Social media marketing for events
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Social media marketing for events

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  • 1.
  • 2. Social Media is Pervasive
  • 3. Number of users on topsocial networking sites
  • 4. Social networks come and go
  • 5. How to convince and convert people within social media:• Know your audience• Grow your audience• Engage• Identify and reward advocates
  • 6. User activity by gender:
  • 7. Women are more likely to share• Men and women are almost equally present on social network sites…However – Women outpace men in social media engagement 5 to 1 – Women are 50% more likely to comment on a post – Women are 80% more likely to share something on your fan page with their friends
  • 8. Social media channels are not your bullhornSocial media requires listening skills• Who’s talking about you?• What do they think of you?• What do they care about?
  • 9. Know your audience• Who are they?• What do they care about?• What motivates them?• Where do they tend to go?• Who would they associate with/who are their friends and influencers?
  • 10. Grow your audience
  • 11. Offer them a reason to “Like” you
  • 12. Why people like or follow brands• They joined for a chance to win• You offered them something (like a discount or sales promo)• They know someone who invited them• They are already a customer or member• They are an employee or part of the organization• They are a competitor
  • 13. Engage your audience• All engagement begins with a great story
  • 14. Engagement means Action• Like • Pictures• Follow • Polls• Share • Video • Ask for input • Questions • Ask them to retweet or share • Ask them to invite friends
  • 15. • Provide good content – Evokes emotion – Uses humor – Teaches them something useful – Calls them to action (tweet, share, blog, repost)
  • 16. Images and graphics will get you the most interaction with fans
  • 17. • Great pics and how-to’s using pics• Know their audience• Tons of engagement
  • 18. Reward your audience• Offers• Discounts• Giveaways• Good content
  • 19. Identify and reward the advocates• People with lots of followers/fans• People with online influence (Klout)• Super fans of your brand/event
  • 20. Engagement for events• Invite
  • 21. • Ask for input
  • 22. • Provide shareable content leading up to the event – Pictures – Video – Good stories – How-to’s – Discounts – Offers – Prizes
  • 23. • Ask advocates to participate – Share on social media channels – Blogger networks – Press
  • 24. Social press releases
  • 25. In summary…• Social media is about – Knowing your audience – Giving them things they want – Engaging them in a way that makes sense for what you are promoting – Rewarding them for promoting you
  • 26. Social media should…• Add value• Be about your audience• Be sharable• Be social
  • 27. Any questions?