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iTunes U Final presentation

  1. 1. Makes it easy for anyone to access amazing educational material
  2. 2. Overview Introduce I Tunes U Who is using I Tunes U iTunes U Features iTunes U requirements How to install the app How to use the app Issues you should know about Resources that can help you more with the app Conclusion Bibliography Appendix
  3. 3. Introduce iTunes U The purpose of this presentation is to promote an interesting app to ZU students. Apple launched this app in 2007 to help students, who find difficulties understanding in class, and they need more notes or if they are conducting a research this will be very helpful for them. From America’s best elites.
  4. 4. Who is using iTunes U iTunes u is used by university students who are finding their courses difficult or don’t have enough notes for their finals, students lean towards iTunes u since it helps in many different ways, for example : conducting a research , lectures and getting introduced to the major their leaning toward, an innovative way to distribute lectures, lessons, podcasts .
  5. 5. iTunes U features Take free courses created & taught by instructors from leading universities Take notes & highlight text in iBooks & see them; for easy reviewing in the iTunes app Access course materials, including audio, videos, books, documents & presentations
  6. 6. iTunes U requirements iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with ios 5 or later An apple ID with iTunes store account iTunes 10.5.3 or later required to sync with a comp The selection of courses, collections
  7. 7. How to install the app Firstly, you should create an apple account. Secondly, go to app store Thirdly, type iTunes U in the search bar Fourthly, the iTunes U icon will appear on your device. Then a small bar beside the icon will tell you weather u want to download it. Finally, the ITunes U Icon will appear on your home page
  8. 8. How to use the app The app will help you to undergo the difficulties you were facing, and this app will let you improve your weaknesses, and to build your knowledge on the subject your taking.
  9. 9. Issues you should know about this app This app works on iPods and iPhones This app is exclusive to apple products This is a new app, a new idea from apple there are possibilities for further updates Sometimes students cant find the topics they are searching for because app is not so popular and not all universities share their courses
  10. 10. Resources that can help you more with this app Sign up with I tunes Your going to need to invest in an I pad or an I phone
  11. 11. Conclusion In Conclusion I recommend ZU to use this app because it helped me to overcome my difficulties in chemistry and it helped me in many different ways, I used it to conduct my chemistry research, and there are many topics and course catalogs on iTunes U, I hope I have persuade you using iTunes U.
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  13. 13. Appendix