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Agile Project Management - Part 1
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Agile Project Management - Part 1


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Agile Project Management (Part 1) gives an overview on Agile Style, Team Building and Leadership.

Agile Project Management (Part 1) gives an overview on Agile Style, Team Building and Leadership.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Agile Project Management Reliable Better Faster Created by: Saqib Javed John (PMP, ACP, ITIL, SCJP, SCWCD)
  • 2. Agile History o Formally defined in research paper by Mr. Edmonds in 1974 o Evolved in 1990 o Agile Manifesto given by 17 Authors at Snowbird-sky Resort, Paris in Feb-2001, that’s why its called Agile Alliance Agile Project Management
  • 3. Agile Manifesto Focus on o Individuals and Interactions instead of Process and Tools o Working software instead of Comprehensive Documentation o Customer Collaboration instead of Contract Negotiation o Responding to Change instead of Following a Plan Agile Project Management
  • 4. Agile Framework 1. Break down the tasks 2. Perform work 3. Communicate progress 4. Tested 5. Delivered Agile Project Management
  • 5. Difference between Agile and Traditional Framework Cookbook Innovation Waterfall Agile Structured Adaptability Agile Project Management
  • 6. Agile Triangle Value (Releasable Product) Quality (Reliable & Adaptable Product) Agile Project Management Constraints (Cost, Time, Scope)
  • 7. Agile Objectives o Valuable o Early o Continuous Agile Project Management
  • 8. Agile Approach o Visionary o Evolutionary o Adaption Agile Project Management
  • 9. Agile Planning 1. Vision 5. Iteration 2. Portfolio 6. Daily 3. Product 7. Continuous 4. Release Agile Project Management
  • 10. Agile Team and Leadership
  • 11. Team Maturity Phases 1. Forming 2. Storming 3. Norming 4. Performing Agile Team and Leadership
  • 12. Agile Team o Motivated o Cross Functional o Collocated o Open o Stable o Honest o Empowered o Value Driven o Mutually Accountable o Quality Driven Agile Team and Leadership
  • 13. Servant Leadership o Listening o Persuasion o Healing o Conceptualization o Empathy o Building Community o Awareness Agile Team and Leadership
  • 14. Adaptive Leadership o Openness o Transparency o Communication o Networking Agile Team and Leadership
  • 15. Thanks….. Created by: Saqib Javed John PMP, ACP, ITIL v3F, SCJP, SCWCD Email: Skype: saqibjohn76 LinkedIn: