Day three selected slides for sustainability proposal


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Proposed Sustainability Module for Day Three of The Rio Way (Rio Salado College)

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Day three selected slides for sustainability proposal

  1. 1. DO YOU HAVE A GREAT IDEA? How We Innovate
  2. 2. • Astonishing the customer is an attitude first, skill second • We pursue the continuous development of our skills to astonish the customer Key Operational Concepts from How We Serve
  3. 3. • Everything you do is a work in progress • Quality comes from how well Rio’s parts work together for the good of the whole • Accountability is a willingness to own my results Key Operational Concepts from How We Work
  4. 4. Are YOU a Creative Thinker??? Creativity Coming up with ideas Innovation Bringing ideas to life
  5. 5. “Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way” -Edward de Brono
  6. 6. What is Innovation? • Thinking outside the box • Paradigm shift • Learning from mistakes •Change-adept teamwork • Engaging in dialogue • Importance of a creative safe zone
  7. 7. Creativity vs. Innovation Creativity Coming up with ideas “The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.” -Albert Einstein Innovation Bringing ideas to life
  8. 8. Sustainability as Innovation How is Rio Salado Innovative in Sustainability? 1. STARS Program 2. Café@Rio 3. Garden@Rio 4. Sustainability program for students
  9. 9. Sustainability as Innovation Objectives 1. Examine Sustainability practices from the employee perspective 2. Assess paper or other waste in departments 3. Create suggestions on how to reduce/reuse at work 4. Identify food sustainability practices at Rio 5. Understand Rio’s commitment to sustainability
  10. 10. What is Sustainability?
  11. 11. S.T.A.R.S. S.T.A.R.S. Video
  12. 12. Personal Reflection Exercise
  13. 13. Maricopa Paper Reduction Pledge Paper Reduction Pledge Video
  14. 14. Group Activity Light Bulb Moment: How can we reduce and/reuse at work?
  15. 15. Café@Rio & Garden@Rio Sustainable Food Systems Video
  16. 16. Sustainability Innovation @ Rio • Guest Speaker: Michael Hodgins – Director – Sustainable Food Systems – Café@Rio
  17. 17. Field Trip!!!
  18. 18. What Did We Learn from Field Trip?
  19. 19. Sustainability Programs and Classes Rio’s Programs: 1. Sustainability & Ecological Literacy 2. Sustainable Food Systems 3. eLearning Design
  20. 20. Integrity Based Innovation Integrity: Being worthy of the public’s trust in all things. We deal honestly and respectfully with each other and the public at all times. + Innovation: Valuing progressive thinking, creativity, flexibility and adaptability in service delivery = Customer Astonishment!
  21. 21. Key Operational Concept To innovate, all employees are expected to: – Challenge their assumptions about the way work is done at Rio – Be problem solvers – Be creative thinkers
  22. 22. Key Operational Concept #2. In order for Rio to relentlessly improve and innovate, every employee must be a learner. It is through the learning of each employee that we as a system will learn.
  23. 23. Plus / Delta +
  24. 24. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You have completed the in-person part of the Rio Way!