Why stand up paddle boarding is such great exercise


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The reasons why stand up paddle boarding is the best form of exercise

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Why stand up paddle boarding is such great exercise

  1. 1. Stand  Up  Paddle  Boards Why  Stand  Up  Paddle  Boarding  is  such  a  great  exercise www.thesurfersforum.comMonday, 1 August 11
  2. 2. Stand  Up  Paddle  Boards Stand up paddle boarding is a low impact exercise that burns a ton of calories! It is really no impact; there is no pounding, impact or harsh movement on any joints. You are standing, and paddling. For those with shoulder injuries the paddling might be a problem depending on the nature and severity of the injury. However, if you go at a time with little or no wind you can paddle very gently.Monday, 1 August 11
  3. 3. Stand  Up  Paddle  Boards There are statistics that show a calorie burn rate of 500 to 700 calories per hour for women and 800 to 1000 calories per hour for men! Those numbers are off the charts compared to many forms of exercise and the best part is that an hour on a board goes by very fast, most likely you will want to stay out even longer if you have the time.Monday, 1 August 11
  4. 4. Stand  Up  Paddle  Boards The main thing that stand up paddle boarding requires is good balance. The board itself is generally larger, wider and thicker than a surf board with one or more fins on the bottom. As a beginner you begin by kneeling on the board and beginning to paddle moving into an upright kneeling position and then, when you are ready, you stand up with your feet in the same wide, evenly spaced stance and feet parallel position that your knees were in. You want your position on the board to be with your weight relatively centered on the board. And you paddle. Thats it. It doesnt sound like much, and to watch someone do it, it doesnt look like much, but the secret is in what is going on with your body.Monday, 1 August 11
  5. 5. Stand  Up  Paddle  Boards The work behind SUP is all isometric and resistance. Your legs and your core muscles are working at all times to keep you balanced on your board. At first you will feel it! Your body is working many large and small muscles to hold you and stabilize you as your board move over the water. These movements are not favoring left or right, front or back but working your whole body evenly. Nice! Then comes the paddling part. Ideally your have a lightweight carbon fiber paddle so as not to tire your shoulders just from lifting the paddle. Every time you paddle, not only are your arms and back working to move the paddle against the resistance of the water, your legs and core muscles all work to counteract the resistance and hold your body upright against the movement of the board. The fact is, it really doesnt feel like that much work, but your body is busy! And yet the experience is calm and relaxing, gets you outside and into nature.Monday, 1 August 11
  6. 6. Stand  Up  Paddle  Boards This sport is spreading like wildfire. So why not get out there and give it a go. You may just find yourself liking it more than you think....Monday, 1 August 11
  7. 7. Stand  Up  Paddle  Boards Why  Stand  Up  Paddle  Boarding  is  such  a  great  exercise www.thesurfersforum.comMonday, 1 August 11