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SC EdTech 2014

  1. 1. SC EdTech 2014 Presenter Application Presenter Name: Sarah Tolson Title: Mrs. Category Type: Educator & Student Position: First Grade Teacher School: Forest Lake Elementary School Address: 6801 Brookfield Road City, State, & Zip: Columbia, SC 29206 Business Phone: (803) 782-0470 Fax: (803) 738-7365 Email address: Equipment Needs: Screen, projector, standard wired microphone, a computer audio connection, and a standard internet connection. Title of Submission: Supplementing Phonics with Technology Integration Intended Audience: General K-5 Track: Teachers Presentation Format: Demonstration & Lecture with Technology Exploration Submission Description: This session will investigate technology available for teaching, supplementing, and differentiating phonics instruction for young students. We will explore programs, games, and apps that have a strong phonics emphasis for technology integration, whether in a one-to-one classroom or higher student-to-technology ratio classroom. Expanded Submission Description: Supplementing Phonics with Technology Integration will explore different technologies available for supplementing phonics instruction in, especially, the early childhood classroom. In this session, we will examine available programs, games, and apps that emphasize phonics aspects. We will have a brief overview of each available technology and then have break-out sessions where groups can investigate current phonics technologies, such as the iPad apps Interactive Alphabet, ABC Spy, ABC Magic, Starfall, Alphatots, and ABC Circus, which focus on letter sounds; firstwords deluxe, PB Phonics, Montessori Crosswords,
  2. 2. Phonics Fun 4, 5, & 6, Phonics Genius, Word Magic, Reading Magic, Spelling Magic, and Word Wizard, which focus on sounding out and early reading skills; rEd writing, Hairy Letters, and iWrite Handwriting, which focus on letter recognition and writing; DET Out and About Sight Words, Cimo Spelling, Word Bingo, and Sight Words List, which focus on sight word recognition; Howie Word Family, Kids Match Rhyme, and Pocket Charts!, which focus on word families; and My Word Wall, which allows students to create their own word walls. We will also explore Transport to Reading (, Mindomo (http://www.mindomo. com/), Curious George (, Clifford (http://, Berenstain Bears (, and Tumblebooks (, which can be accessed through After exploring these apps and computer games/programs, we will discuss pros and cons of each, as well as brainstorm ways they can integrated into our classrooms, focusing on their relation to Universal Design for Learning and differentiation with a focus on technology. Teachers will have the opportunity to share how they use technology in their classroom to supplement phonics instruction, and how they create groups or rotations in their classroom. Would you be willing to present this session more than once? No