Why Pay More and Get Less with Oracle WebLogic

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IBM WebSphere Migration Workshop is a hands-on training experience to help you in the evaluation process for WebSphere. …

IBM WebSphere Migration Workshop is a hands-on training experience to help you in the evaluation process for WebSphere.

Learn more at: http://www-01.ibm.com/software/webservers/appserv/whypaymore/

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  • 1. IBM WebSphereMigration WorkshopWhy Pay More And Get Less?The business case for the value, robustness, scalability, and enterprise grade attributesof WebSphere is compelling.Consider The Facts:With IBM WebSphere, you can improve your overall total cost of ownership taking intoaccount licenses and support, performance, availability and usability, administrativeand development tools.• With IBM WebSphere, you only pay for software on the server cores you use.• You can realize savings of 57% on first year licensing and support, compared to Oracle WebLogic.• Since 2010 over 400 Oracle WebLogic clients have chosen IBM WebSphere.• Hands-on analysis of capabilities reveal that over 5 years, JBoss is 49% more expensive than WebSphere.• WebSphere beats Tomcat hands down on features that are important to any sized business.You Get More. Starting With Our Free WebSphere Migration Workshop!IBM has migrated hundreds of customers to WebSphere with minimal disruption to theirbusiness. Get started today by attending our free hands-on workshop where you will receive:• An overview of WebSphere Application Server features, benefits and advanced capabilities for use in your enterprise.• Migration guidelines using a proven IBM methodology to perform a migration to WebSphere Application Server.• Hands-on training using the IBM toolkit. Shared experiences of tips to use and traps to avoid to expedite a successful migration.This migration session is ideal for business analysts, architects, integration developers,project managers and management decision makers who are evaluating IBM’sWebSphere offerings for use in your enterprise. Then What Are The Next Steps.After seeing the advantages of using IBM’s WebSphere offerings, you cantap into a team of experienced people from IBM. They will work directlywith you, for free. Using a proven migration methodology andautomated tools, they will demonstrate that your application(s) runequivalent business function better than ever on the latest WebSphereApplication Server edition.Contact your local IBM representative, or send an e-mail towascmt@us.ibm.com, to arrange for this workshop at your location.