How To Communicate In The Web


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Doing2learn European Project. ICT lessons about how to communicate in the web

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How To Communicate In The Web

  1. 1. HOW TO COMMUNICATE IN THE WEB? This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.
  2. 2. HOW TO COMMUNICATE IN THE WEB? • Today the Web is the • If you want to send an fastest way to electronic message, you communicate with the can send an e-mail. rest of the world and • You can also have a there are many types of direct exchange by communication. electronic messages by going on the chat. • You can have a conversation with people using services like skype.
  3. 3. WHAT IS AN E-MAIL? • Email (or e-mail) is electronic mail that "works" quite like conventional correspondence. It moves practically at the speed of light. It is delivered from your computer to the recipient immediately or after few seconds.
  4. 4. HOW TO GET AN E-MAIL ADRESS? • The easiest way to create your email account and get your first email address is to use a free online service - Gmail (run by Google), Windows Live Hotmail (owned by Microsoft), AOL and Yahoo Mail. • creating an email account is not rocket science; it just involves filling an online form with your details such as your name, location, your choice of the username and password etc. Once you have filled in everything correctly and agreed to the terms and conditions of the service, your email account would be ready to use.
  5. 5. HOW TO SEND AN E-MAIL? • Open your e-mail program and launch a new message window by clicking on the appropriate icon. • In the TO box (picture 1), type the name of the recipient. It should take this form: (picture 2) Make sure you enter the address correctly or the message will return to you.
  6. 6. • You can also send copies (Cc:) and blind copies (Bcc:) to multiple addresses.
  7. 7. • Type the subject of the e-mail. • Write your message in the write box. You can also copy text from a word processing program and paste it into the window.
  8. 8. • Click on the Send icon or select Send from the File menu.
  9. 9. HOW TO SEND AN E-MAIL WITH A PICTURE? • Open your e-mail program, launch a new message window and compose your message.
  10. 10. • Click the attachment icon (the paper clip) or insert the file by selecting from the drop-down menu.
  11. 11. • Browse your hard drive or removable disks to locate the file you want to attach. Click it to highlight the name, then click the Insert button.
  12. 12. • An icon or message should now appear indicating that the file has been attached. • Finally, click the Send button and off it goes!
  13. 13. WHAT IS A CHAT? • Chat is Real-time communication between two users via computer. Once a chat has been initiated, either user can enter text by typing on the keyboard and the entered text will appear on the other user's monitor.
  14. 14. WHAT IS SKYPE? • Skype is an application that allows users to make phone calls over the internet. • video conferencing is also possible, as you can see on your computer screen the face of your(s) interlocutor(s) and hear him (them) speaking.
  15. 15. WHAT IS A SPAM? • Spam is an unsolicited e-mail conversation. These e-mails are typically sent in large quantities in your mailbox.
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