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Qualicum beach & oceanside communities, vancouver
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Qualicum beach & oceanside communities, vancouver


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You will need speakers turned up to listen! …

You will need speakers turned up to listen!
HUMS 1581 Community Mapping Presentation

Published in: Education

  • @ndfitz Hi Nicole, thank you. Yes, it was really helpful for me to get to know the area as well as scope out a potential practicum placement for the Cert. program at the end. It's also given me some ideas on how I may want to offer my support and time to the community.
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  • Hi Sarah, nice job! I enjoyed the pictures you provided and the links to the websites were a great way to find out about those programs. It is interesting, though not surprising to see the differences in services available in smaller communities compared to that of larger ones. Since you are fairly new to Qualicum, this project must have been a great way for you to get to know the area.
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  • @ColleenChristensen yay! I'm glad you could hear it, this technology stuff can be frustrating, especially with deadlines! Thanks for checking it out :)
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  • Hi Sara, I heard the voice recordings just fine. For some reason you have to actually download our files in order to hear the the voice. By the way I really enjoyed your presentation. You put a lot of work into it and it looks awesome!
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  • BOO! I had voice clips recorded in this but I can't get them to work on slideshare. If any students want to see/hear the presentation I can email you to your blackboard email with a powerpoint file with sound. Just email my blackboard address.
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  • Qualicum is limited in available services for youth, financial assistance, substance use services, there is no food bank and is currently undergoing a cultural development plan but as yet incorporates very little in terms of other cultural services.
  • Green represents primary building blocks, orange represents secondary building blocks and grey represents potential building blocks
  • Town centre, city hall in the background
  • Transcript

    • 1. Qualicum Beach & Oceanside Communities, Vancouver Island, BC Community Mapping Presentation – click on the speaker icon! Sarah Faulhafer
    • 2. Stats about Qualicum Beach  As per the 2006 census there are approximately 8500 people who live in Qualicum Beach  The largest age groups include people over the age of 55 however there is a growing population of 0-19yrs  The smallest population is the age group I belong in 25-40
    • 3. More info about the area  “Oceanside” is the term used to incorporate the communities nearby including Qualicum Beach, Parksville, Coombs, Errington and Bowser  The population doubles in the summer months as many islanders and others vacation or have summer homes here
    • 4. Seniors  There is a thriving seniors community in QB and many resources for seniors are available at the QB Senior’s Activity Centre such as:  Fitness classes, cheap meals, singing, book clubs, hobby groups, art and music programs. These are all run by volunteers  There are three major retirement/senior care facilities in Qualicum Beach
    • 5. Qualicum First Nation  The Qualicum First Nation Band is located slightly north of Qualicum Beach – there is a very small reserve with a population of 105 as per the 2006 census.  The nearest Aboriginal services offered (such as the friendship centre, Aboriginal rec centre etc.) are located in Port Alberni, BC (which is 45 minutes away).
    • 6. Community Needs Map Diverse services addictions Youth programs Affordable housing Food bank Aboriginal Services Cultural diversity and awareness
    • 7. Qualicum Beach/Oceanside Capacity Map Minority/multicultur al community promote awareness Growing younger population to become involved in reaching out to others in the same age group Churches offer some groups/activities – potential to build a stronger youth-based focus Society of Organized Services (SOS 69) supports families in many ways – Parksville, BC Thriving seniors community with many resources/activities /groups for seniors to be among peers Public awareness for all services offered (which is in progress but could be stronger) Family Resource Association offers support to “high risk” families that require it (Parksville, BC)
    • 8. Economy  Qualicum Beach is made up mostly of retirees, however the workforce that does exist is small at 34%  Most jobs are in the service industry and the median income after taxes per year is $22000 CAD  Housing is expensive and very little is available for rental accommodations
    • 9. Age & Diversity  There is a range of age within the community but not as many services directed to the different ages  There is no youth centre and very few activities for teens unless they participate in organized team sports/classes which requires a considerable amount of money
    • 10. Multiculturalism and Diversity  There are very few visible minorities in QB itself and no multicultural centres or events that celebrate other festivals (Chinese new year, no Synagogues, etc.)  There is an Aboriginal community on the outskirts of town but little interaction with that community and QB itself  There is currently a Cultural Planning Process underway to promote cultural events in the town and community involvement was invited in the summer (however as noted, the community is mostly retired, Caucasian people)
    • 11. Services do that exist  The few social services (unrelated to seniors specifically) that are offered, are mostly located in Parksville which is 15 minutes south of Qualicum Beach  Society of Organized Services 69: provides a variety of services to children, youth, adults and seniors that may be in crisis  SOS69 is a non-profit that helps Oceanside residents to access resources such as financial assistance, grief and loss, victims of abuse, accessing formal dress-wear for $5, tutoring among many others 
    • 12. Services cont.  Family Resource Association 69 assists families and children that experience a variety of different challenges such as: i. Children that experience any form of violence ii. Mental health issues iii. Developmental disabilities iv. Parenting support FRA provides education and intervention strategies to break the cycle of children that have a high risk to end up in the care of the Ministry for Children and Family Development which carries a negative stigma and to help parents work through challenges that they are facing
    • 13. Services Continued..  There is an extreme weather shelter in Parksville – which is the only shelter of it’s kind for all of the Oceanside area  The shelter is mostly run by the Salvation Army and has partial funding from BC Housing  The shelter is only activated in “extreme weather” which is determined by 10am on the day of  Currently this program is experiencing adversity because there is little turn out to use the services
    • 14. Services Continued…  The emergency shelter is working on providing more advertising on the days that it will be open  It was very difficult to find information about the shelter online (I have been following the stories in the local newspaper about it since November 1st)  The shelter only receives funding from Nov.1 – March 31st
    • 15. Services Continued…  There is a very limited food bank service in Parksville that is offered 2x a week for a few hours, otherwise the nearest food bank is in Nanaimo (40 minutes south).  SOS69 offers help to access affordable groceries for emergency situations for families
    • 16. Experiencing Qualicum Beach/Oceanside  I have done several community walks since moving to this community to get to know the area and residents. It certainly feels like a retirement community during the day time, I mostly met seniors. I have noticed that the youth population are around and exhibit a certain “style” that may be classified as alternative (bright coloured hair, wild clothes, body piercings). Everyone I have talked to, both youth and seniors have all been very friendly and I found it quite interesting observing the difference in youth and seniors.
    • 17. Experiencing the community continued….  I visited the Qualicum First Nation Band Office, but it has limited hours that it is open and was unable to obtain any information from the band. As noted, it is a very small reserve (25 homes) with very few local resources. Most Aboriginal resources are offered in Port Alberni or in the Comox Valley which are 45minutes away. The band does have a campground that is open to all visitors and appears to be one of the economic resources for the band.
    • 18. Conclusion  Qualicum Beach and the Oceanside communities have adequate services for the seniors in the community. The strengths that the community has are a thriving and active seniors community that volunteer for community events and services. Being a small town, it isn’t hard to physically locate the services and to meet someone that is involved.
    • 19. Conclusion continued…  There is room for improvement in the Oceanside communities for community building. There could be more services for youth (such as a drop in centre), there is no food bank, there is limited cultural diversity, affordable housing, very little Aboriginal resources for the local band, and nothing in the town of Qualicum for addictions or substance abuse. Most of the services that are offered are located in Parksville, BC.
    • 20. Conclusion continued…  Getting to know the community of Qualicum Beach and surrounding areas has been beneficial to learn how to look at a community’s strengths and where improvements can be made. Qualicum does a fine job at accommodating for seniors, but can definitely improve services for the younger population as eventually the demographic will change. It has been rewarding to get to know the town and what is in place and development for the residents here.