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cover storytrend forecast: 2011 by Sara Jane Coe and Lauren Henley            For this issue of by design, we went on assi...
Contemporary and Traditional Design Styles                                      FABRICS     We will continue to see a blen...
trend forecast continued    seem to be interested in grey, silver and platinum right now. As                              ...
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Trend Forecast 2011


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an in depth look at interior design and product trends. Collaborative editorial piece for trade professional magazine \'by design\'

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Trend Forecast 2011

  1. 1. bydesign 2 0 1 0 Vo l . 3trend forecast: 2011 page 1
  2. 2. cover storytrend forecast: 2011 by Sara Jane Coe and Lauren Henley For this issue of by design, we went on assignment to find GENERAL AESTHETICS out what designers and manufacturers are seeing in the marketplace with the goal of uncovering the pulse of where Surrealist Perception design and color are headed. This article is a collaborative This trend lends itself to the days of rebellion and freedom piece based on research and industry opinion drawn from a launched in the 1960s—a tribute to psychedelic art techniques, host of expert contributors. expression in music, and quality of life. In design, we begin to see bright punches of sharp, neon colors mixed in with earth Simply stated, the classics have a stronghold in design—we and neutral tones—vivid chartreuse, fuchsia, cobalt, orange look to the future and see little to no dramatic change in color and mustard. Bold color is personal, vibrant and invigorating, or design. History is our foundation and we draw from today’s just like the movement. Even traditional patterns will be shown newest technologies to refresh our style. Sound dismal? It in more dramatic color ways, expanding on their geometry and shouldn’t—we’re comfortable in our homes and find strength 2D treatment. in design solutions that have been celebrated for decades. Influences: Optical Art, earthworks and monumentalism CONSUMER BUYING TRENDS of the late 60s, 70s and 80s. It’s as if those influential art movements are now affirmed as they become consumer goods In the current state of economic flux, consumers are recognizing for the home. The surrealist aesthetic that started in the formal that quality may be preferable to quantity when they consider fine art world has slipped smoothly into our own collections. the long-term costs of disposable décor. Dependable, timeless Accessories and fixtures that either have sparkle, matte earth design is experiencing a renaissance. or an unorthodox blend of both, like rock crystal chandeliers, will be prevalent. Ikat and other tribal patterns are getting People are being more conscientious of price and the items updated into non-traditional color ways. Supporting rugs upon which they choose to spend money. So, a splash of should be soon to follow. Use of non-traditional rug materials luxury or performance upholstery goes a long way. Comfort like hair-on-hide laser cut rugs pull the modern Boheme in the home is always in style, and the aspiration of aging in together. place with the home as the center of activities makes lounge chairs, sofas and sectionals the more functional choice versus This blend of history, avant and home seems to feel like the stylistic. And, yes the future is bright! We see projects that NOW. were put on hold two years ago picking back 4 Photos from left to right, courtesy of: Dedar. Private collector’s rare fossils and stones. Kyle Bunting. Fuse Lighting.
  3. 3. Contemporary and Traditional Design Styles FABRICS We will continue to see a blend of contemporary architecture and traditional furniture. This is certainly not a new trend; it’s Luxury been practiced for years. However, purely traditional doesn’t Influences: Colors, luxury, unique constructions and surface do it for the norm unless it’s done up with this harmonizing treatment. Flocking. Bright geometric patterns. Pop-color blend. Transitional is a funny term and contemporary certainly tribal interpretations. Pop-color wall treatments. Interesting isn’t everyone’s home. So, we are left admiring both. A sense wools. Felt feel, baby blues, pinks, bright sharp pastels. Pattern of being a collector of pieces, art and fabrics will humanize on flat wool. Extra long mohair. and bring personality to contemporary time and space. Where would we be without expression? Performance Influences: Technical green. Smart performance materials. FORM AND SHAPE Silver and steel. Aluminum and steel-backed fabric. Conservation measures, for use on controlling light, UV and Clean, detailed and tailored. An update of the contemporary heat in residential and commercial applications. European look. A tribute to New York art gallery aesthetics— warm industrial. No longer are the days of chrome and black INDUSTRY INSIGHTS 2011 leather. Mica, semi-precious stones and bronze blackened steel finished by an artisan’s hand take precedence. Curious about what other designers are seeing out there? We connected with leading manufactures and designers from Woods all across the country to ask for their 2011 design industry Mahogany and cherry are gone. Ebonized and espresso almost forecast—what’s in, what’s out, what’s hot, what’s not—and are. Oak is making a strong approach. It’s so lovely and has here’s what they shared with us. such an approachable history. It looks that way, has a hand that’s warm, comfortable and strong, the grain even evokes I am continuing to hear clients ask for comfort, cozy and this. Cerused and oak tannic angled color finishes are more warmth in their living spaces, so I am designing furniture, in vogue than the rich deep warm black brown-red. Brown- fabrics, lighting, art and accessories with this in mind! I red tints are pretty non-existent. It’s the green-brown tint have always been a fan of over-scaled pieces, and doing deep that oaks and walnuts have. Aged and unique finishes like velvet tufted sofas and generously proportioned side chairs in sand blasting will be used to reveal wood grain and naturally rich textures with comfortable ottomans will be key. Also, occurring pattern. Reclaimed, organic one-of-a-kind pieces are clients are still spending, but following my advice to invest strong selling points for consumers. in signature pieces such as a fabulous sofa or a spectacular chandelier. Color palettes will always vary per project and Finishes clients tastes, but one thing is for certain; animal prints will Lacquer is coming back in with a clean, crisp and shiny remain a strong trend, especially in accessories! handshake—appearing architectural and carved in form. —Barclay Butera, principal Barclay Butera Renewed interest in brass and warm bronze also return with a focus on finishes that age or show history. Brass and copper One general trend we are seeing in the industry is there seems alloys are biostatic and show the mark of hand finishing. to be a surge in soft turquoise and blues in residential and Polished chrome and nickel will continue to be specified as is, hospitality. While both corporate and hospitality customers but not with the predictability of a few years ago. continued on next page page 5Photos from left to right, courtesy of: Chista. Dennis Miller. Jiun Ho. Concrete Lace taken by Jeroen van der Wielen.
  4. 4. trend forecast continued seem to be interested in grey, silver and platinum right now. As fewer pieces being ordered to make a big splash in the room. For always, neutrals remain a safe popular color choice. In regards instance, the dining table and chairs might be ordered from a big to the Northwest specifically, this region is very environmentally retailer, but the buffet with all the bells and whistles in an exotic and/or green focused. Therefore, they are particularly interested in wood are being ordered from us to make a splash in the room. the green fabrics we have to offer. Fabric orders ranged from 100 —Marc Desplaines, Antoine Proulx, LLC percent polyester drapery to rayon/cotton mixes, rayon/cotton/poly mixes, and green fabrics. Global traveler à la Thai silks, African woven textiles, etc. —Marin Heller, PR and marketing coordinator for Brentano Unexpectedly found objects from vacation travels. Debauched preppy: Lily Pulitzer prints and Palm Beach color (gone wild). For 2011, I predict a stronger interest in hand-crafted, luxury Faux- bohemian (Faux-hemian): a la Marrakesh souk on Upper items—things that look relatively simple, but are made in an East Side. Pattern and technology combined, including precision ingenious way with interesting materials. Also, I think interiors are laser-cut furniture and rug detailing. Organic, almost blob-like going to continue to feel more organic and eclectic in a way that forms in lighting, furniture and rugs. Much less geometric pattern really reflects clients and/or designers’ personalities. and texture. The end of taxidermy as ironic design statement! —Shawn Henderson, Shawn Henderson Interior Design —John Willey, Willey Design LLC I would say the biggest trend we’re seeing all over the country, Colors in 2011 are soothing greys, from concrete tones to wool including the Pacific Northwest, is the lightening up of the color greys and charcoal for more punctuation, accented with soft creams palette in general. Not completely gone is the dark chocolate brown and taupe’s or hits of brights such as fuchsia or yellow. It’s all about wood, but it has decreased quite a bit in this past year. There lace. From concrete lace used as a room divider for wall art, to lace seems to be a return to natural woods (without dark brown stain), patterned tiles, or the softer fabric lace versions we already know. especially figured mahogany, and we’ve seen a big increase in sales Not your traditional granny lace, but more chic. Solid fabric with in the lighter woods. Taupe seems to be the word du jour. People cut-outs creating the lacey appeal. Adding accessories: such as are not looking for little office items for a corner of a room. They shells/ organic teak tables (cube shape) into rooms will give them a are looking for big installations of furniture so they can get their natural twist. Touches of clear acrylic elements, such as a table or jobs done. Perhaps there has been a big return to working from accent chair, keep the room a bit playful. And little hits (groupings home! Finally, with the decreased budgets of today, we’re seeing of lamps) of Swarovski lights! —Monika Siebert D.I.D. NKBA, IIDA, Monika Inc. calendar THANKSGIVING HOURS Seattle Design Center is excited to pre sent a Wednesday, November 24: dynamic Third Thursday serie s that focu se s on Optional close at noon/SDC closes at 3:00 p.m. design inspiration and the bu sine ss of de sig n. Thursday-Friday, November 25-26: Closed Utilize these oppor tunities to network with showrooms and design peers, lear n from indu str y and bu siness leaders, and discover produc t s and DECEMBER 10 ser vices to suit your projec t s. Second Annual Publici-Tea™ and Book Publishing Summit with Nancy Juetten and Patrick Snow JA N UA RY 20 | S U SA N E R S H L E R SDC Conference Center, Plaza Suite 370 Reaching New Heights: Everest and Beyond 9:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m. SDC Conference Center | Plaza Suite 370 10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. HOLIDAY HOURS Friday, December 24: Closed F E B RUA RY 1 7 | RO B B I N B LO C K Monday-Thursday, December 27-30: Optional open Your Website Traffic: Making It All Better Friday, December 31: Closed Monday, January 3, 2011: Resume regular business hours SDC Conference Center | Plaza Suite 370 10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. FEBRUARY 17 Nor thwest Design Award s Galapage 6 I t ’s a l l o n l i n e: v i s i t | s e at t l e d e s i g n c e n t e r. co m | t w i t t e r. c o m/s e at t l e _ d e s i g n | f ac e b o o k . co m/s e at t l e . d e s i g n