Empire And Scream Magazine Analysis Sasiane Saku


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Empire And Scream Magazine Analysis Sasiane Saku

  1. 1. Sasiane saku Horror Magazine Analysis Empire & Screa,
  2. 2. Masthead The masthead is dark green and had light green outlining each letter. This is a very attractive and eye catching way to grab the audiences attention as the masthead stands out well . The green colours of the masthead contrasts well against the white background image which is the face of the character . Main image The main image is a close up of the character which located in the very centre of the page . This aspect makes the character very noticeable also the character is looking directly at the camera which suggests to the audience that they have the chance to interact with the character. Here the angry/ serious facial expression of the character reveals to the audience what kind of personality this character may have and what the audience should expect in the film because its will likely feature in a horror/thriller genre film. The character has red lips which connotes danger and blood , it suggests to the audience that this film includes aggressive and violent context which this character maybe behind.
  3. 3. Layout The layout of this film magazine is typical and popular in the “Empire” magazine industry . The masthead is always situated at the top of the page . The text is accompanied by the main image and the multiple sell lines are situated on the left hand side of the image , this allows the main image to have all the attention because there is no text fully blocking the face . The barcode is situated at the bottom of the page alongside the pricing strap lines and slogan . The layout and formal style of the magazine gives out a sense of professionalism to the audience , this emphasises the quality of the magazine which then makes it more appealing for those audiences who are interested in this specific genre. Colour scheme The colour scheme of this magazine contains three outstanding colours which are green black and white . Black represents boldness and dominance where white connotes purity and innocence and green connotes peace and nature . The colour scheme is very important to the theme of the magazines main story but it also stands out to the audience in different ways . The white text contrasts well with background fill colours , it allows the audience reading the text to understand that this text is more important and it makes the text much more clearer for the audience to read. While the strong tones of black and purple spread around different areas of the magazine they connote the themes of dullness and darkness towards the reader .
  4. 4. The tagline “ The joker vs. Batman – summer just got serious “ attracts the audiences who are into this genre and film because we know that batman is a very poplar character who is a superhero but now he is being challenged by a joker , it causes the reader to feel eager about what's going to be featured in this magazine . The tagline has been written in a green font which contrast well with the white background image (face of the character) the tagline being green attracts the reader directly Heading The title of the film “The Dark Knight” has been written in capital letter and in a black font which connotes its status and power as it is a well known film especially because it includes the famous character Batman .
  5. 5. Date and Issue The date and issue have been included to give the audience additional information as they maybe interested . It also allows the audiences who are familiar with this magazine to keep track of magazines being released . Sell lines There is additional text also known as the sell lines which explains to the audience what will be featured inside the magazine . Example the name 2Will smith” is very big and has been written in green which contrasts of the black background it has been done like this so that the audiences can read the information clearer and be interested in reading on . A Cross in green has been located near the sell lines to introduce the names listed it connotes additional information.
  6. 6. Special edition makes the fans /audience of the film feel like they are getting an extra insight into the film ,it also uplifts the status of the film
  7. 7. Masthead The masthead of the magazine is called scream , this directly reveals to the audience the type of genre that the film magazine is representing , which in this case is horror/slasher. The masthead has a informal font to it which connotes the gruesome contexts included with this genre . Also the masthead includes some dashes and drips of red which connotes danger and blood . The masthead has a slant to it which emphasises on how informal it is . However it is still situated on top of the page which suggests to the audience that they should recognise it because of its status on the page .
  8. 8. Main Image The main image consists of a two shot one of a whole head- face with a painful facial expression as there are pins being inserted into his face and one of a character who is looking un-lively . The first image on the left emphasises on the genre of the film being horror , because we know that horror films include aggressive violent behaviour towards victims e.g. using sharp objects to create pain .The face is grey which connotes dullness and night , it also has a shadowy effect which connotes a sense of disappearing in horror films once the killer kills they expect the victim to disappear. The grinding of the teeth connotes to the audience that this character could be the victim as they are showing facial expressions that link to pain . This allows the audience to feel sympathetic towards this character . The character on the left shows facial expressions of weakness which suggest that he maybe a victim this again allows the audience to feel sympathetic towards this character who is known to be Frankenstein's who usually has power towards others .Frankenstein is wearing black which connotes his dominance and power as a character . Across the two main images there are red splats which connotes danger and blood it is typical of horror films to have bloody scenes its part of the genre convention.
  9. 9. Website The name of the magazine has been mentioned so that it can give those readers/audiences who are interested in the magazine to find out more information about the company and what's going . Slogan The slogan has been located on the corner of the film magazine , it is an informal slogan “ Blood Guts Gore & More” which links back to the fun fiction side of horror films. Price The price of the film magazine has been inserted in a yellow circle on the film cover which contrast well against the black background of the film magazine emphasises how much the film magazine makers want the readers to notice the price before audience/fans purchase. Barcode The barcode has been situated on the film magazine so that the readers known its available to be purchased .
  10. 10. Colour Scheme Having a colour scheme on your magazine is very important as it bring together different ideas and suggestions for the audience . There are three main colours being represented on this film magazine , the colours are white Red and Yellow. The red is being used to represents the danger and bloody contents that will be included in the film , the yellow has been used to grab the attention of the readers as it is the base/background of different texts such as the pricing and slogan. The colour white has been used for more important text e.g. the masthead sell lines and heading which stand out to the audience because they are texts that the readers are more interested in and the texts contrasts against the background colour grey so its difficult to miss.
  11. 11. Headline The Headline has been situated under the face of the character “ Hell Raiser Revelations” . The headline has been written in white capital letters which attracts the audience easily , white can also connote boldness as it is a neutral colour . Underneath the headline there is a name of a star “Stephen Smith” which may again interest the audience to read on , the name is followed by an explanation mark to show its importance and eagerness . Sell lines /Features This film magazine includes features which talk about “Exclusive preview” this is informative information for the audiences as there favourite star maybe included in this film magazine which gives them further interest in the magazine as a whole . The features are also accompanied with images which allow the audiences to get a “sneak preview” of what will be included in the film magazine .