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Assess - Select


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  • 1. Introducing SELECT A Family of Pre-employment Assessments for Associate Roles
  • 2. Staffing Challenges for the Hourly Employment Industry
    • Increased demand for workers
      • Most employers must compete in their local market for candidates
      • Turnover is high, with little employee “loyalty”
    • Business are all vying for the same candidates
      • With little skill set differences, applicants can apply to many differing companies
    • Yet, everyone is not right for every job
    • How do you distinguish yourself from “employee” competitors?
    • How do attract, select and retain the right person?
  • 3. Our Approach- An Integrated Selection Process On-boarding Hiring Decision Behavioral Interview Assessment Realistic Job Preview Recruitment Message
      • Harvard Business Review study concluded that job match is the single, most important component of job success.
      • Each voice in the selection process should evaluate the candidate’s “fit” with the job.
      • Content of each component varies by job position.
    Assessment integrated into a multi-step selection process Application & Pre-Screen
  • 4. Entry-Level Selection Solutions
    • Capabilities that organizations seek:
    • Efficiency
      • The process must be efficient and engaging enough to keep the applicant interested
      • The process must be seamlessly integrated. Each piece must add value in selecting the right person
    • Effectiveness
      • The solution should convey the company’s employment brand
      • The selection process should measure the appropriate personal characteristics, motivations and skills which predict job success and retention
    • Acceptance/Ownership
      • The system must be simple and intuitive to use
      • In a distributed organization, support for training and implementation is critical. This includes providing facilitator led and web-based training for the new process
  • 5. SELECT
    • Web-based surveys that can be embedded in an applicant tracking process
    • Short, targeted assessments validated for specific entry-level roles
      • Retail Family (clerk/cashier, sales associate, entry-level manager)
      • Call Center Family (inbound service, inbound sales, outbound sales, help desk
      • Manufacturing/Production
      • Hospitality
      • Healthcare
    • Assessment of personality, work ethic, willingness to do unpleasant or undesirable tasks
    • Approximately 15-20 minutes to complete with immediate processing of results
    • Management guidance for interviews and selection decisions
  • 6. SELECT Reports
    • Detailed results with advice ranges and interview guidance
    Evaluation of Person-Job Fit Counter-Productive Behaviors Interview Guides
  • 7. SELECT Validation
    • All of our assessments are validated against job performance
  • 8. Additional ROI (various SELECT Surveys)
    • Distribution Center - Warehousers
      • Turnover reduction of 13%; client estimated $500,000 cost reduction across sites
    • Convenience Store Sales Associates
      • Turnover reduced by 6% saving $1.5 million per year
    • Retail Store Manager (apparel)
      • 5% increase in system-wide store sales performance resulting in $25 million per year
    • Retail Sales Associate (apparel)
      • Using an “Avoid the Avoids” strategy, the gain in dollar sales per year per associate is $10,000 (or a 7% improvement in dollar sales )
    • Distribution Center - Warehousers
      • 15% higher pick rate
      • Lower absenteeism
  • 9. User Acceptance/Ownership
    • Select includes a simple, easy to use interface that can be “branded” or we can integrate into an ATS
  • 10. Additional Resources and Support for the Selection Process
    • Selection Process Components – content and design
      • E.g. Realistic job preview, pre-screen, team interviews, etc.
    • Selection Process Training
      • Workshops/webinars for hiring managers to ensure high quality decisions and process compliance
    • Test Validation
      • Company-specific validation of standard Select surveys or custom test development
  • 11. Competitive Difference
    • Validated pre-employment surveys for specific roles:
      • Personality
      • Abilities
    • Detailed candidate reports to support the selection process
      • Indices & advice
      • Willingness to do job tasks
      • Interviews probes & guides
    • Customization and validation for clients
    • Subscribe to APA and EEO guidelines
    • Continued development and refinement of product by licensed psychologists
    2000 web launch; 1500+ client companies; available in 7 languages