In-store Execution Success for Consumer Product Companies


Published on Discover more strategies from IDC on how consumer products companies can improve their retail execution.

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In-store Execution Success for Consumer Product Companies

  1. 1. All IDC research is © 2013 by IDC. All rights reserved.  All IDC materials are licensed with IDC's permission and in no way does the use or publication of IDC research indicate IDC's endorsement of SAP’s products/or strategies. For Consumer Products Companies How do Consumer Products Companies Improve their Performance in the Store? Creating a Feedback Loop Between Execution and Planning Should Improve Demand Planning and Trade Promotions Collaboration is Key Retail Execution Enables a Direct Link to Consumer Demand In Stores An IDC Infographic, Sponsored by SAP ConsumerPr oducts Companies and Retailer Collaboration Synchronize to Demand Flawless Execution Drive for Efficiency Enhance the Shopping Experience In-store Execution Success Retail Execution Excellence On-Shelf Availability Price and Promotion Compliance & Execution Store- Specific Mix Revenue per store Merchandising Execution and Compliance Revenue per Salesperson Measure Via Benefits In: “Cost remains a top priority for our company, and while investing in more comprehensive retail execution capabilities may seem contrary to this goal, we have seen a more-than-acceptable payback on the investment.” —Global Consumer Products Company “Category Complexity makes retail execution a growing challenge for manufacturers and retailers; driving the need for better collaboration and process excellence.” —Global Health & Beauty Company “By Investing in better retail execution with our most important retail partners, we have reduced out-of-stocks at the shelf by almost one-third.” —Global Consumer Products Company “Improving Retail Execution has improved our promotional compliance by close to 5 percentage points.” —Global Food & Beverage Company “Cost-shifting Efforts from our key retailer partners is forcing us to look for opportunities like retail execution where those costs also have measurable benefit.” —Global Consumer Products Company “Collaborating to improve retail execution has allowed us to better understand the things we must do to drive a more productive relationship with our retail customers.” —Global Health & Beauty Company ‘Collaboration in the retail store is the best way we have of solving persistent out-of-stock problems in our high velocity brand categories.’ —Consumer Products Supply Chain VP Retail Execution Excellence Supply Chain Planning Assortment Planning Trade Promotion Planning Consumer Demand Forecast Category Execution Brand Execution Consumer Products Company Big Data/ Analytics Mobility Retailer Empowered Consumer Consumer Products Companies Brand Relationship Retailer Shopping Experience Consumer loyalty and category execution excellence informs assortment, SKU mix and on-shelf availability Consumer sentiment and retail excellence informs assortment, SKU mix, innovation delivery Employing Mobile, Big Data, Analytics, and Social Business technologies to enable at retail... Data-driven collaboration and score- carding Collaborate for shopper satisfaction Buy Anywhere Return Anywhere The ‘Omni’ Store Physical Retail Store Consumer Products Company Mobility Cloud Big Data/ Analytics Social Business Brand and Store Loyalty Tailored Shopping Experience Store-Specific Mix and Demand Sensing Dynamic Inventory Deployment