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Mobile Marketing Association Keynote Speech - Scott A. Jones
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Mobile Marketing Association Keynote Speech - Scott A. Jones



Developed by Sara Camden including all graphics, data analysis, and layout.

Developed by Sara Camden including all graphics, data analysis, and layout.



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  • SAC – 11/14: Fixed this chart to be less noisy – put the one bullet we discussed as the title in a text box so you can change – also removed the bullets: #1 SMS search provider per Nielsen – also offering MMS & mobile appWe answer 3+ million questions every day on mobile and onlineOn pace to answer billionth question in next few weeks
  • SAC: Updated this screenshot to get rid of white space, and read all the content closely to make sure there is nothing questionable or grammatically incorrect
  • Source: A Large Scale Study of European Mobile Search Behaviour - 2008 - Church, et. Al., ACM, 2008 - 10th International Conference on Human Computer Action with Mobile Devices and Services Analyzed 6 million mobile searches – found 88% of searches were unsuccessful, or did not result in user clicking any results. Traditional desktop web CTR on search results is 56% vs. mobile 12% (80% lower)Intent behind search query on mobile vs. desktop Desktop MobileTransactional 9% 60%Navigational 10% 30%Informational 89% 10%
  • SAC: Made sure ChaCha answer in results matches phone answer on next slide
  • SAC: Couldn’t find person with stopwatch & mobile phone; thought this lady might get point across – changed icons to real peopleSource: A Large Scale Study of European Mobile Search Behaviour - 2008 - Church, et. Al., ACM, 2008 - 10th International Conference on Human Computer Action with Mobile Devices and Services Analyzed 6 million mobile searches – found 88% of searches were unsuccessful, or did not result in user clicking any results. Traditional desktop web CTR on search results is 56% vs. mobile 12% (80% lower)
  • SAC: Quick stats – over 16,000 users responded to question about whether or not they liked getting 3 answers back from ChaCha, and 38% of respondents hated getting 3 answer results (17% ‘okay’; 17% ‘like’; 20% ‘love’; 8% ‘don’t rememember’)
  • SAC: fixed orange line“Despite last two year’s headlines, there is no acceleration in adoption yet.”Current trajectory is showing smartphone adoption rate of about 2% per quarter – this will have to ramp up significantly to hit Nielsen’s 60% projectionSAC: Just saw Nielsen blog post from this past week showing that Smartphone adoption hit 28% @ end of Q3-2010, an up-tick of 3% - the post boasted how this outpaced previous quarters
  • SAC: made this a stacked barThis is traditional search engine traffic – reported by StatCounter; Cited in TechCrunchPerspective stat I was looking for that you might want to speak to: there are 500 million laptops in the world, and 3.5 billion mobile phone subscribers (7x more mobile phones) – 2 things can account for this – 1.) widespread mobile web/data adoption has not happened –and- 2.) Tethered web users spend a lot more time, and consume a lot more data through engines
  • SAC: Changed people graphics to be 1 line of people vs. 2 so that difference would be more dramatic
  • SAC: Here’s another idea that gets more at Becker’s notes about ‘mobile marketers needing to insert messaging at the point of consumer expressed need’
  • SAC: Here’s an attempt @ putting all of this slide’s data in a stacked funnel format – did find US subscriber stat as of 10/31/10
  • SAC: Added this back in - The Ad spend stats come from MMA’s study & the time spent allocations come from the Microsoft study
  • SAC: This is NOT final graphic interpretation here – just wanted to see what you guys thought about presenting this data to back up how users express intent more on mobile vs. desktop, and advertisers can thus impact purchase decisionsNotes: Bright mobile marketers insert ideal messaging during these split-second purchase decisions and receive undivided attention of their audience in the perfect moment
  • SAC: Thought on showing ad medium effectiveness vs. reach - This wouldn’t be a final image here, but just a thought that might help achieve some added substance for this section – could incorporate this with the spend element on next slide, and paint a nice picture of the disconnect in mobile ad spending
  • SAC: Working on developing comparison similar to mma animated chart w/ MS time spent stats – thinking best way to accomplish is to overlay reach w/ spend – doesn’t line up as nicely – will re-visit in a.m.
  • SAC: found updated stat from mobileSQUARED today showing that 90% of users open SMS and MMS messages within 3 minutes of receipt – past stats I saw were 7 minutes
  • SAC: added a couple other bullets for thought here

Mobile Marketing Association Keynote Speech - Scott A. Jones Mobile Marketing Association Keynote Speech - Scott A. Jones Presentation Transcript

  • Scott A. Jones Founder, ChaChaMOBILE SEARCH:From Unpredictable Results toDefinitive Answers
  • Q: who is scott jones,and what does heknow about mobilesearch?
  • Scott A. Jones – ChaCha Founder, Chairman & CEO Co-Founder, Chairman, CTO • Creator of #1 voicemail technology used by over a billion people worldwide • Sold to Comverse for $843 million Co-Founder, Chairman, CEO • Creator of world’s largest music database accessed over 100 billion times annually • Sold to Sony for $260 million Founder, Chairman, CEO • Definitive source of real-time “Answers” • Answered nearly a billion questions so far3
  • “Answers” is the New Search #1 in Real-Time Mobile Answers With Over 23 Million Monthly Uniques4
  • Mobile “Answers” Resonates Online Too Top 100 Website &5
  • Q: what do users wantfrom mobile search?
  • Desktop versus Mobile: Different Animals Solitary Social Fixed location On the go 3+ hours 3 minutes Sift through results Top 3 results or less Frequently click around Almost never click throughOften Research Oriented Timely, contextual, personal topics
  • Desktop Experience Does NOT Transfer to Mobile How Do Over 40,000 Results Look on a Mobile Phone?8
  • Answers vs. Results - Which Would YOU prefer? Answers ResultsHow Many LicksDoes it Take to Engineering studentsget to the center from Purdue University reportedof a Tootsie Pop? that their licking machine, modeled after a human tongue, took 364 licks. or Source: Tootsie.com9
  • Mobile Search Users Are Impatient 80% report frustration with mobile web due to speed, too many clicks, and too much irrelevant content. 15 + -Qualcomm - 2010 mins 80% Shorter Search Session & 80% Lower CTR <3 mins10 Large Scale Study of European Mobile Search Behavior – 2008 – Church et. Al.
  • A Recent ChaCha Experiment… “I don’t want to choose from multiple answers, JUST ANSWER MY QUESTION!” “Give me one straight forward answer!” “I want a direct, personalized answer for every question.”11
  • Q: how do users searchon mobile now, andwhat’s next?
  • 25% of Mobile Subscribers in US Have Smartphones Today • Only 6% of users consume 60% over 50% of mobile data • 25% of smartphone users don’t have data plans! 40% Nielsen MarketSight – Q2 201013
  • Smartphone Users are More Likely to Text “What started once as a teenager thing has now reached the total population… “Messaging is the broadest reaching communication Smart Feature platform on the planet.” Phones Phones ~ Tomi Ahonen Source: Mobile Media Marketplace Q214 Nielsen MarketSight – Q2 2010
  • Mobile is 3% of Traditional Search Engine TrafficMobile 97% 3%15 Source: StatCounter, November 2010
  • Where Can Users Discover Content on Mobile?? MobileMessaging 98% 31%Mobile Web 22% Apps 17% LBS16 Nielsen MarketSight – Q2 2010
  • Q: how do mobilemarketers make animpact with search?
  • Mobile Marketing: Still Very Early 17% 10% 4%Smaato, mobileSQUARED & Lightspeed Research, Nov 2010
  • Are Advertising Dollars Being Spent Wisely? 30% ofAverage Weekly Hours Spent vs. % of Ad $$’s Ad $$ Mobile is Lagging = GIANT Opportunity 15% of Ad $$ 6.3% of 6.3% of Ad $$ 5.7% of Ad $$ 1.7% of Ad $$ Ad $$19 MMA – View From Madison Avenue – June 2010 & Microsoft Mobile Consumer Study – Nov 2009
  • Mobile Users Express Immediate Intent • Mobile search drives split-second purchase decisions • For mobile marketers, context is the key Transactional 60% 9% Navigational 30% 10% Informational 10% 89%20
  • Mobile Ad Spending Not Aligned With Reach and Effectiveness Reach Engagement21 mobileSQUARED October 2010
  • Mobile Ad Spending Doesn’t Line Up With Audience Yet Messaging Ads Banner Ads Games/Music/ Video/TV Ads Mobile Ad App Ads Spending 2010 Search Ads22 mobileSQUARED October 2010
  • An Integrated Approach to Mobile Marketing is Key• Personalize the User Experience with Context• Make sure you’re represented across all mobile media
  • Q: how exactly doeschacha work in mobilesearch?
  • ChaCha Reaches 23+ Million Unique Users Per Month SMS and MMS messaging 1.5+ million personal interactions per day on mobile. is everywhere, with mobile as the core.Apps & Mobile Web Voice Online chacha.com Social Networks
  • SMS Search is Not as Sexy but Very Effective • Simple, engaging, and PROVEN • Highly interruptive Just how big is SMS today? Over 70% of ALL mobile • Attention-grabbing: Users subscribers in America use SMS on a regular basis. open virtually all SMS SMS is now the farthest reaching communication medium on the planet! messages within seconds -2010 Tomi Ahonen Almanac • Highly creative copy makes all the difference26
  • Users Want a Little Extra – THEY Tell us What’s Next… “u should make picture messaging with ur answers!” “Add pics with ChaCha.” “I’d like video with ChaCha sports alerts.”27
  • Provide Rich Contextual Content Using Video & Images• Integrate rich content into SMS search while still reaching 90+% of the market!• Leverage existing video, logos and coupon content through MMS Brought to you by ChaCha Text any Q to 242-242!28
  • Mobile Users Want to be Entertained The number ofentertainment related questions ChaCha users asked in the past year! ChaCha has answered 325 million questions!!
  • Mobile Entertainment Marketing is Wildly Successful Twilight Eclipse & Movie Theater Best location-based Mobi Award 23% increased turnout at theater $1 made for every dollar spent Paramount, Transformers 27% point increase in unaided awareness The CW TV Network 2.89% response rate, top-performing ads New Song Pictures, To Save a Life 2.95% overall response rate30
  • Lessons We’ve Learned in Search and Mobile Marketing… • Users express intent like never before • Mobile search is about answers that impact decisions • SMS drives audiences to act on impulse • Mobile allows for engaging “conversation” • Short bites are best • Cross-promotion from mobile to/from Web is hard • Mobile is a GREAT add-on for other campaigns31
  • Uniquely Engage With Millions of Mobile Users.900+ Million 3+ MillionQuestions ChaCha’s answered Answers provided to users per day.23+ Million #1 in SMSAverage monthly unique users of ChaCha. Search Per Nielsen, 2009 & 2010 Some ChaCha Clients THANK YOU!