How to make money with craigslist, results in 1 day.


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Learn , you will notice results in 1 day. It is very easy.

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How to make money with craigslist, results in 1 day.

  1. 1. How to Make Money with Craigslist, Results in 1 Day. [Step-By-Step]
  2. 2. Welcome back, let me just say it is great to write to you.I hope you liked my Craigslist method to get hundreds and hundreds of traffic in as little as 24 hours. If not, Click Here for the article as you need to read it BEFORE you continue.
  3. 3. What is this About?• Recognize the method I taught you with Craigslist Forums? With that method you will receive hundreds of traffic in no time. I was able to map out a way to harvest this method to make money online with Craigslist in 1 day.Let`s get started!
  4. 4. Here is a Step-By-Step on How to Make [F.A.S.T] Money:• Go create an Adsense Account.• Write 2 paragraphs in [make sure you create your Hub in your chosen NICHE].
  5. 5. • Add your Adsense code to your Hubpages Account [affiliate settings].• Note: This will be added automatically once you include the code.• Include a YouTube video in your page.• Include an image/photo [clickable] of the video in your hub linking to your hub in your thread [the one in Craigslist].Enjoy your sales!
  6. 6. • Just in case you didn`t know How to Add the Clickable Image, follow the steps below:• Have the video [your hub] on your screen displayed.• Click either [“PRINT SCREEN”] on your keyboard OR [“CTRL” & “FN“ &“PRINT SCREEN”] whichever works with you.
  7. 7. • Open PAINT and click PASTE. [a screenshot of your image should appear]• Customize the image, make sure you show ONLY the screenshot of your video.• Click the FILE & SAVE-AS. [save as JPG]• Go to and upload your image [the one saved as JPG]• Get the [Direct link code] of your image.• Go to back to your thread, and place the image of the video as a clickable link back to your Hub.
  8. 8. • It should look something like this;[YOUR CODE I MEAN]Code:<a href=""> <img src=" mi/yourimage.jpg" /></a>Final steps..
  9. 9. • Mention in the thread that they should click to watch the video [That way, they`d simply click on the image and they`ll be directed to the video to watch].• Rinse and repeat as much times as you like and you`ll notice results in a few hours.
  10. 10. You should easily begin seeing results, and if you followed my other method alongside with this main technique, you`d be able to make about $1000 a week with this.Click here for the original article:
  11. 11. Easy & simple!Your Partner in Success,Sarah AlPS: If you are confused, then this is probably because you haven’t read the original article of this method.Click here for the Article [METHOD].Please contact me if you have any questions.Email me at Support@SarahAl-Recommends.com
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