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Crossing The Gap…Taking mobile into the enterprise
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Crossing The Gap…Taking mobile into the enterprise



Learn about enterprise mobile apps: market trends, types of enterprise apps, tapping into the enterprise market.

Learn about enterprise mobile apps: market trends, types of enterprise apps, tapping into the enterprise market.



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Crossing The Gap…Taking mobile into the enterprise Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Crossing The Gap…Taking Mobile Into The EnterpriseJim Jaquet, SAP Mobile PlatformMay 22, 2013
  • 2. 2© 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 2The “Communication Year” - 7,000 years compressed into 365 daysJan Feb Mar AprMay Jun Jul AugSep Oct Nov DecInspired by Carl Sagan’s “Cosmic Year” concept in CosmosCave Drawings: 5000-3500 BCCuneiform and Hieroglyphics:3500 BCPaper:105Copper platefor legaldocuments:600WoodenMoveableType:1305PrintingPress:1450Not much happening for 2,800 yearsEverythingMobile(last 36 hours)
  • 3. 3© 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 3The “Communication Year” - DecemberInspired by Carl Sagan’s “Cosmic Year” concept in CosmosDecemberDec 31:GPS in phones, Social networking,Cloud services,The Smartphone and App explosion, 4GDec 30:PDA, WWW,GSM Network, SMSWAP, BB Email, 3GDec 29:ARPANETFirst Mobile PhoneDec 28:Pagers, Color TV, Stereo FMRadio, Comm SatellitesLast 6 hoursDec 26:AM RadioB&W TVDec 25:TelephoneDec 22:Wood pulp based paperTelegraph and Morse CodeDec 2:Printing press
  • 4. 4© 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 4The demand for mobile apps in the next Communication YearIn a typical large corporation:•≈ 1,000 internal apps deployed (laptop/web)•≈ 75% make sense to mobilize•Each internal app may split into 2-3 mobile apps•Some mix of native/hybrid architectures (assume 25% native)• Native: 4x multiplier, hybrid: 1xConclusion - multiple sources for apps required:•Packaged apps for most ($10-$3,000 per app)•Custom development for some•Managed Services, alternative development methods to fill the gap1,0007501,500≈ 2,625Apps per large enterpriseModified version of a Gartner formula
  • 5. 5© 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 5State of the mainstream Enterprise mobile market – 2013Innovators/Early Adopters• Mobile “power users” – holistic approach• RefinementEarly Majority• Carefully planning mobile strategy• Looking for quick wins, embracingLate Majority• Business teams driving mobile, not centralized• Focused on tactics, may not have MDMLaggards• Mobile strategy is “email”20132017Alan Deeter, based on Geoffrey Moore’s Crossing the ChasmIf you compute the integral:•Not only more money than in consumer apps...•but much higher certainty of money
  • 6. 6© 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 6What companies are building
  • 7. 7© 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 7Underneath the apps… is the boring (but critical) stuff• Authentication• Business application integration• Security – devices, data, content• Offline access and synchronization• Reverse proxy• Multi-platform support• Administration• Application versioning and lifecycle management• Cross-platform push notification• Reporting and analyticsEnterprise needsNecessary EvilsFun stuff
  • 8. 8© 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 8Mobile project pitfalls and the need to “Manage Up”…especially when dealing with Early Adopters and Early MajorityTry to do too muchOld developmentmethodologiesWrong mobilearchitectureSkillset gaps
  • 9. 9© 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 9Skillset gapsWhere you see it: Across anenterprise: domain experts, smalldevelopment groups, IT, developersnew to B2EHow to fix it: The three E’s (3Es) oflearning a skill:•Education•Exposure•ExperienceWhat you will see: Huge gains evenafter your first sprint
  • 10. 10© 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 10Old development methodologiesHow it happens: PC-era thinking (lackof mobile “3Es”), management requiresa project planWhy it fails: Extended requirementselaboration, too long to show anyprogressHow to avoid it: Explain best practices,faster convergence on optimum appfunctionality and UX, mobile appdelivery is trivial
  • 11. 11© 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 11Try to do too muchHow it happens: Projects are scopedtoo large with PC-type features andgold-platingWhy it fails: Extended projectschedules, leads to impatience, lowerconfidence, and pressure for higheradoption and ROIHow to avoid it: Enjoy a few quickwins; follow MVP (Minimal ViableProduct) strategy, iterate quickly,refactor when neededMinimum Viable Product Illustrated by Methodologist, torgoround.wodpress.com, Nov. 1, 2010, Adapted from the Featuritis Curve, Creating Passionate Users
  • 12. 12© 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 12Myopic strategy leads to the wrong mobile architectureHow it happens: Incomplete mobilestrategy leads to sub-optimumdecisionsWhy it fails: Point solutions selected,low-level programming, security holes,personal learning time required, forcedto “code yourself into a corner”How to avoid it: Advise and selecttools and protocols that offerflexibility, and can be combined orswapped out over time
  • 13. 13© 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 13What would a winning project look like?ComprehensiveStrategyArchitecture/ApplicationsGo Agile•Broad view of use cases/needs – 2 year plan•Device OS, form factor, online/offline, device features/sensors•Consider Cloud, Social, Internet of Things•App architecture: Native, Hybrid, Mobile Web, Meta-Data Driven•Data/Process integration, security needs•Tradeoffs: Make, Buy, Rent•Get real about MVP•Iterate quickly (1 week optimal, 1 month maximum)•Focus on adoption and Executive level support
  • 14. © 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 14Closing thoughts:How to capture a piece of the enterprise app marketServiceAppsYouPotential CustomersDirectIndirect
  • 15. © 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 15Tapping into a partner eco-systemServiceAppsYouPotential CustomersOnline StoreDirect SalesPartner Sales 25 Industries11 Lines of BusinessMobile, Cloud, Big Data
  • 16. Thank You!Contact informationJim Jaquet, SAP Mobile Platform, jim.jaquet@sap.com, @jimjaquet