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Uploading videos-to-vimeo


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  • 1. 1 UW Bothell Learning Technologies | web: | e-mail: UPLOADING VIDEOS TO VIMEO [Handout Courtesy of the University of Washington – Bothell.] GETTING STARTED Vimeo is a video hosting and sharing site similar in function to YouTube. To get started using Vimeo, you will need to create an account. Click on the “Sign up for Vimeo” button to create an account. On the following screen, click on the “Basic” version; this version is free and allows you to upload 500MB per week. You will now need to enter your name, e- mail address, and password. Once you have done this, you will be taken to your new Vimeo account page. YOUR ACCOUNT You should now be logged in to your account and the screen should be similar to the picture below.
  • 2. 2 UW Bothell Learning Technologies | web: | e-mail: 1) This portion of the page shows you your inbox (Inbox), your uploadedvideos (Videos), recent activity (Activity), and links to other videos (Discover). 2) This toolbar contains the links for you to manage your account (me), manage your videos (videos), upload new videos (upload), use different tools (tools), explore Vimeo (explore) and get help (help). To begin uploading a video, click on the circled Upload a video button. UPLOADING VIDEOS You are now on the video uploading page. To begin uploading a video, click on the Choose a file to upload. Most video files should be compatible with Vimeo. 1) This is the toolbox for you to edit video options such as information about the video, privacy settings, credits, and photos. You can also change information here anytime after your video has uploaded. 2) Click here to upload video. 3) This section shows your weekly upload limit. A free account has an upload limit of 500MB and one HD video per week. This resets after each week.
  • 3. 3 UW Bothell Learning Technologies | web: | e-mail: MANAGING YOUR VIDEOS Once you have uploaded your videos, you can access them by clicking on the Videos link in the toolbar in the upper right. 1) The gear icon takes you to the settings for the current video. You can edit the video information, change privacy settings, and edit credits here. The X button deletes your video. 2) This section lists your videos (More) and lets you add your videos to groups and other channels (Add). 3) This section shows the credits, tags, and comments that have been left on the video. You can share your video with others by clicking on the Share button on the upper-right corner of the video (circled in the above screenshot). You can also embed the video on another website by clicking the Embed button right below the share button.