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Digital Curation: The New Frontier of Knowledge
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Digital Curation: The New Frontier of Knowledge

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A presentation I gave at KnowCamp in Modena about digital curation: what curating content is and why to do it, tips on curating content and preserving that data.

A presentation I gave at KnowCamp in Modena about digital curation: what curating content is and why to do it, tips on curating content and preserving that data.

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  • Quality and relevance from trusted sources\n
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  • I am using this example because I used this Tweet in a recent blog post.\n
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  • 1. Digital Curation:the new frontier of knowledge Sara Rosso KnowCamp 2011, Modena
  • 2. Information Curation : Then Limited access tohighly curated information
  • 3. Information Curation : Now High access to information Largely unfilteredNew challenges: Quality, Relevance
  • 4. Google: best for pulling information
  • 5. News from Social Networks Same news, but:27% of all adults Convenient Variety38% adults < 30 Quality Customized July 2011, www.People-Press.org
  • 6. “Everyone is a media outlet” Clay Shirky, NYU Professor
  • 7. CurationCurationCuration
  • 8. “(content) Sharing is driven by our desire to shape or maintain relationships with other people.” Poynter.org
  • 9. You: CurationCreation and Curation Curation Curation
  • 10. Digital curation lifecycle Curate Preserve Digital Curation Centre, Edinburgh
  • 11. Curate and Preserve
  • 12. 1. Curate for specific audiences
  • 13. 2. Add value to curated contentThe woman with 100 personalities Source linkKim Noble, although she doesnt care to be called that, has over 100 distinctpersonalities. For a journalist, this presents certain problems. Kim Noble herself is merely a name on a birth certificate - a Curated, short portmanteau of identities. So which version of her do you interview? Do you talk to whomever pops up? Hayley? excerpt of original content Judy? Ken? It turns out theres a protocol: you meet Patricia, the dominant personality among the many alter egos in Nobles head. With the help of regular support workers, Patricia Context, looks after Aimee and makes sure theres milk in the fridge. It is Patricia who answers the door and welcomes me in.A horrifying and fascinating story. Noble wrote a book about her experiences and thevaried body of art done by her various personalities can be seen here. And do watch this opinion, andvideo; its a clip of one of Nobles personality switches...the language she uses todescribe herselves is interesting. (via @dunstan) added links www.kottke.org
  • 14. 3. Categorize & organize content www.pintrest.com www.delicious.com www.curated.by www.stumbleupon.com
  • 15. 4. Create niche archiveswww.keepstream.com, www.storyful.com, www.shareist.com, www.storify.com, www.scoop.it, www.magnify.net, www.pearltrees.com
  • 16. Best practice:“Own your zone” (and data) Edelman Digital
  • 17. Sites own your data; not you Search own content?“Due to resource constraints, not Archives? every Tweet can be indexed in Twitter Search.”
  • 18. Where’s my content?
  • 19. Your Digital Hub:Create, Curate, Preserve
  • 20. lishPub iveArch
  • 21. Thank you!Sara Rossowww.sararosso.com@rosso on Twitterhttp://vip.wordpress.comhttp://www.automattic.com/jobs