Is Your Mobile Workforce
Beach Ready?
Does that productivity boost
come with too much of a risk?
Watch out! Of the 70M
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Is Your Mobile Workforce Beach Ready?


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Is Your Mobile Workforce Beach Ready?

  1. 1. Is Your Mobile Workforce Beach Ready? Does that productivity boost come with too much of a risk? Watch out! Of the 70M smartphones lost each year, only 7% are recovered.2 Here are the most popular places to lose your phone on vacation.3 Watch out for pickpockets! The cost of a mobile data breach will sink you and your company 174M records were stolen in data breaches5 $5.5M Average cost of a breach5 37% require employees to lock screens 24% use security software 21% use mobile application management software 17% make employees report issues quickly 11% restrict downloads 7% build an internal app store 6% installed location tracking software on devices Watch out! Criminals and hackers don’t go on vacation. While you’re out traveling and exploring the world, they may be exploring the confidential data on your device! A comprehensive approach to mobile security is the only way to be sure you can fully relax on your vacation and when you get back to the office. ©2013 SAP AG. SAP and the SAP logo are trademarks and registered trademarks of SAP in Germany and several other countries. of BYOD activity is unmanaged. Can you bear a data breach at the beach?1 Are you thinking about using your personal mobile device to stay connected to work on summer vacation? 25% sightseeing 23% airport 22% hotel 18% public transportation 12% rental car When people use mobile apps for work, there is a 80% But there is a security risk since increase in productivity1 45% Sunscreen won’t protect your data! 73% of employees said they access information that could be considered sensitive or confidential8 67% don’t use a security solution for their mobile devices2 59% report that employees circumvent or disengage security features such as passwords and key locks7 51% experience data loss resulting from employee use of unsecured mobile devices7 42% send work related docs BUT 40% don’t use complex passwords or change their passwords regularly2 There’s no time to relax when you’re managing mobile security. Here are some strategies that IT departments are implementing today.4 More than 75% of all malicious code has basically one goal: to steal your data.9 Top mobile threats by type:9 28% collects device data 25% tracks user 24% sends content Major causes of a data breach?8 37% Malicious attacks 35% Negligence/Human factor 29% System glitches Learn more at or visit the Mobile Security community at for insightful articles, whitepapers, free software and more. 1 Leapfrog Services. BYOD Stats: What Business Leaders Need To Know Right Now; 2013. 2 Intuition, Post PC Era; 2012. 3 Huffington Post, Most likely places to lose cell phone traveling; 2013. 4 ReadWrite Survey Results: What A Typical BYOD Program Really Looks Like; 2013. 5 Savid Technologies, Infographic: Mobile Security; 2013. 6 Norton, Cybercrime Report; 2013. 7 PR Newswire, Survey Says 51 Percent of Organizations Lose Data Through Mobile Devices, 59 Percent of Employees Dodge Security Controls; 2013. 8 Bank Info Security, Regulations' Impact on Data Breach Costs by Eric Chabrow; 2013. 9 ZDNet. Don't You Just Love Mobile Apps? So Do Malicious Code Writers; 2013.