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  • Montrealrevolt

    1. 1. MontrealЯevolt Selin Murat, Laurence Miall, Sarah McNeill subtle movement of shoes along the hardened cement sidewalks, frames of life. Get your boots on.
    2. 2. Selin, Sarah and Laurence arrive in Montreal late summer 2007 and fall in love with the city all over again. After an expo at the Darling Foundry one evening, they walk to the Parisian Laundry and discuss psychogeography. The seed of an idea is sown.
    3. 3. We are psychogeographers! We want YOU to be psychogeographers too. (In a certain sense, we’ve been doing forms of psychogeography all along. Maybe you have too?)
    4. 4. Why psychogeography? Because life as dictated to you by the capitalist oppressors is... oppressive. And very, very boring. Too much of Montreal is owned by private interests. It’s time to increase the part belonging to the People. DOWN WITH CAPITALISM!
    5. 5. We turned to the Internet as the logical place to share our psychogeographical adventures. MontrealЯevolt is born. It is Web 2.0 to the max, combining flickr, slideshare, and YouTube. Selin, Sarah and Laurence build the site and contribute regularly to keep things fresh.
    6. 6. Those with a passion can help us build MontrealЯevolt further still. Get your boots on! Share your psychogeographical experiences through our website. Talk about our website, because the best and cheapest way to build its popularity is through word of mouth.
    7. 7. Analysis
    8. 8. The Wordpress site for MontrealЯevolt allows us to showcase text, photography and video at little or no cost. It allows us to link to other creative types who want to do the same kind of thing. It allows us to carve out a unique space for psychogeography that combines politics and art.
    9. 9. MontrealЯevolt seeks to be unique by giving free rein for people’s creative interpretation of their interaction with the city.
    10. 10. MontrealЯevolt seeks to make each person the hero of their own life. You are the protagonist and Montreal is your stage.
    11. 11. Technicalities
    12. 12. Think of MontrealЯevolt as your revolutionary digital art studio.
    13. 13. This art studio has tools that most people already know how to use.
    14. 14. One tool in particular struck us as particularly useful. The map.
    15. 15. Riding the revolutionary bike
    16. 16. Even in revolution, there are rules.
    17. 17. But no one need chafe under the oppression of our rules because our numerous tools give license for all forms of expression.
    18. 18. So get your boots on…
    19. 19. We have reached a road block…
    20. 20. A dedicated construction crew can help us keep building MontrealЯevolt .
    21. 21. But how does this revolution stay alive without selling out to da man?