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Soho adult

  1. 1. The fourth book set in Classical Athens, featuring the historically-inspired amateur detective Nicolaos and his kid brother, Socrates. “Corby integrates the political intrigue of the day with fair-play plotting and welcome doses of humor. Fans of Steven Saylor's Gordianus novels will be enthralled.” —Publishers Weekly “One part ancient history, one part clever and contemporary banter, and one part action... a top-notch crime caper.” —Library Journal “Not only makes Greek history accessible—he's made it first-rate entertainment.”—Kelli Stanley, award-winning author of City of Dragons April 2014│HC │US/CAN $26.95 ISBN 9781616953874
  2. 2. It is 1913, and the world teetering on the brink of war. is Jack McColl has always hoped to make a job for himself as a spy... Praise for the Station Cycle “Creates a fictional universe rich with a historian's expertise but rendered with literary style and heart.” —The Wall Street Journal “Downing is one of a trio of exceptional writers (Philip Kerr and Alan Furst being the other two) who have managed to re-create a time and place when much of the world seemed to have gone temporarily mad.” —The Denver Post “One can only marvel at his talent for infusing such a rangy cast of characters with nuance and soul." —The New York Times Book Review STARRED LJ REVIEW for Masaryk Station May 2014 Hardcover │US/CAN $26.95 ISBN 9781616952686 First Printing: 60,000
  3. 3. The latest from the author of the best in Francophile fiction, and now a NYT bestseller, Cara Black! “Transcendently, seductively, irresistibly French.” —Alan Furst “Wry, complex, sophisticated, intensely Parisian ... One of the very best heroines in crime fiction today.” —Lee Child “So authentic you can practically smell the fresh baguettes and coffee.” —Val McDermid March 2014 Hardcover │US/CAN $26.95 978116952846 First Printing: 50,000
  4. 4. August is Ghost Month in Taiwan—a time to commemorate the dead: burn incense, visit shrines, commemorate ancestors, and avoid unlucky situations, large purchases, and bodies of water. Praise for Ed Lin “Lin is an astonishing talent.”—Junot Diaz “Raises hopes that American fiction may yet grow up.”—Booklist “Ed Lin is a new writer, but he has the eye and wit of a pro. Waylaid will make you laugh and cringe.” —Playboy July 2014 Hardcover │US/CAN $26.95 9781616953263 First Printing: 25,000
  5. 5. The fourth hilarious Junior Bender mystery set in Los Angeles “Great narrative voice, complex plot, 3-D characters. Hallinan's deft comic tone and colorful characters have earned him comparisons to Donald Westlake and Carl Hiaasen. Check it out now.” —Nancy Pearl “Indelible, complex characters, fantastic plot, and moments of hold-your-breath suspense.” —Charlaine Harris “Bender's quick wit and smart mouth make him a boon companion on this oddball adventure.” —New York Times Book Review July 2014 Hardcover │US/CAN $26.95 9781616954291 First Printing: 50,000
  6. 6. 4/23/2013│TR│US $9.99 9781616952761 5/14/2013│TR│US $14.95 9781616952792 7/2/2013│HC│US $25.00 9781616952808 3/4/2014│TR│US $14.95 9781616952822
  7. 7. Songs Only You Know by Sean Madigan Hoen A debut from a searing new talent. Songs Only You Know: A Memoir plunges the reader into the Detroit hardcore punk scene with eighteen-year-old Sean and spans a dark decade. His only salvation is music. Deserves a place alongside Tobias Wolff’s In Pharaoh’s Army & Nick Flynn’s Another Bullshit Night in Suck City. April 2014 Hardcover │US/CAN $25.00 9781616953362 First Printing: 25,000
  8. 8. Praise for Inside Madeleine: “So arresting I raced to finish.” —Lorin Stein, Paris Review blog Praise for Bomer's collection Baby & Other Stories: “Some of the rawest and most urgent writing I can remember encountering.“ —Jonathan Franzen “Brilliant, brutally raw.” —O Magazine Praise for Nine Months: “An instant classic.” —The Guardian “Will resonate with fans of quirky, character-driven fiction in the vein of Richard Russo, John Updike, and Tiffany Baker.”—Library Journal “Anything she writes, I want it.”—PANK May 2014 TP │US/CAN $16.00 9781616953096
  9. 9. A darkly tragic fable of family, obsession, and revenge set in a timeless Nepal. “Subtle and spiritually complex… Mr. Upadhyay’s stories bring us into contact with a world that is somehow both far away and very familiar.” —The New York Times Author of the Whiting Award winner Arresting God in Kathmandu & The Guru of Love, a New York Times Notable Book and a San Francisco Chronicle Best Book of the Year. June 17, 2014 Hardcover │US/CAN $24.00 ISBN 9781616953812 First Printing: 25,000
  10. 10. Keep in touch! Bronwen Hruska, Publisher Juliet Grames, Associate Publisher; Editor, Soho Crime Mark Doten, Senior Editor, Soho Press Meredith Barnes, Senior Publicity Manager,, 212-203-4491