparethe work schedule for the day ahead. • Queens: Flushing Meadows CoronaOn June 16, we presented the results of Park, Roy Wilkins Park, Groverthe pilot to senior management of the Cleveland Park, Francis Lewisboroughs and discussed how to expand Park and Springfield Park.the best practices from the pilot citywide. • Staten Island: Wolfe’s PondAMPS Pilot Park and Silver Lake Park.The AMPS Pilot has begun to bear fruitnot only in the data that it is now yielding, We have identified a Park Network pointbut also in a better understanding of the person for each borough to oversee the
  20. 20. Promotional Materials: Sustainable ParksBranding 7
  21. 21. Front Back Tip B: Walk or bike to work when making rounds in my park/districtSustainable Parks | Water Bottle #2 Pentagram | 05.17.2011
  22. 22. Mixed PaperRecyclingClean!No CupsNo PlatesNo Napkins
  23. 23. RecyclingBeverage CartonsBottlesCansMetalFoil
  24. 24. AbonoOrgánicoSobras de fruta y vegetalesPosos de café y filtrosBolsitas de téCáscaras de huevos trituradosToallas de papel suciasServilletas
  25. 25. Sólo Basura
  26. 26. Área deReciclaje
  27. 27. A Plan for Sustainable PracticesSustainableParks within NYC Parks Abridged Version
  28. 28. Letter from theCommissionerThe New York City Department of Parks & Recre- our recreation centers with green roofs—the kindation (Parks) manages 14 percent of the land in that is already growing on our 5-Borough buildingNew York City. Our facilities range from recreation on Randall’s Island. We have developed the NYCcenters to playgrounds to expansive green spaces Urban Field Station in partnership with the USDAsuch as Prospect Park and the Staten Island Forest Service Northern Research Station, link-Greenbelt. Parks and open space encompass ing over 150 scientists to our Forestry and Naturalmore than 29,000 acres. We also care for over 2.5 Resource Group (NRG) divisions. The Field Stationmillion trees. How we manage this public property helps ensure that our conservation and restora-greatly affects the quality of life for all New York- tion techniques will continue to preserve anders. It is essential that we consider the environ- protect our natural areas.mental impact of all of our agency’s actions andpolicies. We must operate in a sustainable man- There is always more work to be done, however,ner: In a way which can be maintained at a steady and this plan is meant to stand as a guide thatlevel without exhausting natural resources or tracks the advances we have already made, ascausing ecological damage. well as those that we must implement as we move forward toward a greener future. I am proudWith this in mind, Parks launched the Sustainable of all that has been accomplished, and I urge ev-Parks Task Force to advance green efforts related eryone who reads this to take every measure pos-to 21st century park design and construction and sible to make Parks the most sustainable agencyinnovative natural resource management, and to it can be. In this way we will continue to ensurereduce consumption of fuel, energy, and materials. that current and future employees are truly theThrough agency-wide education programs and the City’s Greenest!continued efforts of the Task Force, we are work-ing to reduce our carbon footprint and enhancethe current and future livability of New York City.The initiative is a call to action for all employees,and one that we believe will carry over to parkpatrons and the public at large who interact withour agency. Our goal is to tie together everythingwe do within Parks and reinforce these practicesthroughout our agency’s culture.We have already accomplished so much alongthese lines. We have created and distributedour High Performance Landscape Guidelines toensure that our landscape designs are done in themost environmentally friendly manner possible.We have created the greenest vehicle fleet in thenation, and we are continuing to enliven some of Adrian Benepe, Commissioner
  29. 29. ExecutiveSummaryIn February 2010, Commissioner Benepe called for • Park Design and Construction: We will expandthe creation of an intra-agency task force to create sustainable practices across all phases of parka Sustainability Plan. The plan, called “Sustainable development by creating a sustainable land-Parks,” ties together our agency’s varied sustain- scape design checklist, by creating a digitalability-related projects, identifies new opportuni- reference library cataloging sustainable parkties, and sets clear goals to measure and promote design elements, and by strengthening the dia-sustainable practices. This inaugural version of logue between park designers and park mainte-the Plan will serve as a guide as we design and nance staff.construct parks, offer park programming, and con-serve natural areas. It will also serve as a platform The goals and indicators described in this Planfor communicating our extensive work in this field. provide a starting point for bringing together sus-While Parks employs many sustainable practices, tainable practices at Parks into a more cohesivethis Plan focuses on four main areas, each ex- framework. As we work to implement our goals,plained in an extended chapter: we will also seek to address additional areas crucial to sustainability, such as energy and water• Education and Outreach: We will promote ways efficiency. We will publish an update to our Plan to engage Parks employees and the public in early 2012 to evaluate our efforts and establish through sustainability education and outreach, new goals where needed. Through its agency-wide by appointing “Green Gurus” at agency facili- operations, public programming, and partner- ties, and by launching a “green pledge” campaign ships, Parks can make significant contributions to among Parks employees. reduce the city’s impact on the environment.• Public Recycling: We will expand recycling in parks and at events by installing more recycling bins in parks, by engaging volunteers in recycling operations at citywide special events, and by incorporating recycling storage into new park designs.• Leaf Composting: We will increase leaf compost- ing efficiency in parks by installing a new O2 composter in each borough to provide a con- tinuous supply of compost, by expanding leaf mulching in parks, and by increasing capacity for small-scale composting through training and ongoing communications.
  30. 30. Sustainable ParksThe ideas and inspiration for a greener Parks EducationDepartment often come from the thousands of and Trainingemployees across the agency, from park designers Develop internalto field staff. To ensure that sustainable practices and externalare maximized and implemented consistently sustainabilityacross the agency, Commissioner Benepe called Leaf training programs Capitalfor the creation of a sustainability task force in Composting ImplementFebruary 2010. The motivation for this call to sustainable Expand efficiency practices acrossaction was to bring together the many divisions of leaf composting all phases of parkwithin the agency involved with sustainability in parks developmentto develop a cohesive framework to share best Sustainablepractices and measure the progress of initiatives.The task force builds off of the successes of many Parksexisting initiatives and Mayor Bloomberg’s PlaNYC Structureprojects that Parks has implemented over the Public Metricspast four years. Recycling Create sustainability Expand recycling indicators forSustainable Parks’ Mission: operations in parks existing and future and at events initiatives• Advance initiatives related to 21st century park Communications design and construction, innovative natural Promote sustainability resource management, and the strategic reduction initiatives among staff and the public of agency fuel, energy, and materials consumption• Create awareness about employees’ and the public’s impact of their daily actions on the envi- ronment through training and education• Quantify sustainable efforts at Parks to identify impacts• Promote and share progress and best practices around sustainabilitySustainable Parks Timeline Official Sustainable Parks launch at Agency sustainability agency-wide Sustainability Summit at task force kick-off held The Center for Architecture Plan release 2010 Feb 2010 Sep 2010 Oct-Nov 2011 Feb 2011 March 2011 Jul 2012 Jan Commissioner Benepe calls for the Working group Call for Green Pledges First bi-annual creation of a sustainability task force formation and Green Guru Sustainable Parks at “State of the Parks” Speech goal-setting Identification progress update
  31. 31. Implementation and Milestones ChartIn Fall 2010, each Sustainability Task Force work- goals. To ensure continuity and accountability,ing group was asked to set two to three goals. The this chart will form the basis of our plan update inmilestones below outline the actions we will take January 2012.by January 2012 to help advance or achieve ourEducation and OutreachParks’ Goal Lead DepartmentProvide sustainability training and education for all Parks employees.Increase training and awareness around energy efficiency. 5-borough Tech ServicesDevelop sustainability checklists for recreation center managers. Recreation/5-Borough Tech ServicesStrengthen sustainability component in Parks’ public education programming offered at recreation Public Programscenters and nature centers.Incorporate sustainability training within orientation program for POP participants. Parks Academy/POPCreate a network of Green Guru point people across the agency to support sustainability initiatives.Develop internal agency resource guide for sharing best practices. Sustainability InitiativesExpand recycling at Parks office buildings. Citywide Operations/Sustainability InitiativesExpand network of Green Gurus. Sustainability InitiativesLaunch Green Pledge Campaign to create community.Collect pledges from 1000 employees, or 10% of Parks’ peak headcount. Sustainability InitiativesPerform research into motivations for pledging. Sustainability InitiativeIncrease pledges from M&O staff. Sustainability Initiatives Abbreviations POP: Parks Opportunity Program, M&O: Maintenance and Operations, OMP: Operations and Management Planning
  32. 32. Next StepsDuring the Sustainable Parks Task Force kick-offmeeting on September 16, 2010, two tornadoesripped through the city, knocking down thou-sands of trees in parks and on streets in a matterof minutes and creating swaths of destructionin neighborhoods. Also last year, New York Cityexperienced its hottest summer on record andits snowiest January ever. With concerns overclimate change and the growing unpredictabilityof our environment, there is an urgent need for allNew Yorkers to reduce their impact on the envi-ronment to help preserve our quality of life andthat of future generations.The release of this inaugural Sustainable ParksPlan documents the planning process of theSustainability Task Force, an initiative launched byCommissioner Benepe in February 2010. The Planis a starting point for grouping sustainable prac-tices within Parks into a more cohesive frame-work, and articulating our efforts to the public atlarge. This document is by no means an end initself, just as sustainable practice is a constantlyevolving and adaptive process. Many of the goalsoutlined in this Plan build upon existing initiatives.Other goals represent new areas of focus. In themonths ahead, we will look to address additionalareas crucial to sustainability, such as energymanagement and water efficiency.Sustainable Parks will publish a progress updatein early 2012 to evaluate our efforts and establishnew goals where needed. The goals, milestones,and metrics, described in this Plan will guide ourwork and help track our progress. As we movefarther along in the planning and implementa-tion process, we will continue to solicit feedbackfrom Task Force members as well as the broaderAgency. Together, we are able to create a greenerculture at Parks and in New York City, and affirmour commitment to being “NYC’s Greenest.” The September 16th 2010 tornadoes downed thousands of trees around the city. Photo Credit: Daniel Avila.
  33. 33. How to save moneywhile saving the planetWhat are you able to pledge today?Spend less on gas Cut the water billInstead of driving, consider walking, When you wash your hands or brushbiking, carpooling, or using public your teeth, make sure to not keep thetransportation. tap running unnecessarily. Installing low-flow shower heads and toilets haveSlay energy vampires short pay-back periods and are easyUnplug any appliance not in use. They ways to use less water as well.consume electricity even when they’reoff! Using power strips makes this Reuse for freeeasier. Many websites offer free, used products you can get instead of buyingBring lunch from home new ones. For example – freecycle.orgIt’s cheaper than eating out, and savestons of materials from going to waste Go paperless(disposable plates, containers and Spend less on paper by printingutensils). double-sided or reusing scrap paperSave on lighting Smart drivingReplace your bulbs with compact Slowing your driving speed to 60 mphfluorescent light bulbs. They last or under, avoiding idling, and filling yourlonger, and consume less energy. tires to the maximum recommended pressure means less pumping on theChill the room gas and more saving.Use shades and install ceiling fans toreduce air conditioning costs.
  34. 34. Stop burning energy!10 simple steps1. When it’s hot out, keep window shades and blinds lowered and closed to reduce the heat and sun load at every window. Conversely, during the winter, you are encouraged to keep shades and blinds up to take advantage of the natural warmth of the sun.2. Keep radiator and vent ducts clear of anything that might block air circulation, such as books, plants or files.3. Turn off overhead lights in your area if daylight is sufficient or desk lighting is available.4. When you are away from your work area for a meeting or for lunch, please turn off the task light at your desk. When you leave at the end of the day, turn off all lights not required for security.5. Turn off computer monitors, copiers and other electric equipment when not in use.6. For shared electronics, identify the person responsible for shutting it off every night.7. Unplug personal electronics, such as coffee makers and cell phone chargers, when not in use.8. Individual space heaters are a fire hazard and are strictly prohibited.9. Turn off monitors and lights in conference rooms when your meeting is over.10. Take the stairs when possible.
  35. 35. Promotional Materials: RecreationBranding 8
  36. 36. 12-0" 3-0" 3-0" 5-0" OC01 TYPICAL ELEVATION SCALE: 1/2" = 1-0" 12-0" 02 TYPICAL SECTION SCALE: 1/2" = 1-0" 3-0" 3-0" 3-0" 3-0" Materials & General Speci cations: 4 x 1/4" thick rigid polymer panels; provide WILLIAMSBRIDGE OVAL THROUGH OUR RECREATION DIVISION, NYC PARKS WILL: TO ACHIEVE THIS VISION, WE WILL: • Be reliable, consistent, and professional in our cost options on the following: RECREATION CENTER • Lead the city in providing free and low-cost service to the City • Strive to effectively meet the needs of New 1. painted acrylic panel with matte white opportunities for people to “get moving” • Engage partners and members of the Yorkers today, while planning for the needs of cut vinyl letters applied to rst surface Our mission is to community to develop innovative and fun programming tomorrow • Build talent from within by developing skills of 2. digital print on sintra 3. digital print on second surface of enable all New Yorkers • Use our facilities, the talents of our staff, and our existing staff pressure-laminated resin • Offer programming in safe, clean, and 3-0" to lead physically our online resources to connect people to outdoor activity and to promote the many welcoming environments mounted ush to interior wall surface with active lives through of our natural environment • Become the choice for those seeking • Routinely evaluate our efforts and identify areas for improvement to and VHB tape and silicone adhesive sports, fitness, and sports, and outdoor adventure opportunities throughout the year effectively execute our mission outdoor adventure. By successfully achieving this vision, we will create a legacy in which NYC Parks helps shape a City.03 DETAIL SCALE: 1" = 1-0" NYC Parks Recreation Center Scale: Option 01A: 2011/08/11 Mission/Vision Signage As Noted Large Horizontal Wall-mount
  37. 37. 1-10" 3"01 TYPICAL ELEVATION SCALE: 1/2" = 1-0" 02 TYPICAL SECTION SCALE: 1/2" = 1-0" Materials & General Speci cations: 1-4" provide cost options on the following: 1. digital print on bent aluminum extrusion 4" 4" 4" 4" 2. digital print on bent pvc or acrylic panel rests on tabletop surface 4"03 DETAIL SCALE: 6" = 1-0" NYC Parks Recreation Center Scale: Option 05: 2011/08/11 Mission/Vision Signage As Noted Small Desk-top
  38. 38. Recreation Program Calendar January EventsBRONX Friday July 10 Fort Greene Visitor CenterFriday July 10 (FGVC): Fort Greene Park. Enter theCrotona Nature Center * park at Myrtle Avenue and Washing-seasonal (CNC): Crotona Park. Enter ton Park. 718.722.3218the park at Charlotte St. & CrotonaPark East. 718.378.2061 Friday July 10 Salt Marsh Nature CenterFriday July 10 (SMNC): Marine Park. East 33rd St.Orchard Beach Nature Center & Avenue U. 718.421.2021seasonal (OBNC): Pelham Bay Park.Section 2 of Orchard Beach. Friday July 10718.885.3466 Fort Greene Visitor Center (FGVC): Fort Greene Park. Enter theFriday July 10 park at Myrtle Avenue and Washing-Pelham Bay Ranger Station ton Park. 718.722.3218(PBRS): Pelham Bay Park. BrucknerBlvd. & Wilkinson Ave. 718.885.3467Friday July 10 MANHATTANVan Cortlandt Nature Center(VCNC): Van Cortlandt Park. Enter Friday July 10the park at W. 246th St. & Broadway. Belvedere Castle718.548.0912 (BC): Central Park. 79th St., mid- park. 212.628.2345Friday July 10Orchard Beach Nature Center* Friday July 10seasonal (OBNC): Pelham Bay Park. Dana Discovery Center *Section 2 of Orchard Beach. (DDC): Central Park. 110th St. &718.885.3466 Lenox Ave. 212.860.1376Friday July 10 Friday July 10Pelham Bay Ranger Station Inwood Hill Nature Center(PBRS): Pelham Bay Park. Bruckner (IHNC): Inwood Hill Park. Enter parkBlvd. & Wilkinson Ave. 718.885.3467 at W. 218th St. & Indian Road. 212.304.2365 or 212.304.3401 Friday July 10 Friday July 10Friday July 10Van Cortlandt Nature Center Friday July 10 Alley Pond Park Adventure Center High Rock Ranger Station(VCNC): Van Cortlandt Park. Enter Belvedere Castle (APPAC): Alley Pond Park. Enter at (HRRS): High Rock Park. Park in thethe park at W. 246th St. & Broadway. (BC): Central Park. 79th St., mid- Winchester Blvd., under the Grand lot at the end of Nevada Avenue, off718.548.0912 park. 212.628.2345 Central Parkway. 718.217.6034 or Rockland Ave., and follow signs. 718.217.4685 718.667.6042. Friday July 10 Friday July 10BROOKLYN QUEENS Forest Park Visitor Center High Rock Ranger Station * Friday July 10 (FPVC): Forest Park. Woodhaven (HRRS): High Rock Park. Park in theFriday July 10 Alley Pond Park Adventure Center Blvd. & Forest Park Drive. lot at the end of Nevada Avenue, offSalt Marsh Nature Center * (APPAC): Alley Pond Park. Enter at 718.846.2731 Rockland Ave., and follow signs.(SMNC): Marine Park. East 33rd St. Winchester Blvd., under the Grand 718.667.6042.& Avenue U. 718.421.2021 Friday July 10 Central Parkway. 718.217.6034 or Fort Totten Visitors Center * Friday July 10Friday July 10 718.217.4685 (FTVC): Fort Totten Park. Enter park High Rock Ranger StationFort Greene Visitor Center Friday July 10 at fort entrance, north of intersec- (HRRS): High Rock Park. Park in the(FGVC): Fort Greene Park. Enter the Forest Park Visitor Center * tion of 212 St. and Cross Island lot at the end of Nevada Avenue, offpark at Myrtle Avenue and Washing- (FPVC): Forest Park. Woodhaven Pkwy. and follow signs. 718.352.1769 Rockland Ave., and follow signs.ton Park. 718.722.3218 Blvd. & Forest Park Drive. 718.667.6042.Friday July 10 718.846.2731 Friday July 10Salt Marsh Nature Center * Friday July 10 STATEN ISLAND Blue Heron Nature Center(SMNC): Marine Park. East 33rd St. Forest Park Visitor Center Friday July 10 (BHNC): Blue Heron Park. 222 Poillon& Avenue U. 718.421.2021 (FPVC): Forest Park. Woodhaven Blue Heron Nature Center Avenue, between Amboy Road & Blvd. & Forest Park Drive. (BHNC): Blue Heron Park. 222 Poillon Hylan Boulevard. 718.967.3542 718.846.2731 Avenue, between Amboy Road & Hylan Boulevard. 718.967.3542 Canoeing Few truly unique experiences compare with being on the open water in New York City. The rhythm of the waves, the sun on your face, and the exhilara- tion of slicing through the water, all add up to an experience you’ll never forget. Our trained Urban Park Rangers will lead you on canoe adventures that range from the gentle waters of protected lakes, to the challenging open waters of rivers and bays. On an Urban Park Ranger canoe program, you can go from novice to expert in one just one summer! Most canoe programs are first-come, first -served, but a few require registration due Skill Levels to the level of difficulty. Advanced canoeing Basic: Great for all skill levels, including programs are for experienced canoers only. children 8 years and older. Children 8 years old and up are welcome. Intermediate: Some experience For registration programs, participants preferred. are chosen by lottery. To enter your name in the lottery, visit nyc.gov/parks/rangers/ Advanced: Experience required. register on the dates listed below. * Wheelchair access available at these NYC Parks Centers
  39. 39. Employee Name Employee Name Recreation Division Title line 1 Recreation Division Title line 1 Recreation Division Title line 2NYC Parks | Recreation Name Tags Pentagram | 08.17.2011
  40. 40. STAFFNYC Parks – Adult Staff Polo Shirt Pentagram | 04.13.2011
  41. 41. STAFFNYC Parks – Adult Staff T-Shirt Pentagram | 04.13.2011
  42. 42. modell’s Spring Sports ClinicsApril 30DOUBLE DUTCH FrEESt. Mary’s Recreation Center Clinics held from 10 AM–2 PM. For more information, visit www.nyc.gov/parks450 St. Ann’s Avenue Registration is on site and or call 212.360.3319.BrOnx begins at 9 AM. Open to youth 8–17 yearsRecreation Center 54 of age.348 East 54th Street Equipment provided.manHaTTan Participants receive a free t-shirt (while supplies last).
  43. 43. modell’s Spring Sports Clinics modell’s Spring Sports ClinicsApril 2 April 9TaBLE TEnnIS FrEE BaSEBaLL FrEEChelsea Recreation Center Clinics held from 10 AM–2 PM. For more information, visit Victory Field Clinics held from 10 AM–2 PM. For more information, visit www.nyc.gov/parks www.nyc.gov/parks430 West 25th Street Registration is on site and or call 212.360.3319. Woodhaven Boulevard and Registration is on site and or call 212.360.3319.manHaTTan begins at 9 AM. Myrtle Avenue begins at 9 AM. Open to youth 8–17 years QUEEnS Open to youth 8–17 yearsBrownsville Recreation Center of age. of age.1555 Linden Boulevard Equipment provided. St John’s Recreation Center Equipment provided.BrOOKLYn Participants receive a free 1251 Prospect Place Participants receive a free t-shirt (while supplies last). BrOOKLYn t-shirt (while supplies last).
  44. 44. modell’s Spring Sports Clinics modell’s Spring Sports ClinicsApril 23 April 16SOCCEr FrEE FLaG FOOTBaLL FrEERed Hook Recreation Center Clinics held from 10 AM–2 PM. For more information, visit Van Cortlandt Stadium Clinics held from 10 AM–2 PM. For more information, visit www.nyc.gov/parks www.nyc.gov/parks155 Bay Street Registration is on site and or call 212.360.3319. Broadway & West 242nd Street Registration is on site and or call 212.360.3319.BrOOKLYn begins at 9 AM. BrOnx begins at 9 AM. Open to youth 8–17 years Open to youth 8–17 yearsAlfred E. Smith Recreation of age. Greenbelt Recreation Center of age.Center 501 Brielle Avenue (across Equipment provided. Equipment provided.80 Catherine Street Participants receive a free from Sea View Hospital) Participants receive a freemanHaTTan t-shirt (while supplies last). STaTEn ISLanD t-shirt (while supplies last).
  45. 45. Modell’s Spring Sports Clinics Modell’s Spring Sports Clinics5 Saturdays in Aprilapril 2TABLE TENNIS april 9 BASEBALL april 16 FLAG FOOTBALL april 23 SOCCER april 30 DOUBLE DUTCH 5 Saturdays in April april 2 april 9 april 16 april 23 april 30Chelsea Recreation Center Victory Field Van Cortlandt Stadium Red Hook Recreation St. mary’s Recreation TABLE TENNIS BASEBALL FLAG FOOTBALL SOCCER DOUBLE DUTCH430 West 25th Street Woodhaven Boulevard Broadway and Center CenterMANHATTAN and myrtle avenue West 242nd Street 155 Bay Street 450 St. ann’s avenue Chelsea Recreation Center Victory Field Van Cortlandt Stadium Red Hook Recreation St. mary’s Recreation QUEENS BRONX BROOKLYN BRONX 430 West 25th Street Woodhaven Boulevard Broadway and Center CenterBrownsville Recreation MANHATTAN and myrtle avenue West 242nd Street 155 Bay Street 450 St. ann’s avenueCenter St John’s Recreation Greenbelt Recreation alfred E. Smith Recreation Recreation Center 54 QUEENS BRONX BROOKLYN BRONX1555 Linden Boulevard Center Center Center 348 East 54th Street Brownsville RecreationBROOKLYN 1251 prospect place 501 Brielle avenue (across 80 Catherine Street MANHATTAN Center St John’s Recreation Greenbelt Recreation alfred E. Smith Recreation Recreation Center 54 BROOKLYN from Sea View Hospital) MANHATTAN 1555 Linden Boulevard Center Center Center 348 East 54th Street STATEN ISLAND BROOKLYN 1251 prospect place 501 Brielle avenue (across 80 Catherine Street MANHATTAN BROOKLYN from Sea View Hospital) MANHATTAN STATEN ISLANDFREEClinics held from 10 am–2 pm. Equipment provided. For more information, visit participants receive a free www.nyc.gov/parksRegistration is on-site and t-shirt (while supplies last). or call 212.360.3319. FREEbegins at 9 am. Clinics held from 10 am–2 pm. Equipment provided. For more information, visitOpen to youth 8–17 years of age. participants receive a free www.nyc.gov/parks Registration is on-site and begins at 9 am. t-shirt (while supplies last). or call 212.360.3319. Open to youth 8–17 years of age.
  46. 46. Promotional Materials: Urban Park RangersBranding 9
  47. 47. Raptor FestExperience the thrill of viewing New York’s premier predators, live and up closewith the Urban Park Rangers, and the Prospect Park Audubon Center!Prospect Park, BrooklynNethermead, (Enter on Ocean Avenue and Lincoln Road)Sunday, October 2nd12PM–3PM FREE EVENT For more information, visit www.nyc.gov/parks or call 311.
  48. 48. Urban Wildlife Appreciation Daymeet Live Animals! Activities for Kids!Fort Tryon ParkCloister LawnSaturday, May 712pm–3pm Free evenT For more information, visit www.nyc.gov/parks or call 311.
  50. 50. 2 nYcParks nyc.gov/parks/rangers URBAN PARK RANGERSMessage From: Hi Everyone! I was so excited when I was asked to write the opening message this Archery program. Summer is a great time to tune up your bike, strap on your helmet, and summer’s in Outdoors in NyC. It was only one take a Cycling tour of a famous park, or signPearl the Squirrel year ago that I joined NyC Parks and what an up to spend a night under the stars with me adventure it has been! The Urban Park on a Family Camping program. Rangers really know how to have fun. last summer I went camping every weekend I am not going to spend one day cooped up and I took my first ride in a canoe. It was in my tree this summer! On my days off, I awesome! In the fall I graduated from the am going to visit Coney Island, fly a kite, and Park Ranger Academy and in the winter enjoy a concert in the park. I am also going I taught my first Winter Survival program. But to plant an acorn for every new friend I the most fun I had was making friends with make! So climb out of your tree this hundreds of kids who visited me in the park. summer and explore all the NyC Parks has to offer. Please do your part to help keep When I was a little squirrel growing up in our parks looking clean and beautiful by Van Cortlandt Park, I could not wait to climb taking your trash with and leaving nothing down from my tree each day and explore the behind. See you in the parks! forest. My friends and I learned the names of all the trees, and discovered which oaks A complete list of all Parks programs can be had the sweetest acorns. We had scavenger found by visiting www.nyc.gov/parks. hunts and made crafts out of what nature provided. Now there is nothing I love more than connecting kids to the natural world while showing them ways to stay fit and exercise their brains. This summer, the Urban Park Rangers offer dozens of family friendly programs that I’m sure you’re going to go nuts for. young kids will love letting their imaginations run free as they use found objects to express themselves on the Imagination Play program, and older kids can build their muscles and improve their aim on anurban Park Ranger MAnHATTAn Belvedere castle (Bc): sTATen IslAnd Blue Heron nature center (BHnc):nature and Central Park. 79th St., mid-park. 212.628.2345 Blue Heron Park. 222 Poillon Avenue, between Amboy Road & Hylan Boulevard.Visitor centers dana discovery center (ddc): 718.967.3542 Central Park. 110th St. & lenox Ave. High Rock Ranger station (HRRs):BRonx 212.860.1376 High Rock Park. Park in the lot at the end ofcrotona nature center, (cnc): Nevada Avenue, off Rockland Ave., andCrotona Park. Enter the park at Charlotte St. Inwood Hill nature center (IHnc): follow signs. 718.667.6042.& Crotona Park East. 718.378.2061 Inwood Hill Park. Enter park at W. 218th St. & Indian Road. 212.304.2365 ororchard Beach nature center (oBnc): 212.304.3401Pelham Bay Park. Section 2 of OrchardBeach. 718.885.3466 QueensPelham Bay Ranger station, under Alley Pond Park Adventure center (APPAc):construction (PBRs): Alley Pond Park. Enter at Winchester Blvd.,Pelham Bay Park. Bruckner Blvd. & under the Grand Central Parkway.Wilkinson Ave. 718.885.3467 718.217.6034 or 718.217.4685Van cortlandt nature center (Vcnc): Forest Park Visitor center (FPVc):Van Cortlandt Park. Enter the park at W. Forest Park. Woodhaven Blvd. & Forest Park THe FRee neWsPAPeR oF ouTdooR AdVenTuRe JulY / AuGusT / sePTeMBeR 2011246th St. & Broadway. 718.548.0912 Drive. 718.846.2731 Sarah Aucoin, Director Fort Totten Visitors center (FTVc): Bonnie McGuire, Deputy Director Richard Simon, Deputy DirectorBRooKlYn Fort Totten Park. Enter park at fort entrance, Marta Arroyo, Program Managersalt Marsh nature center (sMnc): north of intersection of 212 St. and Cross Elizabeth Green, Graphic DesignerMarine Park. East 33rd St. & Avenue U. Island Pkwy. and follow signs. 718.352.1769 Shalini Beath, Grants Manager718.421.2021Fort Greene Visitor center (FGVc): urban Park Rangers 1234 Fifth AvenueFort Greene Park. Enter the park at Myrtle new York city 10029Avenue and Washington Park. 718.722.3218
  51. 51. URBAN PARK RANGERS nyc.gov/parks/rangers nYc Parks 3urban Farm at the Battery debutsSite is the Battery’s First Public Urban Farm Since the DutchPlanted their Cottage Gardens in New Amsterdam in 1625.Public Welcomed to Plant and Farm at 80 Organic VegetablePlotsOn April 11, 2011 Parks & Recreation “The Farm is a natural outgrowth of the with architect partner Shane Neufeld utilizedCommissioner Adrian Benepe and Battery Battery Conservancy’s ongoing commitment over 5,000 bamboo poles which were donatedConservancy President Warrie Price were to community outreach and envisioning to the Conservancy by renowned artists Mikejoined by members of the Millennium High creatively the future of life in the City.” and Doug Starn. The bamboo is repurposedSchool Environmental Club and 200 first from their internationally acclaimedand sixth graders from P.S. 276 and P.S. 896 The Urban Farm occupies one full acre of installation work ‘Big Bambú: you Can’t, youto inaugurate the new Urban Farm at the the Battery’s verdant parkland at the Don’t, and you Won’t Stop,’ which occupiedBattery. Also present were architect and southernmost tip of Manhattan – along The Metropolitan Museum of Art Roof Gardendesigner Shane Neufeld, and Battery Chefs State Street at Pearl Street – and will be in during the summer and early autumn of 2010.Wade Burch of Merchant Market, and Zak operation for two years until constructionPelaccio and Kevin Pomplun of Fatty Cue. begins on the Battery Garden Bikeway It will also function as an outdoor classroom connecting the East and West Sides of where students and volunteer members of“Urban agriculture is critical in our city to Manhattan. the public – including community groups,strengthen the connection between New local residents, members of the Downtownyorkers and the food they eat,” said Parks & It originated with a request from students of work force, and military veterans - canRecreation Commissioner Adrian Benepe. Millennium High School’s Envrionmental plant, cultivate, harvest, and eat fresh“We are delighted to partner with the Club to plant a vegetable garden in the park. produce. During the preparation of its soilBattery Conservancy in establishing this It led to a farming initiative that now for planting, the Urban Farm already hasurban farm which will promote hands-on includes eight schools with over 650 welcomed more than 650 students fromlearning about the living environment, students participating. kindergarten through 12th grade, from eightnutrition, history, civics and the arts. And New york City schools: PS3 The John Melserwhat better location than in the Battery – The Urban Farm will now serve the lower Charrette School; PS89 liberty School;the site where the Dutch first planted their Manhattan community as a sustainable PS276 Battery Park City School; IS289cottage gardens back in 1625!” outdoor farming destination to include 80 Hudson River Middle School; IS896 lower organic vegetable plots. These will lie within Manhattan Community Middle School; M560“From its structure to its program, from its an “architecture” conceived by New york City-as-School; Claremont Preparatoryseeds to its enrichment of the park’s soil, designer Scott Dougan, who created a School; and Millennium High School.from its potential for bringing people planting footprint that pays playful tribute totogether and teaching us about healthy Zelda, a wild American turkey who has Members of the public who would like toeating, the Urban Farm at the Battery is a resided since 2003 in the Battery and is much get their hands into the soil at thesustainable exercise in both progressive loved by the public. Tracing a perimeter that Urban Farm can learn more by going to:horticulture and design excellence,” said evokes Zelda’s silhouette, including her www.thebattery.orgBattery Conservancy President Warrie Price. distinctive head and tail feathers, Dougan
  52. 52. 6 nYcParks nyc.gov/parks/rangers URBAN PARK RANGERSFamily campingWe camp to create lasting memories, connect with thenatural world, and bond with our families. Campingaffords us the opportunity to unplug from the diversions ofeveryday life and to laugh and play with our families. TheUrban Park Rangers celebrate the tradition of campingthroughout the spring and summer, and we look forward towelcoming your family.Family Camping programs take place in allfive boroughs, but space is limited andfamilies are chosen by lottery. To enter yourfamily in the lottery, visit nyc.gov/parks/rangers/register on the dates listed below.Dinners are supplied; however we areunable to meet certain specific dietaryrequests.BRonx BRooKlYn continued Queens continuedFriday, July 1 Friday, August 19 saturday, July 30Family camping / Van cortlandt Park 6 p.m. Family camping / Prospect Park 7 p.m. / Family camping/ cunningham Park 6 p.m. // TBA. To enter your name in the lottery, visit TBA. To enter your name in the lottery, visit TBA. To enter your name in the lottery, visitnyc.gov/parks/rangers/register on June 22. nyc.gov/parks/rangers/register on nyc.gov/parks/rangers/register on July 20. August 10.Friday, July 22 saturday, August 13Family camping / Pelham Bay Park 6 p.m. / Family camping/ Alley Pond Park 6 p.m. /TBA. To enter your name in the lottery, visit MAnHATTAn TBA. To enter your name in the lottery, visitnyc.gov/parks/rangers/register on July 13. saturday, July 2 nyc.gov/parks/rangers/register on August 3. Family camping / central Park 6 p.m. /Friday, August 5 TBA. To enter your name in the lottery, visit saturday, August 27Family camping / Van cortlandt Park nyc.gov/parks/rangers/register on June 22. Family camping / cunningham Park 6 p.m.6 p.m. / TBA. To enter your name in the / TBA. To enter your name in the lottery,lottery, visit nyc.gov/parks/rangers/register Friday, July 22 visit nyc.gov/parks/rangers/register onon July 27. Family camping / Inwood Hill Park 6 p.m. / August 17. TBA. To enter your name in the lottery, visitFriday, August 19 nyc.gov/parks/rangers/register on July 13.Family camping / Pelham Bay Park 6 p.m. / sTATen IslAndTBA. To enter your name in the lottery, visit Friday, August 5 Friday, July 8nyc.gov/parks/rangers/register on Family camping / central Park 6 p.m. / Family camping/ Wolfe’s Pond Park 6 p.m. /August 10. TBA. To enter your name in the lottery, visit TBA. To enter your name in the lottery, visit nyc.gov/parks/rangers/register on July 27. nyc.gov/parks/rangers/register on June 29.BRooKlYn Friday, August 19 Friday, July 22Friday, July 1 Family camping / Inwood Hill Park 6 p.m. / Family camping/ Wolfe’s Pond Park 6 p.m. /Family camping / Marine Park 7 p.m. / TBA. TBA. To enter your name in the lottery, TBA. To enter your name in the lottery, visitTo enter your name in the lottery, visit nyc. visit nyc.gov/parks/rangers/register on nyc.gov/parks/rangers/register on July 13.gov/parks/rangers/register on June 22. August 10. Friday, August 19Friday, July 22 Family camping/ Wolfe’s Pond Park 6 p.m. /Family camping / Prospect Park 7 p.m. / Queens TBA. To enter your name in the lottery, visitTBA. To enter your name in the lottery, visit saturday, July 2 nyc.gov/parks/rangers/register onnyc.gov/parks/rangers/register on July 13. Family camping/ Fort Totten Park 6 p.m. / August 10. TBA. To enter your name in the lottery, visitFriday, August 5 nyc.gov/parks/rangers/register on June 22. Friday, August 26Family camping / Fort Greene Park 7 p.m. / Family camping/ Wolfe’s Pond Park 6 p.m. /TBA. To enter your name in the lottery, visit saturday, July 16 TBA. To enter your name in the lottery, visitnyc.gov/parks/rangers/register on July 27. Family camping/ Alley Pond Park 6 p.m. / nyc.gov/parks/rangers/register on TBA. To enter your name in the lottery, visit August 17. nyc.gov/parks/rangers/register on July 6.
  53. 53. URBAN PARK RANGERS nyc.gov/parks/rangers nYc Parks 7Fishing and ArcheryMastering any new skill requires practice and patience.Fishing and Archery programs help develop these skillswhile connecting you with nature. Our experienced Rangersteach the ethics of fishing and the ecology of our waterwayson every fishing program. Whether you chose to grab asimple bamboo pole at a quiet lake, or join more advancedsalt water or fly fishing programs, the Rangers have aprogram that fits your skill level. Our trained Rangers willdemonstrate the safe and proper way to draw a bow andshoot an arrow.Families and children ages 8 years and provided. All fishing programs are catch andolder are welcome to participate in our release only and most fishing programs arefishing and archery programs. Participation first-come, first-served. Seining programs,in a mandatory safety reviews lead by a which use nets to catch creatures close totrained Ranger is required. All equipment is shore, are great for kids of all ages.BRonx MAnHATTAn continued Queens continuedsunday, July 3 & August 21 sunday, July 17 saturday, september 3Freshwater Fishing / Crotona Park 12 p.m. / saltwater Fishing / Inwood Hill Park Freshwater Fishing / Alley Pond ParkCrotona Nature Center, Charlotte Street 10 a.m. / Inwood Hill nature center, West 10 a.m. / Alley Pond Park environmentaland Crotona Park East 218th street and Indian Road center, 228-06 northern Boulevardsunday, July 17 & August 28 sunday, August 7Freshwater Fishing / Van cortlandt Park saltwater Fishing / Riverside Park 11 a.m. / sTATen IslAnd12 p.m. / Van cortlandt south and Major West Harlem Piers Park, West 125 street sunday, July 3 & August 21deegan expressway and Hudson River Freshwater Fishing / clove lakes Park 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. / Park drive and clovesaturday, July 30 sunday, August 21 RoadArchery / Van cortlandt Park 11 a.m. / Van saltwater Fishing / Riverside Park 1 p.m. /cortlandt nature center, West 246th street Pier I at 70th street and Hudson River sunday, July 17, August 7,and Broadway & september 25 saturday, september 24 saltwater Fishing / Midland Beach 10 a.m.saturday, August 20 saltwater Fishing / Riverside Park 11 a.m. / – 12 p.m. / ocean Breeze Pier, seaviewseining the shores / Pelham Bay Park Pier I at 70th street and Hudson River Avenue and Father capadonno Boulevard12 p.m. / orchard Beach nature center,section 2 of orchard Beach sunday, August 14 Queens seining the shores / south Beach 2 p.m. / sunday, July 10 Boardwalk at sand lane entranceBRooKlYn saltwater Fishing / Flushing Meadowssunday, July 17 corona Park 9 a.m. / World’s Fair Marina saturday, July 30 & september 3Freshwater Fishing / Prospect Park 1 p.m. / Pier 1, north of citi Field, between 126th Archery / Willowbrook Park Archery RangeWellhouse drive at West dive, enter the street and Grand central Parkway 11 a.m. / eton Place and Richmond Avenuepark at Park circle sunday, July 24sunday, August 14 Freshwater Fishing / Kissena Park 11 a.m.Freshwater Fishing / Prospect Park 12 p.m. / Rose and oak Avenues/ Audubon center, east drive and lincolnRoad sunday, August 7 Freshwater Fishing / Brookville Park 2 p.m. / 147th Avenue and 235th streetMAnHATTAnsaturday, July 16 sunday, August 21Freshwater Fishing / Harlem River Park saltwater Fishing / Bayswater Park 1 p.m.12 p.m. / 139th street and Fifth Avenue – 3 p.m. / Bay 32nd street and Beach channel drive