The 5 best locations for stand up paddle boarding


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The 5 best locations for stand up paddle boarding

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The 5 best locations for stand up paddle boarding

  1. 1. Stand  Up  Paddle  Boarding The  5  Best  Loca<ons  for  Paddle  Boarding www.thesurfersforum.comMonday, 1 August 11
  2. 2. Stand  Up  Paddle  Boarding Stand up paddle boarding is a great alternative to surfing when the surf is a little small. Stand up paddle boarding is also more versatile as you can use your paddle board in the ocean out in the surf, as well as paddle up rivers or in lakes. If you want to enjoy your board out on the ocean then there are some stand out locations around the world.Monday, 1 August 11
  3. 3. Stand  Up  Paddle  Boarding San Onofre Surf Beach, California The San Onofre Surf Beach is world-renowned and is home to one of the best performance breaks. It is also great for beginner surfers, which is ideal conditions for stand up paddle boarding. There is no camping on the beach as it is a State Park but there are camp sites nearby. The area is extremely popular and has over two million visitors a year. People come to swim, surf, fish, kayak, ride bikes and sunbathe.Monday, 1 August 11
  4. 4. Stand  Up  Paddle  Boarding Waikiki, Hawaii Waikiki Beach is considered to be the birthplace of surfing which is located on Oahu Island, Hawaiis third largest island. The waves are gentle and the water warm, which is perfect for stand up paddle boarding. Waikiki is a neighbourhood of Honolulu and has high rises and hotel resorts built right up to the beach. The water is quite shallow which means the beach has a rolling break, making it ideal for long boarders, beginners and stand up paddle boarding.Monday, 1 August 11
  5. 5. Stand  Up  Paddle  Boarding Muizenberg Corner, South Africa Muizenberg Corner is in Cape Town and is a great gentle surf beach. It offers beautiful scenery and is a popular beach with locals and tourists. There is plenty to see while out on your stand up paddle board, with white sand, views of the cliffs and sometimes there are dolphins and whales swimming nearby. You may even be lucky to be entertained as there is often live African music playing on the beach.Monday, 1 August 11
  6. 6. Stand  Up  Paddle  Boarding Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia Byron Bay itself is a small town that attracts a lot of tourists, from around Australia and overseas. It is a laid back small town and the beach is fronted by natural wilderness. Its a great spot to stand up paddle board as there is good surf that is not too big. Byron Bay is the most easterly point on the Australian coast and when visiting you cant help but relax. There are plenty of beaches all along this piece of coastline to take your board out, and you may even be lucky to see dolphins, and in the right season, migrating whales.Monday, 1 August 11
  7. 7. Stand  Up  Paddle  Boarding Margaret River, Western Australia Margaret Rivers Surfers Point is well-known around the world by serious surfers. There are many spots with decent breaks, but you will find spots with smaller waves. Depending on your experience there is plenty of variety, with the bigger surf hitting the beach in winter and spring. The area of Margaret River is a popular tourist destination as it is a beautiful wine region that is also well-known for its gourmet food.Monday, 1 August 11
  8. 8. Stand  Up  Paddle  Boarding The  5  Best  Loca<ons  for  Paddle  Boarding www.thesurfersforum.comMonday, 1 August 11