Make the Mobile Connection at #SapphireNOW 2014


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Make the Mobile Connection at #SapphireNOW 2014

  1. 1. top technical priorities for enterprise IT over the coming year are mobile-related.13 5OUT OF of MDM solutions were managed on premise, with cloud accounting for 17% in 2014. 11 54% of consumers browse the Internet on their phone to research a product or service. 12 Users spend 2 hours & 42 minutes a day on mobile devices. Mobile app usage accounts for 2 hours & 19 minutes of the time. 13 apps downloaded by U.S consumers in 2013. 1420B+ technology Trend for 2014 is the emergence of the Mobile Cloud. 10#1 83% 2:42 By 2017, The worldwide market for mobile enterprise application platform software will grow from 16 4.8 BILLION 938.6 MILLION 38.7% CAGRto THE Enterprises are turning to mobility to transform their operations, creating a $50B ‘Enterprise Mobility’opportunity globally. 2 uptick in popularity of mobile phone self-service apps. 5 of companies say field & sales forces, internal processes and customer facing workflows are a mobile priority. 6 of execs say workers’ lives have been saved because of mobile devices.4 74% of execs said that their company needs to improve mobile data security today. 7 of execs believe that mobile devices have prevented and reduced worker incidents. 8 70% of people have entered credit card information into a mobile phone. 9 According to a roundtable of IT execs and tech recruiters, the top IT job skills for 2014 are big data, mobile, cloud & security. 18 enterprises have an app store or are considering developing one. 60% of companies are creating business apps for customers. 56% of companies are creating business apps for employees. 15 64% without the full involvement of IT, according to Gartner in 2012-13. 3 13% 52% 24% 39%works for more than 20% of their time away from their primary workspace. 17 of the current U.S. workforce already 40%unfilled in 2014 due to a lack of qualified IT professionals. 19 of IT security jobs will remain 1 3OUT OF 1 2OUT OF Experience the opportunities of mobile at SAPPHIRENOW of enterprises said mobility projects forged ahead 1, 5, 6, 9, 12, 14 , 17 Marsh, Chris. Enterprises Must Look To Scale Mobility With a New Platform Approach. Yankee Group, 2014. 2 STL Partners. The $50bn Enterprise Mobility Opportunity. Telco 2.0, 2013 3 Palermo, Frank. "Hey CIOs, Stop Saying 'No' To Consumer Tech." InformationWeek. 2013. 4, 8 The Economist Intelligence Unit Limited. The new canary in the mine. The Economist, 2014. 7 The Economist Intelligence Unit. Digital dividends, from oil patch to gas pump. The Economist, 2014. 10 Top Technology Trends for 2014. IEEE Computer Society Journals. 2014. 11 Magic Quadrant for Mobile Device Management Software. Gartner Inc., 2013. 13 Mobile App Usage Increases In 2014, As Mobile Web Surfing Declines." Forbes. Forbes Magazine, 2014. 15 IDG Enterprise Marketing. "In BYOD Discussions, Security is Key." IDG Enterprise. 2013. 16 Whitfield, Karl. "Fast growth of apps user base in booming Asia Pacific market." Portio Research. 2013. 18 Hammond, Teena. "Top IT job skills for 2014: Big data, mobile, cloud, security." TechRepublic. 2014. 19 Vanacek, Jacqueline. "The Intersection Of Cloud And Mobility: Car To Car, Cloud To Cloud, Me To You." SAPVoice. Forbes Magazine, 2014. Mobile meets company priorities Mobilemeetsbusinesschallenges MobilemeetsITrequirements