Discuss the ideas developed by the author about the significance of memories of the pastNora's history with her fathe...
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  1. 1. Discuss the ideas developed by the author about the significance of memories of the pastNora's history with her father led her to become an object that was possessed rather than a personLinde's previous relationship with Krogstad led her to choose this town now that she no longer had anything to work forKrogstad's damaged reputation was his motivation for everything, and had he let go of the past his dealings with Nora would have been different. When he was able to move on with Mrs Linde his actions reflected this. Character foil of Torvald. Although individuals " can get used to anything in time," the circumstances in which they have been placed in over the course of their lives have profound impact on their sense of character and how they conceive the world around them. Memories of the past become the motivation for an individual's decisions, as they were to Nora Helmer, Christine Linde, and Nils Krogstad in the play A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen. The situations in which the characters were placed in the play forced them to be introspective and recall past experiences that revealed how those experiences shaped their persona and how only embracing or moving past those experiences could they grow and meet their true potential. Discuss the ideas developed by the author about the significance of an individual's attempt to live unconstrained by convention or circumstanceNora, although it was illegal, felt the need to save her husband by taking out a loan and lying about it for many yearsThe introduction of Christine as a primary caregiver for her brothers and mother was unconventional at the time, and how she spoke of her deceased husband was also uncommon. Christine needed to work to feel satisfied. Nora left her husband and children when, in the Victorian era, it was seen as a woman's primary role to care for bothDiscuss the ideas developed by the authors about the role self preservation plays when individuals respond to competing demandsNora's primary motivation throughout the play was self preservation, beginning with her displays of foolishness for Torvald so that he would provide her with everything she wanted to make her life perfectChristine Linde had to chose between the man she loved Krogstad and a comfortable life that would aid her family and herselfNOra's final choice in the play was between her family and herself, and she felt that if she did not do what she could for herself she would be corrupting her children and that if she stayed she would be married to a strangerDiscuss the ideas developed by the authors about the significance of determinationNora was determined to save her husband and keep her father calm in his final days so she was willing to break the law and risk herselfNora was determined to gain money and preserve her husband's reputation, so she was willing to take advantage of a friend Dr. Rank, until her said he loved her.Nora was determined to find herself even though it was condemned by society for a woman to leave her familyDiscuss the ideas developed by the author about the interplay between fear and foresight when individual's make life altering choices.Nora's fear that without her husband her life and her newborn son's would become one of poverty led her to make a poor decision and forge the bank loan signature, and that fear blinded her foresight of what could come of that.Nora's fear of the damage Krogstad could do to her life led her to fantasize about the glory of what her husband would do and how she would have to kill herself to regain his honour, blinded what would have been reasonable foresight that she could recognize in act one of the play, there would be " domestic unpleasantness" Torvald's fear that his reputation was forever damaged led him to be cruel towards his wife without foresight as to how she would respond.Discuss the ideas developed by the author about an individual's attempt to secure the satisfaction of self-fulfillmentDr. Rank wanted to tell Nora he loved her before he diedChristine's motivation throughout her life was to work and live for others as that is how she found fulfillmentNora realized that her life was not worth living if she was unaware of what she could be as opposed to being a " Doll"