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Using twitter among students (final version)
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Using twitter among students (final version)


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presentation about using twitter among students

presentation about using twitter among students

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. Using Twitter Among Students Name: Sara Ibrahim ID: 200910660
  • 2. Content
    • General Information
    • Get Started With Twitter
    • Advantages of Twitter
    • Using Twitter Effectively
    • Students and Twitter
    • Exercise
  • 3. General Information
    • Definition
    • Founders
    • Features
  • 4. Definition
    • Twitter is an online service and social networking that enables you to post updates with other “tweeps” by answering a single question “What’s happening?”
    • Twitter limits tweets, so you only receive and post tweets up to 140 characters.
  • 5. Founder
    • Jack Dorsey
    • @jack
    • “ Executive Chairman of Twitter, CEO of Square, a founder of both.”
  • 6. Features
    • Who to follow:
    • View Suggestions: allow you to follow “tweeps” depending on who you follow and other variables
    • Browse Interests: allow you to follow “tweeps” based on over 20 categories
    • Find your friends: allow you to find “tweeps” from your email account
    • Searches: search for topics and keywords and save your search
    • Advertising: you need to have an idea about promoted trends, promoted tweets and promoted accounts
  • 7. Get Started With Twitter
    • Create a twitter account
    • Twitter terminology
  • 8. Create a twitter account
    • Step 1: go to
    • Step 2: join twitter by typing your full name, email and password in the sign up box
    • Step 3: choose a username (suggestions available) then click on “Create my account”
    • Step 4: you can follow some stages to help you start with twitter or you can skip them
    • Step 5: confirm your email address to access all of twitter’s features
    Watch how to create a twitter account
  • 9. Twitter Terminology
    • Follow: when you follow an account, all their tweets will appear in your timeline
    • Unfollow: to stop seeing someone’s tweets in your timeline
    • Retweet (RT): to share someone’s tweets with your followers
    • Block: use it when you find a spammer in your followers list to remove it from your list
    • Reply: to respond to someone’s tweet
    • Mentions: click on @mentions to check when someone has mentioned you
    • @: use it if you want to mention another tweep; it is also the first part of a username (ex. @Sara_Albastaki)
    • #: use it to categorize tweets, trending topics (TT) are usually combined with #
    • Direct Message (DM): it is private massages you want to send to other tweeps
  • 10. Advantages of Twitter
    • Communication tool
    • Share and receive information
  • 11. Communication Tool
    • Twitter made the world smaller
    • Communicate with different people around the world
      • Ex. we can have friend from different countries
    • Ask about them and talk about our interests
  • 12. Share and Receive Information
    • We can know what is happening in the world
    • Politics
    • Economics
    • Sports
    • Music
    • Celebrities
    • Share those information
  • 13. Using Twitter Effectively
    • Tweeting style
    • Tag your tweet
    • Use a twitter organizer
  • 14. Tweeting Style
  • 15. Tag Your Tweet
    • Make your tweets visible to other tweeps
    • Give your tweets more exposure
    • Create discussions
    • # allows you to search the tweets containing the hashtag
    • Get into conversations with other tweeps about a specific topic
    • It helps connect with a particular group of people or with people interested in the same things you are (ex. #ZU)
  • 16. Use a Twitter Organizer Watch how TweetDeck works…
  • 17. Twitter and Students
    • Organize events
    • Connection between students & teachers
    • Class discussion
    • Share info about a topic
    • Research tool
  • 18. Organize Events
    • Important announcements
    • Lectures
    • Trips
    • Meetings time and date
  • 19. Connection Between Students & Teachers
    • Students can ask about each other, know what is happening in their school or university
    • Teachers can post test dates to inform students
    • Teachers can comment about class discussion or what lessons have been taken in class to update students
  • 20. Class Discussion
    • Share opinions, ask questions and discuss different answers
      • It helps increase the students’ knowledge
      • It encourages students who don’t participate to be engaged in class discussions
    • It doesn’t mean we have to replace the regular formats, twitter is used to enhance class discussion process
  • 21. Share Info about a Topic
    • Students can share outside information about a topic taken in class
      • It helps widen their knowledge
      • It encourages critical thinking
      • It encourages students to be more engaged in class
  • 22. Research Tool
  • 23. Exercise
    • Go to
  • 24. Bibliography
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