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SAP Document Access by OpenText ile tüm doküman ve verilerinizi SAP sistemindeki iş süreçleriniz ile ilişkilendirebilirsiniz

SAP Document Access by OpenText ile tüm doküman ve verilerinizi SAP sistemindeki iş süreçleriniz ile ilişkilendirebilirsiniz



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    Opentext  - DOKÜMAN VE İŞLEMLERİ İLİŞKİLENDİRMEK - SAP Forum 2013 Opentext - DOKÜMAN VE İŞLEMLERİ İLİŞKİLENDİRMEK - SAP Forum 2013 Presentation Transcript

    • SAP FORUM ISTANBUL Experience the Future of Your Business Marcus Zelezny, Marc Paczian OpenText SAP Document Access
    • © 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 2 Challenges for the Business and IT – Stretched between Business Imperatives Increase Productivity Reduce Total Cost of Ownership Be Compliant and reduce Risk
    • © 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 3 SAP Archiving – Two Meanings Data Archiving Reduce size of SAP database key department: IT key drivers: storage cost and system performance Document Archiving Integrate business documents key department: business units key driver: process efficiency and compliance
    • © 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 4 OpenText Archiving for SAP Solutions – Document Archiving Slide 4 Start processes - Incoming & desktop documents Optimize processes - Retrieve documents anytime, anywhere Archive processes – Print lists & outgoing documents
    • © 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 5 OpenText Document Access for SAP Solutions SAPCRM SD SAPPLM MM External Content SAPSRM FI Standardfunctionality Process-Oriented Grouping of Content ExtendsstandardArchiveLink Document Access for SAP Solutions … access to all content for SAP users
    • © 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 6 Document Access - Look & Feel in SAPGUI information on the business object call SAP Transaction Integration of Emails integration of paper flow Integration of SAP printout display original document
    • © 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 7Slide 7
    • © 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 8 Data Archiving - securely store data files OpenText Archiving & Document Access - Packaging and Business Value Document Archiving - integrate business documents with SAP transactions Business Views - 360 degree views on SAP data and documents OpenText Archiving for SAP Solutions OpenText Document Access for SAP Solutions Business Value • increase efficiency • reduce TCO for IT landscape • be compliant and reduce risk OpenText Data Archiving
    • SAP Document Access Use Cases Slide 9
    • © 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 10 Linde Gas (Germany) – Central SAP Archiving Platform with OpenText Document Access Slide BACKGROUND ● World leading supplier of industrial, process and speciality gases, operating in over 100 countries ● 48.700 employees CHALLENGE ● Operating and the central OpenText archiving platform for SAP for all Linde branches worldwide ● Supporting 10,000 users, develop and roll out new solutions SOLUTION ● OpenText Document Access with over 100 million documents on the central Archive Server, distributed over 50 logical archives, connected to 18 SAP systems ● Folder solutions with Document Access to support the needs of the business: customer folder, supplier folder, proof of delivery processing, invoice ledger, homecare folder, sales channel partner folder, etc. BENEFITS ● Flexibility and speed to create new document solutions for users and rollout without much training needed, highly cost efficient ● Low TCO, only 4 persons centrally administer the Archive Server, support the users and maintain and develop the applications in SAP „Our company wide IT strategie follows a plattform approach to maximize synergy effect and thereby keeping the development and administration effort at the lowest possible level. “ Stephan Sachs, Manager of Application Security & Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
    • © 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 11 Volkswagen Bank (Germany) – Single Point of Access to All Customer Information Slide BACKGROUND ● Leading European financial service provider in the automotive area ● > 3 million customers. CHALLENGE ● Different business units are in contact with the same customer. ● Business Units are using separate systems (SAP CRM, ERP, ...). ● Cross-Selling potentials not fully used OPENTEXT SOLUTION ● Storing of all customer relevant information inside the OpenText Archive Server ● Customer folder with DocuLink for SAP Solutions BENEFITS ● Improved Customer Service ● No unnecessary recalls ● Use of Cross-Selling Potential ● One information basis for all authorized employees and customers „Customers, Customer-Care-Center-employees and financial advisor are using the same data basis. We improved our processes significant with this ECM solution from OpenText. With the online postbox we created the fundament for a future with less paper.” Joachim Walter, Head of Archiving Systems, Volkswagen Bank GmbH
    • © 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 12 Megachem - Customer Self Service with Speedy e- documents at Online Store Slide 12 BACKGROUND ● Global manufacturer of proprietary chemical products ● Portfolio of about 2,000 types/grades of products with huge amount of documentation ● Product brochures, specification sheets, material safety data sheets, certificates of analysis CHALLENGE ● Shorten the time required to distribute important product documentation ● Realize strategic customer relationship management initiatives OPEN TEXT SOLUTION ● SAP Archiving by Open Text for document imaging and archiving ● Documents are scanned in colour, archived and linked to materials master in SAP via SAP DMS ● Integration of archived documents into SAP Online Store BENEFITS ● Time saving self-service access to documents for customers ● Enhanced customer satisfaction ● Resource saving for Megachem »… now, with the documents readily available on the site, the process is much more efficient.« Eddie Ong, IT Manager, Megachem
    • © 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 13 Archiving & Managing all Document with SAP as Platform - OMV (Austria) Slide 13 BACKGROUND ● Central Europe's leading oil and gas corporation ● biggest listed industrial company in Austria ● group sales of EUR 20 billion, 33.665 employees CUSTOMER PAIN ● Archiving all documents – incoming, outgoing, external and MS Office – on one common platform ● Access to data from legacy systems ● Need to access documents from different sources, e.g. orders, invoices, dunning documents, OMV Card invoices, other customer-related correspondence SOLUTION ● Using SAP as application platform ● User-friendly folder view on data and documents ● Integration of non-R/3 data and documents in R/3 ● Integration of legacy system and external information into SAP infrastructure with automated archiving using OT batch input interface BENEFITS ● Managing all documents using SAP as platform ● Access via user-friendly interface within SAPGUI ● Decommissioning of legacy systems while providing access to legacy data in SAP “To provide optimal financial services, a storage system, which allows archiving for all kinds of documents and user-friendly access, is essential. DocuLink gives us the proper solutions to achieve this.” Mag. Johannes Lainer, OMV Service Netzwerk GmbH, Financial Services
    • © 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 14 AIRBUS (Germany) – Compliance and Process Efficiency for Freight Papers Slide 14 BACKGROUND ● Leading aircraft manufacturer ● Headquartered in Toulouse, Airbus is owned by EADS, a global leader in aerospace and defence CHALLENGE ● Long cycle times to process freight papers ● Different archiving solutions in place ● Highly regulated industry, need to store documents up to 99 years, high security requirements SOLUTION ● Consolidation of all archiving solutions to OpenText ● OpenText Document Access for easy and direct access to freight documents in SAP ● Individual SAP workflow to process freight papers, distribute to manufacturing plants and post in SAP BENEFITS ● Secure long-term storage on the OpenText Archive server, compliant to industry regulations ● Higher process efficiency and process speed for goods entry ● Fast retrieval of documents, important for investigations of the German Office for Air Traffic Control Aerospace is a highly regulated industry. Safety and environmental regulations are set at global level by the International Civil Aviation Organization, but also at EU level by the European Aviation Safety Agency. Relevant document need to be retained as long as 99 years.
    • © 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 15 Fujitsu Siemens (Germany): Reduce TCO through SAP Data Archiving BACKGROUND ● Leading European computer company ● SAP modules: FI, CO, MM, SD, CO-PA ● Stampeding hardware costs due to fast growing SAP data base CHALLENGE ● Availability: Restrictive departments „Everything must be accessible for ever!“ ● Performance: DB nearly not maintainable any more ● Resource consumption (hardware costs) OPENTEXT SOLUTION ● SAP Data Archiving with Document Access to store and retrieve archived data ● Open Text Data Archiving competencies BENEFITS ● Cost saving in hardware costs ● Decreased administration costs of SAP Database ● Nearly flat database growth ● Database kept at a reasonable size ● Data still available for departments ● Performance » … the money saved through reduced hardware investment and easier administration gives us a ROI of roughly the procurement costs - every year. « Rolf Heimbach, Topical Responsible SAP Infrastructure and SAP Archiving, Fujitsu Siemens Computers
    • © 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 16 Archiving & Document Access Proven Solutions that Help the Business and IT Solution Manager Ready OpenText Document Access stores legacy data and provides access in SAP OpenText Document Access easy access to SAP data (online and offline) and documents for business user OpenText Archiving leverages storage lifecycle management for lower costs OpenText Archiving securely archives data and documents on a compliant store OpenText Archiving integrates business documents with SAP transactions Legacy System
    • Thank you! Contact Details : Dr. Marcus Zelezny Strategic Engagement Lead +43 664 833 1834