My heart leaps up
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My heart leaps up






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My heart leaps up Presentation Transcript

  • 1. My heart leaps up William Wordsworth
  • 2. My heart leaps up when I behold A Rainbow in the sky: So was it when my life began, So is it now I am a man, So be it when I shall grow old, Or let me die! The Child is a Father of the Man: And I could wish my days to beBound each to each by natural piety.
  • 3. New Vocabulary•Leaps up: jumps•Behold: look at , see ,watch•Rainbow: the arch of colour that appears in the sky when it is raining & the sun is shining.•Bound: attached , linked to , connected to•Piety: feeling of a deep respect for God & religion.
  • 4. paraphraseThe poet tells us that he feels a wave of happiness sweeps over his heart ,melts it with joy, when he saw a rainbow . That was the way he felt when he was a little boy ,now as an adult, hoping that he’ll feel the same way when he is getting older, & if this feeling faded away even for one day, he would rather die .In line 7 the poet comes up with his philosophy of life which is that childhood is the main stage of our life , the child is the first master & instructor of a Man.In the last two lines the poet expresses his
  • 5. Literary Terms• Personification: “My heart leaps up”The poet’s heart jumps when he sees a rainbow.• Paradox: “the Child is a father of the Man”The poet uses a statement which seems to hold opposite meaning, yet turns out to have a reasonable & sensible aim.• Repetition: “So was it when my life began, So is it now I a man, So be it when I shall grow old,”The word “so” is repeated three times.
  • 6. Questions•what type of poetry does this poem belong to ? Why?This poem belongs to the Descriptive Type.It is brief, melodic, & very expressive, conveys impressions, feelings, emotions, sensations & very personal and intimate views concerning an experience. It touches “Nature”.
  • 7. •How does the poem express the poet’s feeling?-He is lighthearted, connecting to his God &religion , respecting them. He is a loving person,the nature touches his heart that the sight of arainbow makes his heart happy. He is such athoughtful person, in line 7 when he told usabout that child inside each one of us is the firstteacher. And one more thing to add , he is a veryreligious person, dreaming that the rest of hislife will be attached to his God with piety in hisheart.
  • 8. ‘The child is a father of the Man’•Can you explain this line in your ownwords?-He believes that every human being isinfluenced by his childhood and thatchild is Man’s first teacher &instructor.
  • 9. “ The poet sums up his philosophy of lifein this poem “ Discuss.“The poet gives us wisdom in line 7 “Explain.
  • 10. What is the tone of this poem?He is talking with passion that appears inhis word & thoughts .What is the theme of this poem?
  • 11. Why does the poet capitalize the words‘Rainbow, Child, Father, Man’?What does the usage of different tenses aim to in lines ‘3, 4, 5, 6’?
  • 12. How does this poem make you feel?If you were the poet and you want to write a poem just like this one, what could you do? Where would you prefer to go? With whom? Why?