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  • 1. Justin Bieber
  • 2.  Name: Justin Drew Bieber Born: 1 March 1994 Country of Origin: London, Ontario Genres: Pop, R&B, Teen pop Occupation: Singer, Musician, Actor Years active: 2008 – present Instruments: piano, guitar, vocals
  • 3.  - Island - RBMGAssociated acts:- Usher
  • 4.  One Time - U Smile Favorite Girl - Runaway Love - Never Let You Go Down To Earth -Overboard Bigger -EenieMeenie (Ft. Sean One Less Lonely Girl Kingston) First Dance - Up - That Should Be Me Love Me - Never Say Never (Feat. Common Denominator Jaden Smith) Baby -Omaha Mall somebody To Love -One Time (My Heart Stuck In The Moment Edition) - Somebody to Love Remix. Ft. Usher - Kiss and Tell
  • 5.  Justin Bieber’s first ever single was ‘One Time’ which was released in July 2009 to the radio while Bieber still was recording his debut album. Bieber’s became famous through Scooter Braun, a firmer marketing executive of ‘So so Def’ and now Biebers manager who worked together with the famous singer Usher who later signed Bieber to the record label Islam Record in October 2008. His single ‘One Time’ soon reached number 12 on the Canadian Hot 100 and later peaked at number 17 on the Billboard Hot 100. During 2009 Biebiers song reached the international markets and become a great success.
  • 6.  In the beginning of his music video ‘One time’ we could argue that Bieber is represented as innocent and and cute as we see a medium close up of him and his friend playing video games. I think the reason for portraying him as innocent is because of the fact that Biebers was quite young when he came new to the music industry. This is a stereotypical image of representing young teenage boys therefore we could argue that the music video is aimed at young teenage boys as well as young teenage girls. Boys might want to purchase his album as they would envy and want to emulate his stylish look. The fact that the music video is aimed at girls is evident in the lyrics as Bieber sings ‘when I met you girl my heart went knock knock’ and ‘girl you are my one love, my one heart’. Aiming the video to both males and females will advantage Bieber as he will get an mainstream audience which will increase his popularity as well as maximise his revenue. The musiv video is clearly aimed at young audiences as we are able to see party scenes that are taking place which is normally associated with young people between the ages of 15-25. It is also evident that the people in the video are having good time and enjoying themselves. Even though Bieber was quite young at this time his physical appearance (i.ehoody, base ball cap, low jeans) made him look older in the music video. The music video is mainly narrative based, linking the lyrics with the visual images that take place in the video. Later on on 17th November 2009 Bieber’s extended play ‘My world’ was released and his singles were available to be purchased through the Itunes Store. ‘My World’ was eventually certified Platinum in the US and Double Platinum in both Canada and the UK.
  • 7. His appearance (wearinghoody) makes him lookmore older than he is in reality. This will attract anolder generation i.e youngadults  Young people enjoying themselves suggest that the music video is aimed at young teenage audiences between age of 15 – 25 years old
  • 8.  In January 2010, Bieber’s lead single Baby from his debut album My world 2.0 which features Ludacris became Biebers biggest hit as it was number five in the U.S and reached the top ten in seven other countries. The music video is similar to his first video ‘One Time’ as both video’s are about love and finding a girl however we could argue that Bieber is more confident as he started to perform (dancing) and has more interaction with girls in this video than previous music clips. It is clear evident again that his video is aimed at young people as the location (bowling place) is associated with young teenagers. The fact that Bieber featured together with Ludacris suggested that he was getting more famous and was starting to become an worldwide artist. Biebers second single from My world 2.0 ‘Somebody to love’ was released in April 2010 featuring a remix with his mentor User. In this video we can clearly see that Justin Bieber became more confident as he changed the narrative based clips to performance based which showed him as more confident and dominant.
  • 9. On November 1, 2011, Bieber released his song ‘Under the Mistletoe’which was his second studio album. In this music video we can clearlyhear that Justin Bieber voice has been changed as he went throughpuberty. However, this had not a big impact on his career as even thenhe sole 210,000 copies in its first week of this album. Bieber returnedagain to narrative based video clips rather than performance based. Ithink the reason he done this is because to show his maturity and thefact that he is grown up. From no physical contact at all with girls inhis first music clip, in this music clip he shows off his interactions withgirls. This suggest that his video clips now are aimed at young adults.