Overview of Startup Solutions on SAP HANA
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Overview of Startup Solutions on SAP HANA



This deck is provided by the SAP Startup Focus Market Enablement team. The SAP Startup Focus supports startups in developing new applications on SAP HANA - SAP's revolutionary high performance ...

This deck is provided by the SAP Startup Focus Market Enablement team. The SAP Startup Focus supports startups in developing new applications on SAP HANA - SAP's revolutionary high performance in-memory database and computing platform.

This deck provides solution descriptions for startups with solutions built on SAP HANA. For questions please contact startups@sap.com



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    Overview of Startup Solutions on SAP HANA Overview of Startup Solutions on SAP HANA Presentation Transcript

    • www.saphana.com/startupfocus Startup Focus Solutions on SAP HANA. Briefs www.saphana.com/startupfocus Public
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 2 SAP Startup Focus Portfolio – 2014 1000+ Startups and Growing, Fast!
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 3 COMPANY AdMaster is China’s leading third-party big-data provider and China’s largest third-party data management platform. They help advertisers in digital marketing to monitor, optimize and increase overall marketing ROI through technology and big-data insights. SOLUTION • SaaS model solution focused on big data that integrates vast amounts of data generated by the digital marketing process, provides data integration and enhancement, insight, audience management, and satisfies industry business needs • SAP HANA in-memory calculation greatly improves the calculation efficiencies in:  User Journey Analysis – analyzes users’ footprint, such as visited URLs and further more will apply to mobile apps  NLP Semantic Tagging – analyzes unstructured natural language, mapping rules with topic and sentiment, tagging all segments  Audience Profile Classifier – classifies users by analyzing people demographic information and interest, like gender, age, education, shopping trends, etc. BUSINESS VALUE • Comprehensive and detailed third-party data to give in-depth and an accurate understanding of target audiences website footprint and potential demands • Integrates with existing systems allowing rapid and convenient data querying to improve media delivery effectiveness and enable immediate decision-making • Enables RTB and retargeting to reduce the overall cost of finding target audiences while improving customer conversion rates INDUSTRY Media LINES OF BUSINESS Marketing • Customer Service HIGHLIGHTS  Certified as Powered by SAP HANA  Validated by Startup Focus China’s Leading Third-Party Big-Data Provider
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 4 Your Real-time Customer Centric SAP HANA Solution COMPANY A product and services firm focused on big data related to SAP HANA projects that leverage rapid deployment solutions and Approyo’s industry templates. SOLUTION • Gathers data from third party legacy solutions • Brings data into SAP HANA; shows it through SAP Business Objects Data Services 4.0 • Provides post-production support to customers with real OEM based RDS implementations, support and solutions • Up and running in less then 15 minutes, and then build a true business use case • Builds out knowledge in ruins BUSINESS VALUE • Applications straight on SAP HANA, including transaction processing, using business suite on SAP HANA along with custom apps developed for mobile • Predictive and further prescriptive analytics of any data to reason out trends • Procurement of supplies, just-in-time, end-to-end and preventative maintenance • Search all social channels for any unstructured source and apply meaningful sense • Real-time and direct reports, tapped and triggered from any transactional systems INDUSTRIES Automotive • Retail and Commercial Banking • Healthcare • Industrial Machinery and Components LINES OF BUSINESS Finance • Manufacturing • Marketing • Sales HIGHLIGHTS  24/7 365 data analytics on AWS & in any data center etc.  No batch loads required  Out-of-box dashboards  Faster data Integration  Real-time reporting capabilities  Native SAP HANA-based solution  SAP Certified Solution  Certified as Powered by SAP HANA  Validated by Startup Focus ASSETS • Demo: http://spr.ly/Approyo Approved: 07-23-13 (CC) instant access to data & rapid deployment speedy cloud-based system access implementation $ reduced
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 5 COMPANY Standalone ERM suite that enables executives to intelligently source, monitor, manage and consume energy resources, while complying with regulatory carbon footprint standards. SOLUTION • Suite includes Energy Management Portal, Energy Benchmarking & Analytics, Process-level Energy Operational Efficiency Management, Dynamic Load Management & Control, Emissions Reporting and Green House Gases Tracking • Analytics uses proprietary state-of-the-art DAS, SCADA and metering systems in conjunction with SAP HANA's in-memory computing to process energy big data • Dashboards, industry-specific KPIs and predictive analytics enable a rapidly deployable robust energy reporting and forecasting tool while establishing an enterprise energy policy • The suite designed for manufacturing customers with a focus on consumption of energy and environmental impact, ensuring customers are consuming energy efficiently BUSINESS VALUE • Provides rapid ROI within the first year of deployment • Identifies sources of energy savings opportunity up to 20% by making informed energy purchasing decisions and pricing negotiations • Performs proactive asset health check to ensure production is not interrupted while increasing their energy consumption data collection efficiency and reliability • Measures corporate greenhouse gas emissions while meeting regulatory and certification compliance standards • Eliminates manual logbooks and outdated reporting INDUSTRIES Manufacturing • Utilities LINE OF BUSINESS Energy and Sustainable Operations HIGHLIGHTS  Certified as Powered by SAP HANA  Validated by Startup Focus Real-time Innovative Energy Resource Management on SAP HANA
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 6 Real-time Predictive Analytics For Advertising Data COMPANY Apptimyze ingests advertising performance data from search platforms like Google AdWords and RTB platforms like AppNexus, crunches it, and generates precise ad targeting strategies. SOLUTION • Imports billions of rows of search, social media, display, mobile advertising data • Performs exploratory visualization in SAP Lumira • Overlays 1st party or 3rd party data to amplify intelligence • Generates ad targeting strategies • Predicts ad cost and performance with proprietary simulation • Extends application with your own R models BUSINESS VALUE • Explores visualizations on mobile or desktop • 100% in memory application for extreme performance • Simple, light, control panel UI • Applies analysis to Google Analytics conversion data and site performance data INDUSTRIES Retail • Media • Consumer Products LINES OF BUSINESS Marketing • Sales• Customer Service HIGHLIGHTS  Built completely on SAP HANA  HTML5 based UI frontend  SAP Lumira for analytics  SAP HANA text analysis and geo- spatial services  Cloud deployment  Validated by Startup Focus rapidly analyses advertising data lower costs on campaign management accurate predictive analytics & reporting
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 7Approved: 11-04-13 (MM) COMPANY Evaluates the cost and efficiency of banking arrangements as well as resolves the lack of standardization and the poor quality of information supplied by banks. SOLUTION • SAP HANA delivers fast and responsive performance at scale • Resolves large numbers of bank accounts with multiple banking providers with accounts across countries • Intuitive dashboard distills the complexities of banking relationships into logical components using intuitive data visualization • Banking dashboard displays the return received on funds held in accounts, the cost of banking debt, and the risk level the funds are exposed to on an on-going basis • Real-time flexible control panel filters banking information by date range, bank, currency, geography and account • Statement builder allows for custom documents: a daily statement for a selected account or group of accounts merged as well as a statement featuring specific transaction types BUSINESS VALUE • Increased banking efficiency, reduced banking costs and unlocked trapped cash • Accurately measures the efficiency and cost of overall banking arrangements • Bank relationship tree structure reveals what banks and accounts are underperforming • Traffic light system highlights strengths and weaknesses in banking structure • Visibility by bank and currency into a graph of overall net cash position INDUSTRIES Utilities • Insurance • Telecommunications • Professional Services LINES OF BUSINESS Finance • Procurement • Enterprise Asset Management • Corporate Functions HIGHLIGHT  Validated by Startup Focus ASSET • Demo video: http://spr.ly/BankHawk A New Way of Looking at Banking
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 8Approved: 07-17-13 (TI) COMPANY World-class cutting edge complementary SAP software applications that optimize existing IT systems in the fields of change and release management, as well as ABAP processing optimization and improved customer insight. SOLUTION • Predictive Customer Insight (PCI) enabled by SAP HANA • PCI analyses identifies behavior patterns that can be used to segment existing customers for proactive customer satisfaction and retention • Forms hypotheses about customer behavior based on historical facts and then runs existing customer interactions against these hypotheses BUSINESS VALUE • PCI enabled to develop an understanding of customer behavior based on data held within millions of individual data transactions • Dramatically improved customer retention and satisfaction • Proactively develops customer solutions and strategies before relationship is compromised INDUSTRY Utilities LINE OF BUESINESS Energy and Sustainable Operations HIGHLIGHT  Validated by Startup Focus ASSET • Interview: http://spr.ly/Interview_BasisTechn ologies Improve Decision-making, Cash Flow & Customer Satisfaction
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 9Approved: 10-20-13 (MT) COMPANY Delivering enterprise agile data analytics tools into the hands of true business users. Empowers business users to turn virtually any size and type of data into the profits. SOLUTION • Complete BI (ETL, DW, reporting, sharing) as a web application • Native mobile BI for iOS and Android • Analytics platform for integration - API, SDK • NO-SQL/SQL biz data analysis • Real-time pivoting, forecasting, and math formulas • Predictive analytics by integrating with SAP HANA • Connects to SAP ERP modules including HR, finance and manufacturing BUSINESS VALUE • Agile self-service BI focused on true business users • All you need is a web browser or a mobile device • Social network for business data discovery – comment, share and copy in real-time • +100 data connectors – Excel, Salesforce, Facebook and SAP HANA • Create any reports, combine KPIs, without coding share with field sales • Unstructured data from twitter, stock-exchange to analyze brand sentiments • Can be embedded into your own product to cut down development costs INDUSTRIES Healthcare • Public Sector • Utilities • Wholesale Distribution LINES OF BUSINESS Human Resources • Finance • Sales • Customer Service HIGHLIGHT  Validated by Startup Focus Agile Data Analytics – Purely Web-Based
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 10 All-in-One Enterprise & Carrier-class IT Monitoring COMPANY Pioneer provider of nextgen, end-to-end, IT Monitoring platform with Business Service Management (BSM) and End-User Experience (EUX) features for complex, hybrid environments including physical, virtual, applications and cloud. SOLUTION • Out-of-the-box monitoring for SAP HANA, SAP CCMS, SAP Infrastructure and SAP UE • Real-time status of key business processes through holistic BSM views • End-to-end coverage across all technology and departmental domains • A single, unified platform for monitoring all IT assets • Measures performance and availability service levels (SLAs) • Predictive trend, dependency and rapid root cause analysis BUSINESS VALUE • Visibility and control across all IT assets with agent-based and agentless capturing • Mean-time-to-restore (MTTR) reduced by up to 80% • Agile dashboards and broad visualization tools for intuitive views • Rapid ROI, low TCO and superior time-to-value (TTV) • Simplifies all aspects of monitoring and information flow to enhance performance • Enhances customer satisfaction, retention and revenue INDUSTRIES Aerospace and Defense • Retail and Commercial Banking • Insurance • Telecommunications LINES OF BUSINESS Manufacturing • Energy and Sustainable Operations • IT Management HIGHLIGHTS  Partnership for SAP HANA monitoring  Real-time process reporting  Agile dashboards & visualization  Validated by Startup Focus ASSETS • Demo: http://spr.ly/Centerity Approved: 4-24-14 (MP) accurately measure performance & availability reduced cost of system monitoring fast predictive analytics & statistical reports
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 11 COMPANY Celonis’ Process Business Intelligence (PBI) delivers process mining for SAP by reconstructing the processes in real-time based on the digital footprints created by the SAP ERP system. SOLUTION • Fully and transparently pairs with SAP modules to deliver real-time insight into processes Automatically extracts the process data out of the SAP databases and reproduces them in a real-time graphs and works with live data  Real-time process analyses identifies bottlenecks and enhances automation rates • Instant analyses of critical vendors, low value orders, purchase requisitions rates, etc. • Identifies otherwise overlooked critical fraud patterns • Intuitive UI and navigation within the mined processes, without SQL knowledge BUSINESS VALUE • Up to 15% decrease of process costs through decreased bottlenecks • Identification of critical fraud patterns improves efficiently and compliance • Significant decrease in the time needed for analysis • Able to analyze terabytes of data out of more than 20+ SAP systems • Real-time monitoring and full transparency via visualizations of business processes • Process mining for a deep drill down into the processes to reveal variances • Filters for the segmentation of the processes to get the desired information INDUSTRIES Automotive • Consumer Products • Industrial Machinery and Components • Life Sciences LOBS Finance • Procurement • Supply Chain Management • Sales HIGHLIGHTS  On-prem & on-cloud deployment  SAP HANA as primary database for fast data processing & analysis  SAP HANA analytical processing for real-time reporting  Integration with any SAP systems & data sources  Integration with SAP BOBJ tools for UI dashboards & reporting  Startup Focus technical validation ASSETS • Interview: http://spr.ly/celonis_interview increased efficiencies & compliance 10-15% improved P.O. processing time up to 15% savings on processing costs Make the Most of your SAP Processes & Performance
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 12 Comprehensive Management of Enterprise Data Activities COMPANY Comprehensively monitors enterprise database activities without interrupting or changing existing infrastructure. The award-winning Advanced Database Sensor (ADS) organizes every detail of database transactions and records them as XData (transactional data) on the fly. SOLUTION • User-friendly interface for customization and visualization for granular tracking collection of XData can be analyzed by SAP HANA to generate audit reports, real-time alerts or BI recommendations • ADS units are deployed strategically in enterprise networks to sense and record all database activities via inspection and analysis of network packets BUSINESS VALUE • Monitor all databases, including legacy, without costly migration or tedious programming • Turns XData into a mega-asset allowing for visibility and understanding into risks and operational efficiencies • Centralized intel for heterogeneous IT systems after re-organization without interruption • Full visibility, adaptability, compliance tracking and real-time situational awareness INDUSTRIES Retail and Commercial Banking • Healthcare • Public Sector • Retail LINES OF BUSINESS Finance • Enterprise Asset Management • IT Management HIGHLIGHTS  Partnership for SAP HANA monitoring  Real-time reporting on processes  Agile dashboards and visualization  Scalable & flexible architecture empowers ADS  Handles up to one billion transactions per day  Validated by Startup Focus ASSETS • Demo: http://spr.ly/ChaletTech improves centralized security intel reduces DB monitoring costs real-time analytics & reporting
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 13Approved: 06-04-13 (JM) COMPANY The world’s first complete end-to-end, fully integrated big data, Smart Grid solution designed to meet the needs of energy utilities and retailers with a rich suite of functions. SOLUTION • Delivers visibility and control from consumer appliances located at the grid edge through to the utility head-end system • A communications gateway connected to SAP HANA that allows for unrestricted two-way interaction with energy systems and any circuit or appliance located in the premises • Unmatched scalability to meet the needs of the largest operator • Provides a much deeper analysis of consumption and optimization strategies • SAP HANA enables the processing of vast amounts of data in a time scale that empowers utilities to harness information and use it to deliver on the promise of the Smart Grid • Unrestricted and unmatched level of detail and granularity of information and control that can be processed in near real-time BUSINESS VALUE • As standards change the system will be able to adjust to fully comply, protecting investments and reducing system risks • Improves pro-active ability to meet operational challenges and providing a reliable service • Existing infrastructure and can interface with existing meters • Offers strategies to monetize data and create new revenue streams • Improves margin, reduces churn and builds brand loyalty • Helps customers improve efficiencies, achieve energy savings and emission targets • Features high level security and integrity of data • Deployment costs lower than other smart grid solutions INDUSTRIES Utilities • Aerospace and Defense • Automotive • Healthcare LINES OF BUSINESS Energy and Sustainable Operations • Enterprise Asset Management HIGHLIGHT  Validated by Startup Focus An End-to-End Big Data Smart-Grid System
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 14Approved: 07-17-13 (TE) COMPANY A global leader of predictive analytics for Enterprise Asset Management solutions that improve availability and reduce maintenance costs of capital intensive assets. SOLUTION • Cutting-edge solutions that analyze asset data • Performance visibility to each phase of an asset’s life cycle • Obtains, cleans & connects volumes of data essential to accurate predictions • Captures and describes component reliability, planned equipment usage, repair and overhaul capability/capacity, as well as inventory readiness • Sensor-based data for ‘Condition Indication’ analysis • Asset specific analysis, rather than trends and averages • High fidelity, operations/repair/supply support simulation algorithms BUSINESS VALUE • Increased availability, improved utilization, and billions in cost savings and profits • Defines best approach to reduce asset sustainment costs and improve availability • Optimizes maintenance/workload and repair parts distribution • Supports scenario planning to conduct cost vs. operating performance tradeoffs • Extends useful life of assets while minimizing life cycle costs • Enhances responsiveness in sustainment and operations • Identifies, quantifies and minimizes risk of failure • Plans up to 25 years + into the future • Maximizes asset performance • Analyzes component criticality • Time-to-decision is reduced to minutes from days or weeks INDUSTRY Aerospace & Defense LINES OF BUSINESS Energy • Caro Transportation and Logistics HIGHLIGHT  Validation pending Delivering Predictive Analytics for EAM Running on SAP HANA
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 15 COMPANY A data warehousing and analytics solution that integrates data from disparate systems to provide holistic, direct, interactive exploration of health data at both population and patient level. The technology is based on proprietary data models and processing methods, as well as knowledge of multinational healthcare environments. SOLUTION • SAP HANA expedites set up, data integration, exploratory reports and predictive analytics • Provides a comprehensive record of patient background, treatment history and outcome • Delivers varied analysis at population, facility, physician and patient levels • Links data on breast cancer patients from separate data systems • Generates reports on quality of care – actual vs. standards • Granular data mining and statistical analysis while uniting data from isolated sources • Rapidly and accurately performs factor and cluster analysis as well as predictive analytics BUSINESS VALUE • Better patient outcomes leading to best practices • Reduces medical cost for patients and healthcare providers • Helps manage chronic disease patients • Direct data exploration for actionable time-sensitive decisions • Shortens the time-to-value cycle INDUSTRIES Healthcare • Life Sciences HIGHLIGHTS  HANA - DB & warehouse  Business Objects for reporting  R Server for statistical reporting  Proprietary data models and analytics  Relationships and installations at leading hospitals and healthcare systems in U.S., Japan and Taiwan  Multinational - United States • Japan • Canada • Taiwan • Germany  Validated by Startup Focus improved patient care rapid data mining & analytics lowers costs for patients & providers Advanced Breast Cancer Healthcare Analytics Approved: 03-25-14 (BM)
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 16 COMPANY Conweaver provides software solutions for automated linking of heterogeneous enterprise data. Instead of large and resource consuming software integration projects, Conweaver offers a unique approach for dynamic data linking. SOLUTION • Customized solutions which allow customers to recall and exchange information globally, at any time, while overcoming system, language and process boundaries • Modular configuration that easily integrates of 3rd party applications • Existing processes stay untouched • Flexible restructuring of processes while existing processes stay untouched • Enables effective, expedited and finely-tuned change management • Bottom-up parsing identifies and processes the text's lowest-level BUSINESS VALUE • Data transparency reduces of administration effort • Dramatic reduction of process complexity reduces costs • Continuous IT migration processes minimizes risk • Fast and efficient time-saving business processes • Increased productivity rapidly delivers solutions in weeks INDUSTRIES Manufacturing Industries • Automotive • Aviation LINE OF BUSINESS Engineering • Manufacturing • R&D • PLM • Supply Chain Management • Aftersales HIGHLIGHTS  SAP HANA as primary DB & warehouse  On-prem & cloud deployment ASSETS • Demo: http://bit.ly/1k21GFV rapid dynamic data linking real-time data access fast & flexible + highly scalable Untangling the Chaos of Large IT-Landscapes Approved: 03-25-14 (BM)
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 17 COMPANY CoreySurg™ and CoreyMD™ provides mobile instant and intelligent access to the relevant healthcare data and applications, right when you need it. Analytics are obtained from correlation of big data, cloud-based services and existing enterprise healthcare and clinical applications. SOLUTION • CoreySurg™ is specifically for OR use, enabling real-time communication for pre-op and post-op activities to implement lean management techniques • CoreyMD™ is a real-time communication and coordination platform for physicians and healthcare providers in out-patient settings • Instant access to just the relevant info with context specific updates • Situational intelligence backed by predictive analytics BUSINESS VALUE • Reduces patient turnover between 5 and 15 minutes per patient • Annual operational savings between $1M and $10M due to reduced patient turnover • Increases capacity of 1.1 additional operating rooms for every 3 or 4 ORs today • Provides improved ROI for enterprise investment in systems and applications • Reduces users time and improves efficiencies for lower costs and increased revenue INDUSTRY Healthcare HIGHLIGHTS  HIPAA compliant  Patented Solution  Mobile app  On-prem & cloud deployment  Validated by Startup Focus ASSETS • Demo: http://spr.ly/CoreMobile2 15-30% increase in OR use faster data processing & analysis $1M and $10M operational savings Real-time Medical B.I. from Big Data, Cloud & Enterprise
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 18 Real-time Solution for Mobile Healthcare Device Data COMPANY ADS Medical™, from Datric, is an evidence-based healthcare management system built on SAP HANA for remote patient monitoring for health companies providing chronic patient care and hospital-home transition management. Datric has 14 years experience in SAP and big data integration. SOLUTION • Real-time patient observations and analysis’ are transmitted from mHealth devices • Predictive analysis for decision trees and measurement analysis • Optimizes data from multiple mHealth-enabled devices on a single platform • A proactive rule-based measurement threshold for proactive management • Open design supports any mHealth device and any data communication vector • Multiple device integration and non-device data provides a holistic patient profile BUSINESS VALUE • Cross-system interoperability allows for real-time data for faster decisions • Triggers alerts and escalations for a more efficient use of resources and personnel • Loads near-continuous data stream while providing analytics and dashboards • Combines OLAP with OLTP in the same environment for greater efficiencies • Faster processing and analytics from multiple healthcare data sources on a single platform INDUSTRIES High Tech • Healthcare • Professional Services HIGHLIGHTS  SAP HANA used a primary DB  SAPUI5-based application natively built on SAP HANA  On-prem or SaaS deployment  Startup Focus technical validation faster predictive & proactive analysis real-time medical data = faster decisions 35-65% $ reduction Approved: 2-22-14 (JF)
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 19Approved: 06-04-13 (JM) COMPANY Utilizes groundbreaking, Siri-like natural language software to enable the mobile workforce to find information faster from their corporate data. SOLUTION • Siri-like voice enabled mobile solution allows business users to perform information discovery and analysis with SAP CRM, Business Warehouse and other data in SAP HANA • Simply ask questions in English and get answers to their business questions at any level of detail from SAP HANA • Integrates with SAP HANA analytic and calculation views to ask questions of any metrics and attributes • Provides fast response-time to questions at any level of detail from analytic roll-ups to detailed individual record sets • Mobile app can be deployed on smart phone or tablet • Web-based studio for desktop and laptop computers BUSINESS VALUE • Mobile sales teams and workforce have fast, easy access to business critical information to accelerate the sales pipeline, improve sales performance and deliver superior service • Integration with SAP HANA eliminates data movement and duplication to remove the cost of extra storage including administration and storage cost • Increased number of sales calls and reduced downtime through rapid reaction to new leads, scheduling changes and other new activities • Fast easy access to customer and product information to speed sales processes and deliver high-touch service INDUSTRIES All Industries LINES OF BUSINESS Marketing • Sales & Services HIGHLIGHTS  Certified as Powered by SAP HANA  Validated by Startup Focus ASSET • Demo video: http://spr.ly/EasyAsk Siri-like Intel & Access – Information For the Asking
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 20Approved: 10-19-13 (JC) COMPANY EnterpriseJungle is a service provider that sits atop internal ESN/Enterprise 2.0 platforms to drive greater engagement, acquisition and retention of the collaboration platform by eligible employees. SOLUTION • Platform/DataSet/ETL agnostic atop proprietary and commercial ESN platforms via SaaS, API or on premise implementation • Ability to sandbox and generate predictive value of an implementation within any application layer • Built atop the SAP HANA platform to deliver real time and rapid data returns across large data sets with multiple vectors • Delivers custom distributed content BUSINESS VALUE • Helps individuals become more successful and organizations become more agile by intuitively and proactively connecting people whose current projects, industries, location, influence, and aspirations align • Augmented user data from social, HR and ETL sources for dense user profiles • Recommendation engine to identify and introduce employees to others they should know, custom weighted towards locale, skills, specific knowledge, opportunity or peer value to generate valuable introductions • Generated content of user business graph for activity streams, user profiles or general display of workforce collaboration efforts • Analytics and visibility into how the workforce is seeking and finding information both in and outside the organization INDUSTRIES Retail and Commercial Banking • High Tech • Insurance • Professional Services LINES OF BUSINESS Human Resources • Corporate Functions • Sales • Customer Service HIGHLIGHT  Validated by Startup Focus ASSETS • Demo video: http://spr.ly/EnterpriseJungle • Interview video: http://spr.ly/EnterpriseJungleTech Ed ESN Acquisition, Engagement & Retention
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 21Approved: 06-07-13 (KT) COMPANY Helps brands convert fans into customers and turn good customers into great ones. SOLUTION • Social Experience Applications help brands grow and engage their fans while capturing valuable social, consumer and behavioral data • Data is combined with the brand’s existing customer data, and then analyzed and stored within Fan Appz’ Consumer Insights Hub, powered by SAP HANA • Can perform real-time analysis, gleaning actionable insights, creating robust profiles of their customers and prospects and building intelligent target segments • Brands use Fan Appz’ Marketing Integration Solutions to put insights, profiles and segments to work, improving the performance of everything from email marketing and online advertising to website and in-store promotions and more • Available as a Cloud deployment with SAP Customer Cloud for CRM integration BUSINESS VALUE • Pre-built, easy-to-deploy social apps that engage fans and capture valuable social and consumer data (including email addresses) as well as permission to use it • Scalable SAP HANA-based data hub that integrates SAP and non-SAP client data sources, allowing for real-time processing and analysis • Creates a 360 view of customers and prospects • System integrations that support improved marketing performance, including increased conversion rates, improved loyalty and retention and greater customer lifetime value INDUSTRIES Automotive • Consumer Products • High Tech • Insurance • Media • Retail • Telecommunications LINES OF BUSINESS Marketing • Sales and Services HIGHLIGHT  Validation pending ASSETS • Interview: http://spr.ly/FanAppzInterview • Demo video: http://spr.ly/FanAppz Personalized Marketing Platforms that Turns Fans into Customers
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 22 Preventing Fraud Before it Occurs – in Real-time COMPANY Feedzai enables the real-time comparison of individual credit card transactions against historical data for unparalleled fraud and risk prevention. Feedzai was the first company to be backed by the SAP HANA real-time fund. SOLUTION • Real-time analysis and fraud blocking for each transaction with the lowest % false positives • Immediate predictive thresholds for ‘block’ and ‘approve but review’ transactions • Predicts future anomalies from trending and baseline calculations • Processes three years of historical data on the fly while transaction is being processed • Real-time analytical reporting and case management BUSINESS VALUE • Each transaction is processed in real-time < 100 milliseconds • Accuracies deliver 97% higher fraud detection rates than leading products • Achieves fraudulent detection rates greater than 80% • Detects risk/fraud at first instance to prevent unknown exposure, threat and financial loss • Faster reporting enables intelligent decision making INDUSTRIES High-Tech LINE OF BUSINESS Finance HIGHLIGHTS  Models act and react in real-time  One HANA DB integrated solution  SAP BI Suite integration  SAP Fraud mgt app integration  On-prem deployment  Startup Focus technical validation ASSETS • Demo video: http://spr.ly/Feedzai • Interview: http://spr.ly/FeedZaiInterview • Testimonial: http://spr.ly/FeedZaiTestiomonial processes massive data > 10000 transactions/sec analyzes transactions < 100 milliseconds fraud detection rates > 80%
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 23 Cerebra – Delivering the Voice of the Customer COMPANY Flutura’s Cerebra Voice of Customer is the only Advanced Contextual Text Mining product in the market that unlocks actionable insights from the vast ocean of customer feedback from internal and external data sources. SOLUTION • Data Ingestion Engine integrates internal and external data streams in real-time • Advanced contextual text mining algorithms to pin-point process roadblocks affecting customer experience • Surface hidden feedback patterns and identify root causes • Assess past patterns and current state to predict future Issues • Enable sales, marketing, customer support and engineering to drive competitive advantage BUSINESS VALUE • Increases customer lifetime value • Streamlines processes to improve customer satisfaction and retention • Optimizes customer retention programs • Reduces customer churn • Maximizes ROI on Marketing Efforts • Actionable inputs to engineering for product enhancement INDUSTRIES Automotive • Consumer Products • Utilities • Telecommunications • Insurance LINES OF BUSINESS Research and Development Engineering • Marketing • Sales • Customer Service • Finance HIGHLIGHTS  Top 20 Most Promising Big Data Analytics Companies Globally – CIO Review  Certified as Powered by HANA  On-prem & cloud deployment  Integrates with SAP systems  SAP Lumira analytics integration  Validated by Startup Focus ASSETS • Demo: http://spr.ly/Flutura • http://events.sap.com/teched/en/ session/8879 6X faster data processing & analysis 29% Increase in gross margin 80% improved customer loyalty Approved 4-24-14 (SK)
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 24 A Fully Self-Service Business Analytics Platform COMPANY Funding Profile Generator is for finance departments who want to contribute to an enterprise's strategy beyond just numbers. The application integrates with existing business apps to continuously translate traditional financial metrics into visualized actionable efficient business strategy. SOLUTION • With a single click, analysts can produce strategic presentations without manually writing queries or building charts • Easily and rapidly customize presentations for a wide range of specific executive audiences • Leverages thousands of built in business metrics based on preselected attribute and measure combinations • Turns financial data and goals into visualized strategies BUSINESS VALUE • Quickly and strategically evaluate actuals for precise reporting and variance explanations • Visualize strategic implications to improve forecasting • Improve financial planning by aligning execution with strategy • Visibility into strategic impact by using modeling/scenario evaluation tools • Improves decision-making by focusing on what the data means rather than queries and chart production INDUSTRIES Consumer Products • High Tech • Life Sciences LINES OF BUSINESS Finance • Corporate Functions • Research and Development Engineering HIGHLIGHTS  Create entire templates  On-prem & cloud deployment  Validation pending ASSETS • Video: http://www.fundingprofiles.com/pr oducts/generator/video/overview. html • Datasheet: http://www.fundingprofiles.com/re sources/fp_generator_ds.pdf intuitive self-service templates presentations with a single click rapid ROI, for payback in months Approved 4-24-14 (ML)
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 25 COMPANY Global Financial Technology Co, Ltd. (GFT) is a leading supplier of intelligent financial information services in China. GFT seeks to provide transparency and clarity in China’s financial markets. SOLUTION • Integrates financial information with analysis tools to help financial specialists improve efficiencies as well as access professional and extensive market information • Financial service software running on SAP HANA allows financial enterprises and individual investors to reduce the business data analysis time from hours to seconds via the relevant tools • Customers can flexibly adjust resource deployment for internal business and adapt to fast-changing and complex financial markets BUSINESS VALUE • Introduces a level of information and access that was previously unknown • Enables users to customize their desktop according to their role and specific needs • Easily integrates with the latest technology to enable speed and intuitive usability • Provides truly mobile and interactive hardware that frees users from the desk INDUSTRIES Financial Services • Retail & Commercial Banking HIGHTLIGHT  Validated by Startup Focus China’s New Generation Intelligent Financial Information Platform
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 26Approved: 10-20-13 (AB) COMPANY Grab Analytics helps businesses discover, understand and leverage real-time data about their mobile app users to rapidly optimize their apps and drive productivity. SOLUTION • Mobile app analytics built on SAP's HANA platform rapidly delivers insightful metrics about the entire user flow in real-time • SAP HANA’s tables provide optimal performance increases for our aggregation- based queries which eliminates our need to run nightly aggregation • SAP HANA being completely in memory allows clients to perform complex queries and drill down into the data • SAP HANA Studio allows us to leverage the optimized SQL Script in our attribute and calculation views BUSINESS VALUE • Insightful, real-time metrics tracking user engagement and retention to make faster, more informed decisions • Custom cohorting to conduct powerful comparison analysis between any segment of app users • Custom event creation to track performance levels specific to each business INDUSTRIES Consumer Products • Healthcare • Media • Professional Services LINES OF BUSINESS Research and Development Engineering • Marketing • Sales • IT Management HIGHLIGHT  Validated by Startup Focus ASSET • Demo video: http://spr.ly/GrabAnalytics Dynamic, Real-Time Analytics for Mobile Apps
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 27Approved: 07-15-13 (YE) COMPANY The industry's standard for industrial energy intelligence software - develops and implements effective energy management solutions at leading industrial companies, helping customers increase ROI by managing and reducing energy costs, consumption and risks. SOLUTION • Industrial Energy Intelligence software, the most advanced energy management system available today, runs on SAP HANA • Real-time data collection enables quick implementation and high quality and reliable data streaming • Collects data from energy meters, flow meters, industrial controllers, sensors, ERP systems and MES systems • Performs data streams analysis, valuable insights illumination, fault and exception detection and what-if scenarios • User interface enables superior customer retention BUSINESS VALUE • Manages energy intelligently to reduce production and energy costs • Connection to causal factor data including temperature gauges, humidity, etc. • Collects data at almost real-time periods and intelligently checks data integrity • Creates various benchmarks including energy vs. production • Detects and reports anomalies • Customizable industry specific reports INDUSTRIES Healthcare • Manufacturing LINE OF BUSINESS IT Management HIGHLIGHT  On-prem & cloud deployment  Scalable without commitments  Validation pending ASSET • Demo video: http://spr.ly/LightApp Exceed Your Energy Objectives with Real-time Big Data
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 28 Intelligent Restock, Cross-sell & Up-sell COMPANY Liquid Analytics suite of mobile apps, Liquid Decisions, harnesses real-time big data and sales enablement analytics to drive sales teams to proactive actions that build customer trust and loyalty while helping sales managers and representatives meet their goals. SOLUTION • Mobile app built on SAP Mobile Platform, backend on SAP HANA and integrated to SAP ERP • RapidOrder uses predictive analytics to provide real-time restock, cross-sell, up-sell and goal-related product recommendations • InsightPops© alerts sales reps when their accounts need stock and order attention • Algorithms assign target accounts to goals, based on customers purchasing potential and ensure recommended products align with sales reps’ goals BUSINESS VALUE • Pre-populates orders for faster ordering allowing time for cross-sell and up-sell • Increases cost-savings with real-time order verification and correction • Schedules appointments, make call, complete orders and surveys directly from app • Real-time, precise and agile reporting • Expedited and precise goal planning, insight and execution • Engaging and inspiring UI that drives adoption of the business process INDUSTRIES Wholesale Distribution • Mill Products • Consumer Products • Industrial Machinery and Components LINES OF BUSINESS Sales • Marketing • Customer Service • Manufacturing HIGHLIGHTS  On-prem & cloud deployment  Single platform mobile app  Mobile app for big data predictive analytics  Certified as Powered by SAP HANA  Validated by Startup Focus ASSETS • Customer testimonial: http://spr.ly/LiquidAnalytics- CharmerSunbelt • Demo: http://spr.ly/LiquidAnalytics • Testimonial: http://spr.ly/LiquidAnalyticsTestimo nial sales & customer satisfaction up faster data processing & analysis end-to-end efficiencies = rapid ROI
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 29 Lexical and Sentiment Analysis of Marketing Collateral COMPANY Develops template applications (tApps) to provide out-of-the-box solutions that help solve specific business problems for enterprise customers and their specific marketing challenges. The MimoLex tApp helps marketers write engaging content, listen to customers across multiple channels and get insights into customers and their needs, satisfaction and responsiveness. SOLUTION • Develops and facilitate strong positive messages • Goes beyond sentiment analysis to construct models focused on engagement metrics • Diagnoses issues related to product and brand communication • Facilitates the development of strong positive messages • Multi-channel lexical and sentiment analysis with comparative and competitive analysis • Builds predictive models for engagement metrics such as time spent on a page • Leverages empirical models to forecast engagement BUSINESS VALUE • Increases subscriber engagement and conversion • Enhances brand value through engaging communication • Reduces the risk of accidental negative messages • Get insights into competitor strategies INDUSTRIES Retail • Media • High Tech• Technology LINES OF BUSINESS Marketing • Manufacturing • Customer Service HIGHLIGHTS  HANA - primary NLP and PAL  Real-time analytics  On-prem & cloud deployment  Validated by Startup Focus improved written content quickly & accurately predict engagement improved customer satisfaction & retention
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 30 LogipleX – Modular & Transparent Supply Chain Intel COMPANY MIBS has developed LogipleX, a supply chain intelligence solution that allows customers to remain ahead in competition by providing the right product, at the right time, at the right place and at the right cost. SOLUTION • A comprehensive self-managed cross-platform end-to-end supply chain solution • Allows stakeholders to forecast, plan, deliver and addresses complex SCM situations • Enables efficient management of state, drug and logistics organizational operations • Allows for vendor and testing lab management • Provides its own EDI stack to interface with any other third party applications • Delivers complete workflow with email and SMS alerts and built-in document management BUSINESS VALUE • Integrated platform for superior purchase, warehouse and inventory management • Real-time detailed analysis of supply chain operations, end-to-end • 360 visibility for improved QC, inventory management and distribution • Efficient self-managed systems reduce business costs, including IT and support • Supply chain transparency for superior resource management and forecasting • The alignment and collaboration with business partners to achieve objectives • Detailed analysis based on dashboards, scorecards and monitors INDUSTRIES Healthcare • Automotive • Retail LINES OF BUSINESS Procurement • Supply Chain Management HIGHTLIGHTS  SAP HANA as primary DB  Integration with SAP systems  On-prem & cloud deployment  SAP partner  Validated by Startup Focus ASSETS • Demo: http://spr.ly/MIBS Approved: 03-25-14 (PVM) rapid drug-disease mapping accurate predictive analytics on future drug consumption huge savings in drug distribution $$
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 31 COMPANY Enables companies to gain deep and detailed insight and visibility into their critical processes by managing the smallest and most granular elements of their activities and by harnessing the power of SAP HANA, mobility and analytics. SOLUTION • A mobile app for field and shop users combined with a portal app for the back office Personalized step-by-step guidance, coaching and validation including viewing task, sub- tasks and discrete steps, following procedures managing assets, collecting data, communication with colleagues and supervisors • Rapidly built from data retrieved from a variety of resources including electronic or hardcopy technical guidelines and interfaces to SAP ERP • Real-time and granular management of remote activities: resource allocation, real-time analytics, event-driven reporting, predictive analytics and management-by-exceptions BUSINESS VALUE • Reduces cycle times and faster product release by eliminating failure-points • Full visibility, compliance tracking, situational awareness and adaptability amongst all stakeholders of a business process • Ongoing business process improvement • Extremely fast time for deployment INDUSTRIES Chemicals • Oil & Gas • Telecommunication • Utilities LOBS Manufacturing • Supply Chain Management • Energy and Sustainable Operations • Enterprise Asset Management HIGHLIGHTS  SAP HANA as a primary DB to power the analytics and mobile  SAP HANA used to power real-time analytics and event driven reports  Fully integrates with the SAP Mobile Solutions portfolio  Validated by Startup Focus ASSETS • Demo video: http://spr.ly/DemoMobideo • Promo videos: http://spr.ly/MobideoStory1 http://spr.ly/MobideoStory2 • Validated by Startup Focus reduced cycle times + faster product release faster product release + reduced cycle times reduces defects & rework Real-time Awareness into Critical & Complex Operations
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 32Approved: 10-20-13 (PD) COMPANY An enterprise-class company that builds mobile apps for retailers. Solutions use analytics combined with customers’ big data sources to provide Insight-as-a-Service to help retailers plan, simulate, analyze and predict business to improve profitability. SOLUTION • Mobile and big data solutions built on SAP’s Mobility and SAP HANA platform improves productivity and efficiency for business users, covering critical business functions • Solutions are integrated with SAP Retail, SAP AFS and SAP R/3 • Application suite includes Mobile Planning Tools, Business Simulation and Optimization, Smart Execution Control, Mobile Analytics and Trends as well as Mobile Alerts Controls BUSINESS VALUE • Key business decision tools with factual support • Extending key business function and execution control to distributed environment • Ready to use for tablet and smart phones • Readily integrated with core ERP in a secured environment • Collaboration with store, merchandise and supply chain teams on a real-time basis including exchange key transaction facts INDUSTRY Information Technology HIGHLIGHT  Validated by Startup Focus ASSET • Demo video: http://spr.ly/Mospry A company Innovative Mobile Productivity Tools for Retail Business Users
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 33 COMPANY An SAP HANA based solution by Green Nature Lab GmbH (GNL), founded in 2013, in Munich. GNL is supported by the SAP Incubator Innowerft as well as SAP partner, Advanco and Forest Finance, a provider of natural forests and sustainable farms. SOLUTION • Brings small areas of protected land, reserves and sustainable farmland to the consumers • Visualization of GreenSpots with dedicated geo coordinates embedded in a mobile app • Gaming & Gaining in which loyalty levels keeps the consumer on track • Supports interactive advertising, e-business, shop, physical products marketing, and sustainable supply chain visibility • Direct customer contact - collects consumer data on item or on bill level • Social media integration enables a viral distribution of campaigns • Integration to SAP Customer Checkout, SAP Ticketing, SAP GBT (Global Batch Traceability) and Integration to other apps via web services BUSINESS VALUE • Sustainability has up to 10% influence on a purchasing decision • Improves relationship with the consumer • Reduced project times with easy starter packages, forest included • Excellent performance and high flexibility to cover consumer peaks • Real-time reporting with future integration SAP smart businesses and Fiori • High data protection - user data are separated form transaction data INDUSTRIES Consumer Products • Retail • Banking • High Tech • Insurance • Media • Telecommunications • Utilities HIGHLIGHTS  Apps for Apple, Windows, Android or HTML5  Deployable as a white label single brand or a multi-brand  Directly on SAP HANA procedures  On-prem & cloud deployment  Supported by Incubator Innowerft (42.5% SAP owned)  Validated by Startup Focus An Environmental Marketing Initiative Based on SAP HANA
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 34 Next Generation Social Analytics & Engagement COMPANY For social media to truly deliver business benefits, it has to be embedded into an organizational existing processes. Whether one is in marketing, sales or customer support, the ‘Insight-To-Action’ platform is designed to help not only extract insights from social media channels, but also integrates those into business processes and CRM systems. SOLUTION • Aggregates, analyzes and acts upon posts across various social media channels • One platform to both listen to/analyze social conversations and engage • Self-service, simply designed user experience – fully productive within 2 hours • SAP-certified SAP HANA integration provides real-time sentiment analytics • Roadmap leverages embedded SAP HANA R integration to deliver predictive analytics • Seamlessly integrates with leading CRM systems including SugarCRM, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM BUSINESS VALUE • Scales with social media initiatives through easy-to-use, SaaS, self-service platform • Provides a consistent customer experience across all channels • Closes the loop between the social and traditional channels • Brand protection by managing social for risk, compliance and performance INDUSTRIES Capital Markets • Healthcare • Insurance • Public Sector LINE OF BUSINESS Marketing HIGHLIGHTS  SAP HANA as the primary DB  Integration with R-Server for Predictive Analytics  On-prem & cloud deployment  Certified as Powered by SAP HANA  Validated by Startup Focus  SAP HANA Certified ASSETS • Demo: http://spr.ly/NextPrinciples grow social media with company growth real-time analytics on lead management lower tco & quicker time to revenue
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 35 Real-time B.I. to Increase Retail Profitability COMPANY NexVisionIX provides retailers with a real-time solution that combines planning, analytics and execution within the same application to solve retailers biggest workflow, visibility and business challenges. SOLUTION • NexVisionIX delivers their GamePlans® for a quick, agile and intuitive workflow process • Builds effective campaigns and marketing with customer-oriented assortments • Drives business goals by generating alerts, insights, decisions and actions for each key role • Predictive analytics solves business problems by using store clustering, customer behavioral segmentation, forecasting, campaign responses and stock status • Pre-built analytic models combines planning and analytical framework and covers cross functional decision-making BUSINESS VALUE • Daily and seasonal decision making with real-time response as needed • Delivering merchandizing analytics and efficiencies across sales, products and time periods • Rapid ROI with real-time analytics and insights into POS data and daily sales • Instant reports and visibility across merchandise performance, seller and vendor analysis • Amplifies cross-channel conversion, drives cross and up-sell initiatives with better strategies INDUSTRIES Consumer Products • Retail LINE OF BUSINESS Sales HIGHLIGHTS  100% native HANA stack  BOBJ for UI & reporting  SAP Lumira integration for analytics  Ability to integrate with SAP data  On-prem & cloud deployment  Validated by Startup Focus ASSETS • Demo: http://spr.ly/NexVisionIX • Testimonial: • http://spr.ly/NexVisionixTestimonial 7X data compression of merchandising data 5X improved reporting performance 10X faster query processing & aggregations Approved: 03-25-14 (RD)
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 36Approved: 11-07-13 (CC) COMPANY A CRM extension for the luxury sector, with contextual workflows built in for the unique world of luxury sales managers. Designed for the frontline, with all workflows requiring less than 20 seconds. The only luxury CRM to integrate seamless communications with Chinese tourists on mobile devices. SOLUTION • Enables sales managers to enter all customer touch-points by answering 3-5 questions • Automated contextual messages are scheduled based on touch-points. E.g. scheduling follow-up messages for bankers based on bonus season • Real-time in-store recommendations powered by SAP HANA based on past touch-points, social media, and similar customers • Automatic suggestions for communication campaigns, take the pain out of planning boutique events or announcing new season arrivals BUSINESS VALUE • Increases data collection substantially by simplifying touch-point entry • Improved understanding into the traveling Chinese consumer segment • POS agnostic integration, enabling data aggregation from disparate POS systems • Up and running in less than 15 minute, operating with or without POS integration • First solution to focus on the traveling Chinese consumer • Seamless integration with popular Chinese mobile chats, substantially increasing communication effectiveness and social sharing statistics INDUSTRY Retail LINE OF BUSINESS Sales HIGHLIGHTS  Powered by SAP HANA  Certified as Powered by SAP HANA  Validated by Startup Focus Mobile CRM for the Luxury Sales Manager,
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 37Approved 1-10-14 (AS) COMPANY A product and services firm focused on business analytics solutions, specializing in connecting machine data with structured and unstructured data, using SAP HANA as data engine. SOLUTION • Gathers data from automated machines and converts them to XML/CSV format through dedicated adaptors • ERP/MES data and unstructured data is pushed onto SAP HANA • Fusion of machine data and ERP data in SAP HANA based on custom algorithms and data models by data scientist, cost and subject matter experts • Dashboards are accessed through a customized web portal, tablets and smart phones • Real-time dashboards with drill down and drill anywhere capabilities for corrective actions BUSINESS VALUE • Enriches operational data into tactical and strategic information • Real-time visibility on operation efficiencies, product mix, cost control and capacity utilization • Departmental insights transformations individual managers to a connected enterprise • Improved initiatives focused on revenue enhancements and cost arbitrage • Adoption of best practices – vis-à-vis costing continuum/level of maturity model • Users can consume information anywhere INDUSTRIES High Tech • Automotive • Industrial Machinery and Components • Consumer Products LINES OF BUSINESS Manufacturing • Finance • Procurement • Supply Chain Management HIGHLIGHT  Validated by Startup Focus Your Aid in Enterprise Transformation
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 38Approved: 10-20-13 (AG) COMPANY Increases the customer satisfaction and sustainability of manufacturing companies and retailers, based on precise customer demand forecasts and process measures in the supply chain. Assures availability of goods and simultaneously decreases stock costs and costs of perished goods. SOLUTION • Leverages SAP HANA for real-time, big data analytics on mobile enabled front end, to improve productivity and efficiency of the top, middle and operational management • Solutions can be integrated into SAP and non SAP environments • Applications cover broad OLAP functionalities, market trend regression analysis, intraday process monitoring and machine learning based demand forecasts • Transactional data is enhanced by external influence variables, like weather and events for better forecasts and decision support BUSINESS VALUE • Real-time decision support decreases action time of management, provides fact based decisions for realization of competitive advantages • Applicable on desktops, tablets and smart phones • Seamless collaboration of store, regional and top management and supply chain executives on a common, real-time data foundation • Cost minimization of perished goods and stock optimizations • Improvement of customer satisfaction in time critical business environments, like fresh food retail and just-in-time supply chains for increased profitability INDUSTRIES Retail • Cargo Transportation and Logistics • Wholesale Distribution • Automotive LINES OF BUSINESS Supply Chain Management • Manufacturing • Sales • Customer Service HIGHLIGHT  Validated by Startup Focus ASSET • Demo video: http://spr.ly/OPAL Operational B.I. for Retail Manufacturing
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 39Approved: 05-28-13 (PR) COMPANY Optimized and effective planning, sequencing and scheduling solutions to manufacturers for competitive advantage specifically within the supply chain. SAP HANA addresses the key challenge of combining big data from different sources and maintaining a live in-memory data model of the supply chain. SOLUTION • Offers an optimal solution for manufacturers who deal with large amounts of data and need to optimize production planning and scheduling • Solution offers proven technology to model manufacturing environments at a high resolution and provides optimal solutions to complex planning and scheduling problems • SAP HANA addresses the key challenge of marshaling big data from different sources and maintaining a live in-memory data model • On-demand optimization of live data models for the fast-paced manufacturing • Cloud or On-Premise deployment with SAP technology solution BUSINESS VALUE • The right product, properly implemented, yields 10x + supply chain savings • Significantly reduces run times allowing for rapid multiple iterations in planning and better quality plans at significantly lower cost • Quickly marshals large data sets which include orders, capacities and constraints -3.5M feature records organized in under three minutes • Allows manufacturers to rapidly respond to changes ‘on the fly’ • On average 50x faster order data load after porting to SAP HANA • Nearly 800% reduction in the planning and scheduling process time INDUSTRIES High Tech • Consumer Products, Automotive • Life Sciences LINES OF BUSINESS Supply Chain Management • Manufacturing • Sales • Customer Service HIGHLIGHT  Validated by Startup Focus ASSET • Demo video: http://spr.ly/Optessa A Chain Reaction for Manufacturing Supply & Value Optimization
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 40 COMPANY A real-time ecommerce solution that brings millions of customers and retailers together simultaneously to find and then sell the right product, at the right time, at the right price. SOLUTION • B2C application: • Allows for a real-time exchange between retailers and customers as they negotiate and agree on a price for a product • Retailers can instantaneously create an electronic coupon for consumers to download and apply towards a purchase • Consumers can create their own coupon and upload it to the retailer • Coupons can be distributed via social media including Twitter and Facebook B2B application:  Immediately provides the combination of any type of business subject related files such as: purchase order, invoice, audio, video etc., into a complete transaction package BUSINESS VALUE • Retailers can immediately move surplus inventory at the market value • Builds consumer and retailer relationships and loyalty • Allows the retailer to gauge the marketplace and customer's buying patterns • Improved ROI and reduced costs based on improved inventory management • All information is stored in the real time memory of SAP HANA and available for immediate interaction between buyers and sellers INDUSTRIES Automotive • Retail and Commercial Banking • Consumer Products • Wholesale Distribution LINES OF BUSINESS Procurement • Supply Chain Management HIGHLIGHTS  Certified as Powered by SAP HANA  Validated by Startup Focus ASSET • Demo video: http://spr.ly/OptimusAdvantage Real-time Negotiation, Buying & Selling for Customers and Retailers
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 41Approved: 1-13-14 (B) COMPANY A enterprise technology solution that provides the full spectrum of SAP consulting from business strategy, development through application deployment, helping clients realize measurable business value and achieve sustainable ROI. SOLUTION • Gathers data from SAP HR, ESS/MSS portal, project management and legacy systems • Data cleansing and manipulation as well as feature generation • Predictive model building using algorithms like C4.5 decision tree, PAL in SAP HANA • Final risk score is illustrated on mobile, handheld, desktops, tablets and smart phones using SAP UI5 technology BUSINESS VALUE • Real-time identification, measurement and analysis risks using SAP HANA • Predictive and further prescriptive analytics of any data to reason out trend, including seasonality and randomness • Identifies and predicts triggers, influencers, market demand for skillset, peer pressure, work load etc., • Reduced cost by proactively managing the risk • Increases retention • Increases employee satisfaction • ‘What if’ capabilities INDUSTRIES Retail and Commercial Banking • Healthcare • Retail • Telecommunications LINES OF BUSINESS Human Resources • Finance • Research and Development Engineering • IT Management HIGHLIGHT  Validated by Startup Focus Robust & Scalable for Retaining Top Talent
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 42 COMPANY The solution, Cogwatch, delivers supply chain visibility on the risk of adverse events in the electronic manufacturing industry. CogWatch, powered by SAP HANA improves and fortifies a company’s supply chain through prescriptive data analytics that promote user proactivity by identifying supply and demand imbalances. SOLUTION • SAP HANA empowers real-time data processing for immediate classification of component supply disruptions • Predictive analytics identify supply chain disruptions from electronic component • Prescribes component risks ranked on their probability to cause stock issues • Works jointly with data ERP and public data obtained from distributors • Web-based for immediate global access to manage risks and reduce supply costs BUSINESS VALUE • Increases revenue and decreases component stock levels • Prescriptive analytics enhances end-to-end visibility • Real-time updates of component stock availability and supply risk level • Reduces the cost and resources associated with excess stock INDUSTRIES High Tech • Electronics • Aerospace & Defense• Industrial Machinery & Components • Automotive LINES OF BUSINESS Manufacturing • Supply Chain Management • Procurement Enterprise Asset Management • IT Management HIGHLIGHTS  Cloud deployment  Validated by Startup Focus improve equipment effectivess Real-time inventory updates decrease manufacturing costs Approved: 03-25-14 (LW) Optimization for Electronic Component Supply Chains
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 43 Your Data-Driven SAP HANA Marketing Solution COMPANY A SaaS-based integrated real-time marketing automation database platform that is the bridge between the enterprise marketer and dynamic Big Data for the orchestration of optimized and personalized customer engagement. SOLUTION • Integrates any customer-centric data element, including purchasing, social, location, CRM, to segment audiences or trigger campaign action with 360 user profiles • Personalizes engagement across all channels • Predictive modeling optimizes audience segmentation, campaign timing and channels • Easily creates automated marketing campaigns without any programming knowledge • Deep user and marketing analytics combining campaign, behavioral and CRM data • Integrated data resides on SAP HANA where it can be accessed by other SAP solutions BUSINESS VALUE • Easily bridges CIO and CMO workflow disconnect • Lift in ROI and engagement driven by better personalization and targeting at scale • Sends personalized content to every screen at the right time • ‘Listens’ to any dynamic data source, including social, to trigger marketing responses • Real-time and direct reporting, tapped and triggered straight from any transactional INDUSTRIES Automotive • Consumer Products • Healthcare • Insurance • Media Professional Services • Public Sector • Retail •Telecommunications LINE OF BUSINESS Marketing HIGHLIGHTS  SAP HANA as primary DB  24/7 365 data analytics on AWS  No batch load required  Validated by Startup Focus  Certified as Powered by SAP HANA Approved 4-24-14 (CD) 6X conversion of new subscribers 107% higher user engagement 72% improved user analytics
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 44Approved: 09-09-13 (SB) COMPANY Providing proven predictive analytics solutions to medium and large retailers to improve their supply chain efficiencies. SOLUTION • State-of-the-art predictive algorithm to decide ‘how much to buy’ • Ordering integrated with inventory, promotion and seasonality based on up-to-date information • Real-time view on availability, stock outs, excess inventory, and excess purchase • Matching excess/stock outs and rebalancing inventory across stores • Quick integration to SAP or other ERP, implementation within days • Enable rapid decisions in a complex and voluminous data environment powered by SAP HANA – 42 times faster retrieving data with 35 times less data storage • Senior executives, operational and merchandising managers get real-time answers, through self-service BI visualized by SAP Lumira BUSINESS VALUE • 10% increased availability and reduced stock outs • 20% reduction in average weekly purchase • 30% reduction in inventory holding period • 15% inventory reduction • 15% increased sales • Reduced capital costs • Right quantity all the time INDUSTRIES Retail • Utilities • Healthcare • Media LINES OF BUSINESS Supply Chain Management • Energy and Sustainable Operations • Enterprise Asset Management • Marketing HIGHLIGHT  Validated by Startup Focus ASSET • Demo video: http://spr.ly/Retigence Predictive Analytics to Optimize Inventory
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 45 Building a Safer and More Secure Cloud COMPANY Enables enterprise users to use non-enterprise cloud-based applications, securely and in an enterprise centric way. Allows users to do what they do today, with the approval of IT. SOLUTION • Uniquely encrypts cloud stores and uses SAP HANA to create secure indexes with a one- way cipher that remains searchable • Provides a secure working model for BYOD and Cloud-based applications • Creates a secure cloud based full-text index for the user to search • A unified view of all of a users information, from a single search and from a single point • Android, IO, OS X and Microsoft Office • Gives the user a fast, reliable and secure method to access and search their content BUSINESS VALUE • Immediate access to information no matter where it is stored • Reliable data store built on and in SAP HANA • Access & usage reports on: users, access devices and information displayed • Private Cloud SaaS model for easy deployment and maintenance • Single view of all information no matter where the user is based/located • Easy to use and understandable user interfaces • Small to no user learning curve, means a high user uptake NDUSTRIES Defense and Security • Healthcare • High Tech • Professional Services LINES OF BUSINESS Finance • Research and Development Engineering • Enterprise Asset Management • IT Management HIGHLIGHTS  SAP HANA as primary DB  Search Cloud stores i.e. Dropbox  & Google Drive  Search enterprise apps & platforms  On-prem & cloud deployment  Validated by Startup Focus Approved 4-24-14 (SB) safe & secure search of your data super fast search results 20%+ savings on search costs
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 46Approved: 10-16-13 (FV) COMPANY The world leader in semantic and predictive analysis running an unrivaled web-mining system that provides unprecedented intelligence for decision-making. SOLUTION • Real-time prediction analysis of supply chain disruptions • Built on SAP HANA, Vega is designed for large manufacturers with 1,000 - 1,000,000 suppliers worldwide. • Maximizes the world’s largest and constantly updated news database, comprising:  35+ TB of semantic metadata  500 million documents  25 billion metadata elements • The database is continually updated from over 160,000 global and weighted sources in 11 languages • Daily 1 million articles are processed on-the-fly into 1.31 million semantic categories to help to minimize potential loses due to unexpected supply chain disruptions BENEFITS • Prevent supply chain disruptions and minimize potential losses • Timely replacement of endangered supplier to meet demands before competition • Negotiate better deal agreements with remaining available suppliers • Customized, dedicated and secured solution under customer's control (restricts crowd sourcing approach, and sharing of pooled information among multiple customers) INDUSTRIES Aerospace & Defense • Automotive • Defense and Security • Industrial Machinery and Components LINES OF BUSINESS Procurement • Corporate Functions • Manufacturing • Supply Chain Management HIGHLIGHT  Validated by Startup Focus ASSET • Demo video: http://spr.ly/SemanticVisions Real-time Predictive Analysis into Supply Chain Disruptions
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 47Approved: 06-07-13 (RS) COMPANY A real-time subscription service that uses event data from store associate’s mobile phones, along with anonymous visitor data from Wi-Fi networks and additional store-based feeds to recommend hour-by-hour staffing and positioning. SOLUTION • A real-time, cloud-based subscription service that uses event data from field staff’s mobile phones, along with visitor data from Wi-Fi networks and additional store-based feeds to recommend hour-by-hour staffing levels and positioning • Positions sales associates when and where customer need help • Provides store managers with a view of store traffic patterns in different zones, and delivers automated recommendations on staff positioning to meet customers’ demand before the sale is lost • Automates workflow by sending e-mail and SMS alerts to store associates to respond to volume changes BUSINESS VALUE • Increases shopper engagement, satisfaction and loyalty • Deploys appropriate associates to help shoppers make the right purchase decision and cross-sell or up-sell • Dynamically assign staff within the store with a single click of a button • Increases employee satisfaction and therefore retention • Supports movement of promotional displays to traffic hot spots INDUSTRIES Retail • High Tech LINE OF BUSINESS Cargo Transportation and Logistics HIGHLIGHT  Validated by Startup Focus Sensor-driven Staff Positioning - Customers Don’t Have to Shop ‘til They Drop
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 48Approved: 10-21-12 (EI) COMPANY An enterprise class company that builds real-time user relations management systems with big data analytics and predictive recommendation algorithms. Solutions use analytics combined with users’ in-app behaviors to provide Insight-as-a-Service to help app developers and publishers to plan, analyze and predict opportunities to engage users and drive revenue. SOLUTION • Real-time user relations management system, using big data analytics built on SAP HANA platform, combining social behavioral analysis and prediction • Available cross-platform including Android, Flash, HTML5, iOS and Unity(3D) • Solution suite includes data collection API/SDK, (real-time*) analytics dashboard, user segmentation, targeted messaging, app metrics. Other Premium features includes user action API, detailed action charts, action funnel analysis, custom report, suggestion API and more. BUSINESS VALUE • Aggregated real-time* games and mobile apps performance dashboard • User action paths and drill down • Segmentation of users manually and automatically • Sending targeted message to an individual or a group instantly • Actionable Insights of users in-app behaviors, powered by advanced in-app and social behavioral analysis algorithms • Proven improved user engagement and revenue *Note: Secondary processed data is not yet available in real-time. INDUSTRIES Retail and Commercial Banking • Media LINE OF BUSINESS IT Management HIGHLIGHT  Validated by Startup Focus ASSET • Demo video: http://spr.ly/sogamo Real-time Predictive Relations Mgmt for Games, Mobile Apps & More
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 49 Social Collaboration for the Enterprise COMPANY A social and collaboration platform dedicated to technology professionals and companies to connect, collaborate, discover opportunities and create an ecosystem around products and services. It's a new way for the tech community to be more productive SOLUTION • Provides technology professionals a central destination including the right tools and services to collaborate in real time • See the reach of content as well as the anonymous demographics of the users • Insights and quantitative results into audience activity and response • Real-time profile measurement as well as that of the company, products and services • Sophisticated social scoring systems to measure your professional and social influence. BUSINESS VALUE • Improves company, product and services social presence • Better understanding on how users are engaging with published content • Improves productivity and customer user experience by sharing the right content • Use your insights to plan future posts and decide on the best ways to connect • Single view to see the best and worst performing posts for the appropriate action • Detailed analytics track visitors, likes, views , video views, social shares. • Creates the best content for the users INDUSTRIES Consumer Products • High Tech LINES OF BUSINESS Marketing • Customer Service • IT Management HIGHLIGHTS  Cloud deployment  No cost to sign  People’s Choice Award – SAP Startup Focus Forum – Sept ’13  Validated by Startup Focus ASSETS • Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=YkybNmfmp • Features: https://www.solaborate.com/publi c/Features • Press: http://www.forbes.com/sites/sap/ 2013/12/16/balancing-work-and- life-with-solborate/ Approved: 03-25-14 (LB) real-time user collaboration real-time analytics on collaboration metrics rapid exchange of content & collateral
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 50 COMPANY Advanced BI big data analysis software that directly allows actual domain experts and analysts to make sense of their big data. Founded in 2011 as a high-tech spin-off company of the Information Visualization group of Eindhoven University of Technology. SOLUTION • Manages data that is often heterogeneous with many interconnections and dependencies/relations • Leverages valuable and unknown information in data, to extract actionable patterns • Intuitive BI analysis functionality supports an explorative, ideation-centered workflow • In three steps allows access to data, maps metadata, entity relationships and patterns over time, and obtains instant insight BUSINESS VALUE • Sophisticated software present massive amounts of data in a way that rapidly becomes intuitive with only a few days of training • Presents digital output as a picture with visuals fully interactive for user drill down into their data with a few mouse clicks to carry out detailed analysis of abnormalities • Uniquely not rule-based, instead uses the innate power of the human perceptual system to analyze visual cues much more flexibly than a computer • Millions of records allow domain experts and analysts to make sense of their big data INDUSTRIES Insurance • Retail • Telecommunications • Cargo Transportation and Logistics LINES OF BUSINESS Supply Chain Management • Sales • Enterprise Asset Management • Marketing HIGHLIGHTS  Powered by SAP HANA and NVidia GPUs  Validated by Startup Focus ASSETS • Demo: http://spr.ly/synerscope Translating Everything The Naked Eye Can See Approved: 03-25-14 (NS) extends human analytic capabilities three steps to data & insight delivers rapidly intuitive data
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 51Approved 05-10-13 (EC) COMPANY A unified social intelligence software platform with powerful tools that take social out of its silo and leverage its power across the enterprise – from marketing, customer service, PR, product management to sales. Enterprises can better manage, share and extract actionable insights, threats and opportunities from the social web, all in real time. SOLUTION • Customer and competitor intelligence – campaign measurement, audience management and competitive analysis • Public relations – reputation and crisis management, and influencer measurement • Customer support - social outreach, brand monitoring and CRM workflow • Marketing – display buying, influencer marketing, and content publication • Sales – acquisition points, targeting, lead generation and consumption funnel • Production innovation – concept testing and creative ideation BUSINESS VALUE • Mines social conversations to transform your positioning, strategy, buying patterns, supply chain, execution, sales, marketing, product innovation and HR • Delivers value to the whole enterprise (sales, marketing, customers service, PR and product innovation) and super-charges existing applications with real-time insights • Enables enterprises to evolve beyond reactive social management towards proactive and predictive social business intelligence • Architected to integrate seamlessly with any existing enterprise systems such as web analytics (Omniture, Google Insights), CRM and soon, marketing automation INDUSTRY High Tech LINES OF BUSINESS Heads of Marketing • PR • Customer Insights • Customer Service • Product Management • Innovation or Sales HIGHLIGHT  Validated by Startup Focus ASSET • Demo video: http://spr.ly/Tracx Turning Social Data Into Actionable Insights
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 52Approved: 1-20-14 (MK) COMPANY Trendwise Analytics is a premier global provider of big data analytics that helps worldwide organizations leverage the power of information. They provide end-to-end analytics services and solutions across a variety of industries, with a focus on marketing. SOLUTION • The Trendwise RealTAM is an SAP HANA based analytics solution that provides real-time TV audience viewership information • Provides insight into trends and predictions which provide actionable insights to marketers, TV channels and direct-to-home providers • Developed on state of the art SAP HANA platform in association with SAP COIL BUSINESS VALUE • Real-time viewership information • Evaluate the effectiveness of existing advertising • Decide on the advertising slots and pricing based on program performance • Determine future programming • Drill down further to price their advertisement slots optimally • Analyze regional channels and local viewership • Find the correlation between channels, region and language • Package an offer in such a way to get maximum ROI INDUSTRIES Media • Retail • Telecommunications LINES OF BUSINESS Marketing • Sales • Customer Service HIGHLIGHTS  Certified as Powered by SAP HANA  Validated by Startup Focus Turning Big Data Into Actionable Insights real-time viewer information viewer insight = marketing accuracy predict trends faster than the competiion
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 53 Analyze & Predict Healthcare Data in Real time, World-wide COMPANY United Software Associates delivers an SAP HANA powered healthcare platform that analyses diverse data sets, then correlates and predicts outcomes in real-time. The solution allows healthcare providers and management organizations to instantly track diseases globally, and then decide on the best possible diagnostic and preventative strategies. SOLUTION • Transforms data from any source into analytics and visualization • Integrated with mapping software including Google Maps and SAP HANA geospatial • Integrated with data from medical devices and ERP systems • The unique intelligent self-learning system becomes smarter over time • Predictive analytics using SAP HANA PAL technology • Social media data analytics and integration BUSINESS VALUE • Faster diagnosis improves patient turnaround • Real-time analytics of patients’ comprehensive health data • Improved patient diagnosis, experience and satisfaction • Real-time health map allows for continuous personalized medicine • Reduces readmission rates to improve profits • Rapid genomic and proteomic analysis allows for patient profiling INDUSTRIES Healthcare • Life Sciences • Public Sector • Retail LINE OF BUSINESS Marketing • Consumer Services • Enterprise Asset Management • IT Management HIGHLIGHTS  On-prem & on-cloud deployment  Smartphone and tablet compatible  Secure  SAP Certified Solution  Startup Focus technical validation ASSETS • Demo video: http://spr.ly/UnitedSoftware improves patient turnaround and diagnosis 20x fasterreduces readmission rates
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 54 SCOOP Seeking Cash Opportunities in Operational Processes COMPANY Connecting finance and operations in a purposeful way with speed, precision and a bias for action. Designed for the CFO, Trufa’s predictive analytics apps enable enterprises to analyze in real-time vast amounts of ops data, identify opportunities for improvement, simulate process changes on the fly, and quantify their financial impact. SOLUTION • Calculates, visualizes, and simulates the impact of operational changes on working capital, spanning the end-to-end business functions of Source, Make and Deliver • Applies big data technology to raw ERP data to generate purposeful, real-time information, allowing users to dynamically and easily create and evaluate their own KPIs • Advanced statistical methods provide on-the-fly modeling, correlation of operational and financial metrics, and instant simulation of process improvements BUSINESS VALUE • CFOs can introduce systemic operational process changes across the complete value chain • Ties money and goods flows in cause-effect relationships • Quantifies the monetary effect of potential process changes on the future liquidity • Leverages the company reality instead of theoretical or general benchmarks • Makes it possible to correlate, simulate and gauge results in seconds on an iPad • Gives answers to unsolved questions; looks forward, not backwards INDUSTRIES Automotive • Chemicals • Consumer Products • High Tech • Retail LINES OF BUSINESS Finance • Procurement • Manufacturing • Supply Chain Management HIGHLIGHTS  Validated by Startup Focus ADDITIONAL INFO • Demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v =a5zA1-Y3LTM Approved: 03-25-14 (NS) improves masses of business transactions up & running in one week reduces Management trial & error
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 55 COMPANY VSSOD’s OpsVeda software provides real-time visibility and predictive analytics into process exceptions and related KPI’s across order fulfillment, supply management, shipment logistics and channel operations. SOLUTION • Streams business process exceptions while providing end-to-end real-time visibility • Recognizes patterns in current and past execution data • Monitors a full range of KIPs including on-time delivery, first commit accuracy and time- to-resolve exceptions • Predicts potential delays and then appropriately suggests prioritized action • Allows collaboration between company employees, as well as suppliers and customers • Eliminates the need for traditional reports and reliance on outdated BI data BUSINESS VALUE • Unparalleled productivity and improved efficiencies for business users: real-time view of order to cash, procure to pay, and logistics process exceptions • Allows management to immediately respond to trending KPIs • Ability to drill down and view all transactions that may impact a supply chain • Improves customer service and compliance • Reduces penalty on account of untimely shipments INDUSTRIES Consumer Products • High Tech • Industrial Machinery and Components • Retail LINES OF BUSINESS Supply Chain Management • Sales • Customer Service HIGHLIGHTS  Built on the SAP HANA stack  Integration to SAP systems & data sources  HTML5 based UI for dashboards & reporting  On-prem or SaaS deployment  Certified “powered by SAP HANA” ASSETS • Demo video: http://spr.ly/VSSOD 4-6 week deployment run by exception ‘pay as you go‘ model OpsVeda - Operational Intelligence & Real Time Analytics Approved: 03-25-14 (SG)
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 56 Automated Root Cause Analysis for Manufacturing COMPANY Warwick Analytics has developed software for automated root cause analysis for resolving manufacturing faults. The technology is based on proprietary non-statistical algorithms developed over a decade of academic research. Can be used on SAP HANA as an Early Warning and Prevention system (EWAP) aka SigmaGuardian. SOLUTION • Pinpoints causes of manufacturing issues so they can quickly and efficiently be resolved • Doesn't require hypotheses - always find an answer from the available data • Works with dirty/incomplete data - non-statistical algorithms • The early warning system limits the impact of failures and bottlenecks • Resolves root causes of faults and problems in near real-time • Integrates with with other leading software and systems BUSINESS VALUE • Reduce Cost of Poor Quality (CPQ) for manufacturing – trend towards zero defects • Predictive/preventative maintenance – avoids and reduces impact of product recalls • Reduces expensive downtime • Frees up valuable and costly resources • Can be quickly deployed and scaled • Instant cause/correlation analytics on warranty claims INDUSTRIES Aerospace & Defense • Automotive • High Tech • Other Discrete Manufacturing LINE OF BUSINESS Engineering • Manufacturing • Quality • Energy and Sustainable Operations HIGHLIGHTS  HANA - primary DB & warehouse  R Server for statistical reporting  On-prem & on-cloud deployment ASSETS • Demo: http://spr.ly/Warwick • Testimonial: http://spr.ly/WarwickTestimonial improved data processing & analytics faster query execution & performance run-time reduced 3 days to 35 secs Approved: 2-12-14 (DS)
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 57Approved: 1-10-14 (CR) COMPANY Since 2009, We Predict has provided predictive analytics to automotive manufacturers and their supply chain. Component failure rates are forecasted in order to decrease costs, improve quality and increase revenue through customer retention. SOLUTION • The warranty analytics solution, Indico, performs a massive comparative parallel analysis on client’s data to accelerate issue detection and detect fraudulent claims • Accurately calculates warranty accruals to deliver more accurate and justifiable budgets based on component forecasts • A migration algorithm evaluates a dealers' performance against a regional benchmark • Base sales and claims are imported into the SAP HANA database where they undergo several complex processing steps • Incorporates external data sets including climate and weather • Results are accessed by clients through a web application BUSINESS VALUE • A 8-15% savings on total warranty costs with no special staff or hardware • Reduces time to detection using non-parametric techniques to forecast failure rates for each individual component • Operational improvements decrease costs and increase revenue • Connects into clients’ existing SAP Warranty systems to extract the claims and sales • Instant access to new failure data enabling results to be calculated in real-time INDUSTRIES Automotive • Manufacturing HIGHLIGHTS  Validated by Startup Focus  Certified as Powered by SAP HANA Real-time SAP HANA Failure Analytics Service
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 58 COMPANY Alcohol Analytics™, developed by WeissBeerger, is the first ever beer consumption behavior analytics dashboard for breweries and bars. SOLUTION • The Alcohol Analytics™ platform powered by SAP HANA means breweries will be given access to real-time data withdrawn from hundreds of installed flow meters on their beer taps in bars and restaurants, revealing the consumption statistics and trends faster than any competitor in the market • Tap sensors investigate and measure the immediate impact of sampling campaigns, TV commercials and other factors on consumption • Suggests the optimal discount/incentive or refund for the brands according to the consumption during the day • Automatically recommends exact price/discount for brands and regions BUSINESS VALUE • Consumer behavior: know when and where each brand is being consumed • Dynamic pricing and discounts: refine your discount and promotion strategy according to time and location based consumer behavior • Recognize market trends in real-time • Constant access allows marketing divisions to test and learn customer reaction to new marketed brands & campaigns and adapt with minimum cost • Real-time dashboard for sales and marketing with log-in via web, tablets or smartphones • Monitors every drop, decreases waste, and controls drinks INDUSTY Engineering LINE OF BUSINESS Research and Development Engineering • Information Technology HIGHLIGHT  Validated by Startup Focus ASSET • Demo video: http://spr.ly/Weissbeerger Serving Up Real-time Consumption Analytics, Tap to Table
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 59Approved: 10-20-13 (YM) COMPANY Putting big data within reach for companies of all sizes with an SAP HANA and Hadoop solution that’s easy-to-use with no Hadoop complexity so you can get started right away and utilize your big data. SOLUTION • Code-free with a drag-and-drop interface while providing a robust data integration platform that processes big data when you want it, how you want it • Up and running in minutes, without any software downloads or installations • The automated server configuration points to your data source and configures the data transformation tasks • Integrated with your data sources to process structured and semi-structured data that is stored on Amazon S3, as well as and in-memory databases such as SAP HANA, relational databases such as RDS or mySQL, as well as NoSQL databases such as MongoDB or Cassandra BUSINESS VALUE • The easiest Hadoop PaaS/on prem on the market by bringing Hadoop to SAP HANA using a web-based platform to acquire the data sources • Processes the data using Hadoop and uploading it to an SAP HANA instance • Confirms the successful transfer by browsing the processed data through a visualization tool leveraging HANA Text Analysis INDUSTRIES Retail and Commercial Banking • Media • Oil & Gas • Telecommunications LINES OF BUSINESS Marketing • Sales • Customer Service • IT Management HIGHLIGHT  Validated by Startup Focus ASSET • Demo video: http://spr.ly/xplenty Just a Few Clicks Away From Consolidated & Insightful Data
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 60 Deliver Real-Time Insights from Big Data COMPANY A leading software company focused on operational deployment of predictive analytics. Its ADAPA® and Universal PMML Plug-in scoring engines are designed from the ground up to benefit from open standards and to significantly shorten the time-to-market for predictive analytics in any industry. SOLUTION • Executes predictive models for scalable, real-time scoring • Completely standards-based (PMML - Predictive Model Markup Language) • Empowers users to easily + rapidly transform analytical models into operational decisions • Facilities transactional processing with complex in-memory computation • Supports a wide range of leading data mining tools (SAP KEXN, SPSS, SAS EM, R) • Delivers superior coverage for predictive algorithms, from simple to very complex BUSINESS VALUE • Accelerates time-to-market for enhancing intelligent decision making via predictive data • Reduces cost and complexity of predictive analytics with PMML standard • Ensures scalability and reliability of model execution via a uniform deployment platform • Enhances adoption and utilization of predictive analytics across business units • Supports highly dynamic and complex data environments INDUSTRIES Retail and Commercial Banking • High Tech • Telecommunications LINE OF BUSINESS Marketing • Sales • Research and Development Engineering HIGHLIGHTS  ‘Top 20 most promising Big Data companies in 2013’ - CIO Review  SAP HANA for data lookup & aggregation  ADAPA as predictive scoring engine  Standards-based predictive analytics  On-prem & cloud deployment  Validated by Startup Focus ASSETS • Demo: http://bit.ly/1iM05Ru • Product Overview: http://www.zementis.com/saphana .htm Improved predictive capabilities faster scoring & time-to-value reduces cost & complexity Approved: 03-25-14 (HH)
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 61 Startup Focus Program Overview PROGRAM OVERVIEW In June of 2012, in celebration of its 40th anniversary, SAP launched the Startup Focus program to help big data, predictive and real-time analytics startups develop innovative applications on SAP HANA, its new cutting edge database platform. The overall goal of the program is to provide startups with the technology, support, resources and community needed to port their applications to SAP HANA and go-to-market at no cost. "This is the future of SAP. Thank you Vishal and your team. This was one of the best ideas in the last 10 years.” – Prof. Dr. h.c. Hasso Plattner Chairman of the SAP Supervisory Board STARTUPS 1000 COUNTRIES 55 URL www.startups.saphana.com ”The biggest thing we have learned in our 40 years as an enterprise applications company is there are not enough applications in the world and that the problem is looking for imagination far beyond the walls of SAP to the collective imagination of all of us.” – Dr. Vishal Sikka Member of the Executive Board, Product and Innovation, SAP AG
    • © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. 62 SAP Startup Focus Market Enablement Team  Americas: Deepak Aher M +1.650.823.7024 E deepak.aher@sap.com  APJ: Neeraj Gakhar M +91 9980087273 E neeraj.gakhar@sap.com  EMEA & MEE: Luisa Silva M +353 87 19228 E luisa.silva@sap.com  Global: Andy Yen O +1.650.849.3931 E andy.yen@sap.com Contacts  Global: Robert Kapanen Head, Global Market Enablement M +1.510.717.3994 E robert.kapanen@sap.com
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