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It's Time for Marketing & Sales to be Friends Again


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Soonr, Samsung and SAP executives discuss how embracing new technologies can help Marketing and Sales become better friends. They covered how to help these two crucial departments work better together …

Soonr, Samsung and SAP executives discuss how embracing new technologies can help Marketing and Sales become better friends. They covered how to help these two crucial departments work better together and the opportunities created by the intersection of 3 exciting technologies:
- Powerful New Smart Devices, both phones and tablets
- Additional security layers with Mobile Device Management (MDM)
- Productivity solutions in the cloud
Watch webinar replay:

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Sponsored by:Its Time for Marketing &Sales to be Friends AgainSeptember 27, 2012
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  • 3. ModeratorKate MaddoxExecutive EditorBtoB &
  • 4. Housekeeping Submit Questions
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  • 6. TWEET#B2BWC
  • 8. PanelKenneth F. DanielsSenior Director, Strategic Alliances, Enterprise MobilitySamsungAdam SteinSenior Director, Mobile Solutions MarketingSAPJT SisonVP of Marketing and AlliancesSoonr
  • 9. PanelistKenneth F. DanielsSenior Director, Strategic Alliances,Enterprise MobilitySamsung
  • 10. TM NOW WITH
  • 11. Smartphone and Android Growth in Enterprise TM Smartphones dominate the mobile Android is already the leading landscape, and will soon account for a smartphone OS – and is expected to be vast majority of global phone sales 1 the #1 platform for Enterprise by 2013 2 40% 38% 36% 2011 34% 35% 33% 30% Smartphone Mkt Share 30% 29% 29% 27% 40% 24% 25% Other Phones 18% 22% 20% 15% 9% 2016 10% 5% 90% 0% 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Android iOS RIM Windows Others 1 Source : VDC Research 2 Source : Worldwide Business Use Smartphone Shipments by Mobile OS (IDC, Sep 2011)11
  • 12. The “BYOD” Phenomena TM IDG Article , Jun 19 2012 BYOD: IT execs learn to let go of command and control mindset Trending Opportunity Trending Risk “As employees make personal investments in “Benefits aside, BYOD certainly presents a their own state-of-the-art smartphones and thorny set of challenges for IT, particularly as tablets, they want the option of using their own they relate to managing risk around data gear on the job. CIOs embracing "bring your security. Your choice is to become the forward- own device" (BYOD) policies are reporting a real thinking, market-driving, high-value CIO or upside, claiming users are far more productive remain as the head of some back-office and satisfied with both their work environment operation.” and their newfound relationship with IT.”12
  • 13. BYOD is Here TM A vast majority of large companies are allowing corporate email to be accessed by employee’s personal devices and 80% of companies have – or plan to have – BYOD policies supporting employee-owned devices Which of the following are available or accessible on Does your organization currently support or plan to employee-owned mobile devices? support employee-owned mobile devices through a bring your own device (BYOD) policy? 81.5% 90.0% 47.7% 80.0% 59.3% 50.0% 70.0% 45.0% 31.8% 60.0% 43.1% 40.0% 50.0% 35.0% 27.4% 30.0% 16.1% 40.0% 25.0% 30.0% 20.0% 20.0% 15.0% 4.4% 10.0% 10.0% 5.0% 0.0% 0.0% Corporate Corporate Specialized Specialized email network mobile mobile line of productivity business applications applications Source: VDC Research, 2012. Results based on survey responses from 635 companies with 500+ employees.13
  • 14. BYOD is Here TM
  • 15. Why BYOD? Why Not BYOD? TM For the IT manager, there are a number of reasons to allow for BYOD … though challenges still exist WHY? WHY NOT?  No longer have to manage vendor relationships  Data security and legal risks (carriers and device manufacturers)  Need for supporting more types of devices  Employees are more productive and satisfied carrying one device, and are more likely to use a device that they have chosen More than 80% of employed American adults use A recent survey showed that two-thirds of businesses a personally-owned device for work-related that allow personal devices to be used at work do functions not have a formal policy in place to manage them Source: Harris Interactive Feb. 201215
  • 16. SAFE™ Use Cases TM
  • 17. Potential Obstacles to Android Adoption TM Until now, some corporate liable or individual liable (BYOD) users have faced challenges from their IT departments regarding Android compliance  Mobile security and manageability are two of the top priorities of IT managers – including control and use of mobile devices, applications (i.e., Google Play Store/Market), and information/data security  However, Android fragmentation – which occurs with different versions of Android, different device manufacturers, and different carriers – makes it hard for IT managers to consistently and securely manage mobile devices in the workplace SAMSUNG addresses these challenges and makes Android IT-compliant for business 17
  • 18. Key Pillars of Device Security TM Corporate Email / On-Device Virtual Private Mobile Device Calendar / Contacts Encryption (ODE) Network (VPN) Management (MDM)WHY Quickly and easily access Store proprietary Wirelessly and securely Employees remain mobile, corporate email, documents, access data from your secure and compliant with meeting details, contact presentations and other corporate network while remote management of info and other critical corporate data on your traveling or working in the applications and device information on the go mobile device – while field features that meet keeping that sensitive company-specific data protected requirementsHOW Provide an intuitive and State of the art, AES 256- Work with a number of Offer efficient and scalable consistent user interface bit ODE helps prevent leading VPN providers mobile deployment solutions through enhanced unauthorized access to all enabling IP-based encryption with more IT policies than are Microsoft Exchange data on the device, for secure, persistent access offered by native Android or ActiveSync (EAS) features, including the microSD® to critical enterprise assets via iOS to address the most sync functions and policy storage card Wi-Fi® and cellular network challenging management and control connections security concerns 18
  • 19. SAFE is a Powerful and Comprehensive Solution TMIt doesn’t matter which Samsung device or version of Android you are using, as long as you have a SAFE device – you have a consistent level of IT compliance With SAFE, Samsung has systematically de-fragmented Android!  An unprecedented feature of SAFE is a thorough quality assurance (QA) program across all SAFE devices  SAFE provides a consistent level of compliance across multiple versions of the Android OS  SAFE simplifies the certification process for IT departments, enabling CL and IL (BYOD) use … test/approve one SAFE device, and all other SAFE devices can be easily included on a corporation’s approved device list  The Galaxy S III is the first SAFE-branded device and is available via all major carriers • Other SAFE devices include the Samsung Galaxy S II, Galaxy Tabs, Galaxy Note and more  Samsung provides an advanced Software Development Kit (SDK) that Enterprise customers and partners are encouraged to use to develop differentiated solutions 19
  • 20. PanelistAdam SteinSenior Director, Mobile SolutionsMarketingSAP
  • 21. Securing Mobility in theCloudAdam
  • 22. OpportunityMarket Value Projections are BIG A $100 Billion Opportunity by 2015 1 Trillion 37.2% Connected Devices of world total workforce will by 2013* be mobile by 2015 ** * Source = Cisco | ** Source = IDC© 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 22
  • 23. Cloud Accelerates Sales & Marketing Productivity Low cost infrastructure and TCO SAP Afaria Reduced IT Involvement Fastest time to value First MDM Vendor on AWS Marketplace© 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 23
  • 24. Mobility Opportunity Enterprise-wide Mobility and Cloud delivers secure infrastructure to enable application development for all users. • Mobile Dashboards Execs • Mobile Management Apps • Mobile Customer View Apps • Mobile Employee Productivity Apps Knowledge • Mobile Collaboration Apps Workers • Mobile Business Analytics Apps • Mobile Field Service Apps Task Workers • Mobile Sales Apps • Mobile Industry Apps • Mobile Banking/Commerce Apps Consumers • Retail/Travel Apps • Healthcare/Utilities Apps© 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 24
  • 25. SAP Security and App Development PlatformMarket’s most visionary mobile platformControl & Secure Deploy Device and server SAP Afaria Mobile App management and security Deployment Databases Native Mobile Applications BlackBerry Business iPhone Web Objects Lightweight Services Applications iPad Windows Software SAP Unwired Applications Platform Windows Mobile Connect Create Heterogeneous Mobile App data sources Development … anywhere and on any device© 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 25
  • 26. Mobility Sales & Marketing Alignment Experience the value of SAP Afaria first-hand with support from our world class experts. Trial is available in North America. The process is as easy as 1-2-3. 1. Register for a free 14-day trial; 2. Connect with an SAP expert who will ensure you get the most out of your experience 3. Control your device on any platform, anywhere© 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 26
  • 27. Tommy Hilfiger Consumer products – Featuring upcoming collections on the iPad Sybase Unwired Platform Business Challenges for developing a custom LookBook app for  Replace production of expensive catalogues iPad shipped to potential retail customers with a lower cost digital alternative SAP Afaria  Protect valuable creative capital from imitators and to secure devices and sensitive data especially preemptive digital sales from competitors; remote wipe feature is a must- have in consumer products Benefits  Engage retailers in an instant to get designs on Custom App more shelves and in more stores used for  Increase competitive advantage by revolutionizing the way to showcase collections with easy to use,  Digital product catalog with upcoming collections beautiful HD imagery for reps to share with retailers  Order entry functionality  Easily wipe out misplaced iPads with sensitive data“”Afaria and mobility changed the way Tommy operates b/c we’re getting better connected to our suppliers andcustomers b/c of always real time, up to date information.Arne Tjalma, VP ICT Tommy Hilfiger Video © 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 27
  • 28. PG&EUtilities industry – Making real-time HR decisions Sybase Unwired Platform Business Challenges to connect HR data from backend HCM  Pole Test and Treat - T&D and Field Automation solution System were past end of life, costly to maintain needed an enhanced mobile solution to dispatch work assignments and quickly capture inspections data  Warehouse Management – Inventory solution Energy Delivery, tightly integrated with PG&E’s required across different device platforms. Needed SAP ERP system and ESRI GIS to leverage existing SAP data in a connected and disconnected environment Benefits  Increased field worker productivity by 47%  Improved reporting and reduced the cost of Multiple warehouses have the ability to inventory compliance track and maintain parts information for all field  Included contractors performing the work with service technicians minimal training time  Able to predict cost for projects  Integrated Mapping allows for Asset management and work orders to be viewed and completed in one application PG&E crews and contracting crews can download thousands of poles as projects and effectively manage them from mobile devices© 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 28
  • 29. Cloud Simplified Enterprise Mobile Security Amazon EC2 Windows AWS Configurations 2008 R2 Server Mobile Devices AWS Key Pair AWS Security Group Afaria Server (EUSSP, 255.X.X AWS Package Server, CA) Elastic IP© 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 29
  • 30. Completely Visible Mobile Security Devices Activity Applications Compliance & Content MOBI Augmented Explorer Explorer WebI© 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 30
  • 31. Cloud Mobile Security Value Proposition EasilyUnderstood Cost savings Operational flexibility Faster time to market• Pay-as-you-go pricing • Provision infrastructure • Conduct proof of model in minutes concept projects, trials,• No upfront capital • Scale infrastructure up or test labs without expenditure or down to meet typical procurement business demand in lead-times• Low cost cloud platform and no long- real time • Provision preconfigured term commitments • Leverage multiple virtual machines and geographic regions multiple SAP systems in a single step© 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 31
  • 32. Thank You!
  • 33. PanelistJT SisonVP of Marketing and AlliancesSoonr
  • 34. Mobile Content ManagementSaving Marketing and Sales JT Sison VP of Marketing and Alliances
  • 35. Team players work together to win
  • 36. When the Team wins,the Team celebrates.
  • 37. The same is true in business…
  • 38. When the Business Team closes a deal, the Company wins.
  • 39. Honestly, we’re not winning enough.
  • 40. The Problem with Content• Shift from hard copy to digital• Email is an inefficient tool for content circulation• Dynamic and mobile Teams• Security concerns
  • 41. It’s all about the content Sales White Data Sales Brochures Papers Sheets Presentation
  • 42. The Simple Solution• Marketing creates, iterates and publishes content• Sales receives and uses the latest, greatest content in the proper scenario• Sales can close more
  • 43. Mobile Content Management
  • 44. Sync: Foundation for your company drive
  • 45. Team admin controls and manages users and data
  • 46. Platform for Mobile ProductivityIntegrated Office Editing Integrated Office Editing
  • 47. Case Study: Sirona Dental• Separate Marketing and Sales Teams• 200 Mobile Sales reps with tablets• Marketing constantly pushing out updates to collateral – Instantly updated for Sales in the field
  • 48. Together, we’re Giant.
  • 49. Thank You!
  • 50. Q&A