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  • 1.  Especially during the last decade: the gaming industry grew at double digit rates until last year. The top 10 companies now have a combined revenue of over 24 billion USD, in a market estimated to be worth well over 50 billion USD, which is slightly less than in 2008 (-5%). Despite the economic crisis, the online gaming segment is still booming, resulting in fast growth of the leading companies in this market.
  • 3. Revenue till 2007 After 2007 5% Onlie 5% 5% Onlie Gaming Gaming21% 20% Mobile Mobile Gaming 30% Gaming Gaming Gaming 69% Console 45% Console PC PC Gaming Gaming
  • 4. PS VITA Touch-screen, 3-G & Wi-Fi Mobile – phone calls Wi-Fi gaming for multi-players 5 MP camera Will be launched on 22nd Feb. „12 Price 17,000 Rs. Six-axis motion sensing system (three-axis gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer), Three-axis electronic compass portable device
  • 7. X-BOX 360 & X-BOX 360 KINECT
  • 8. Itslike a videogames having remote, attached with TVGaming, music, movies, photosGaming through DVD,CD,VCDKINECT : latest 3 Cameras for detecting motion of human body for motion gaming only one who implement this technology. Xbox 360 15,000 Rs. Xbox 360 kinect 22,000 Rs.
  • 9. PSP 1/ 2/ 3 (1000/ 2000/ 3000) Same as PS VITA except 3-G Option to attach 2 MP camera Portable device Price 7500 Rs.
  • 11.  Used for gaming, music, movies, photos through DVD,CD,VCD & it is attached with TV Its having extra remote : PLAYSTATION 3 MOVE It‟s a device for motion gaming Capable to play blu-ray DVDs(25 GB storage, high quality picture and voice Its like a complete home theater Price 17000 Rs. With MOVE remote 21000 Rs.
  • 12. PS - 2
  • 13. Itslike videogame Photos, music, video by CD PS 2 = PS 3 – BLU RAY – PS 3 Engine & Firm Ware Price : 5700 Rs.
  • 14. PLAYSTATION TV-3DPrice : approx. 25,000 Rs.
  • 16.  Its like videogames, having remote Multi-media facility ( same as Xbox and Playstation ) Added device for motion-sensing gaming : Wii Remote 1st Company to use motion gaming device Price 14,500 Rs. Most popular among childrens age 8 to 15.
  • 17. NINTENDO 3DS
  • 18.  Only portable gaming device with 2 TOUCH-SCREENS Songs, photos, videos through MEMORY CARD 1st company to use 3D Screen WITHOUT 3D GLASSES With DUAL Camera Games Based on AUGMENTED REALITY Price : 7000 Rs.
  • 20. NINTENDO Wii - U Nintendo Wii U
  • 21.  Controller Display: 6.2-inch touchscreen controller Front Facing Camera HD graphics Accelerometer and Gyroscope Sensors Bulit-in speakers Classic Wii Remote controllers compatibility Classic Controller buttons Nintendo 3DS Single Player/Multiplayer Gaming Optical drive slot SD (Secure Digital) Memory Card HDMI (High Defination Multi-media Interface) USB Ports Expected price (India, US & UK):around $350 (18,000 Rs.) Release Date (India, US & UK): after March 2012.
  • 22.
  • 23.  PC games mainly depends upon Hardware capacity: Basic hardware for 1990s-2000 games 2000-2003 embedded graphic cards necessary 2004-current year special requirements as per the different kind of games CPU power, GPU (graphic card), amount of RAM, DVD drive, HDD (hard disk), space, OS Todays games are made for Multi-platforms. Example: FIFA „12 for PC, PSP, PS2, PS3, Xbox360, Wii,3DS (not for MAC)
  • 24. APPLE 2007 Revolutionized by introducing “AppSTORE” for its 1st iPhone Today it has 5,00,000 Apps, out of which approx. 1,07,000 are games from which 60 % are paid gamesRanging from Rs. 20 to Rs. 1000 +
  • 25. GOOGLE Google followed the suit in their mobile platform “ANDROID” which has 2,50,000 Apps, out of which 46,000 are games. But out of those 46,000 most of the games are FREE. Thus, it has higher customers and low revenue, which they are trying to cover by attracting more and more customers.
  • 27.  RIM was the 1st to use AppStore model named “App World” It is now lagging behind other 3 giants in mobile space for supremacy of smartphone users. It has 25,000 Apps out of which 5,000 are games. Most of them are paid games Do not appeal to young generation much as game titles are not famous like angry birds, doodle jump, need for speed, fruit ninja, etc.
  • 28. MICROSOFTMS is latest in the bettle for smartphone supremacy.It was entered with Window Phone 7 (WP 7) platform in 2010.It is the fastest platform to reach 50,000 Apps and it has dedicated Xbox Live app for games and famous games most of which are paid and generate high revenue.
  • 29. The revenue sharing basis of the companies like Apple, Google, Rim and Microsoft with the game developer are particularly attractive and figures are as follow Apple sharing ratio = 30:70 Google = 30:70 Microsoft = 30:70 (20:80 in which app generate revenue more than 25000$) Rim = 30:70 ( previously 20:80)
  • 30.  For 2009, the market share of online games is estimated at 1/6TH of the total video game market. Chinese Shanda Interactive is the largest pure- play online gaming company with sales of over US$ 700 million. US based Zynga, the maker of FarmVille, made an estimated $270 million in 2009.
  • 31.  The most well-known online games are the MMOG (Massive Multiplayer Online Game). This is a computer game that enables hundreds or thousands of players to simultaneously interact in a game world. Typically this kind of game is played in an online, multiplayer-only persistent world. Some MMOGs are played on a mobile device, typically a phone, and are thus called Mobile MMOG or MMMOG or 3MOG. In a MMORPG (Massive Multi-player Online Role- Playing Game), the player is represented by a pre- configured avatar, controlled by the player. Typical activities involve exploration of a three-dimensional landscape, encountering other characters, communicating, trading and fighting.
  • 32.  The primary data object in a digital library may be a book, journal or article, the instances of which number many thousands or millions. The primary data object within an online game is the player. Each instance of a player is associated with a set of data (e.g., name, password, character type, current location, level status, health status, amount of in-game money current held).
  • 33. SUBSCRIBTION OF ONLINE GAMES The classic model for subscribing to an online game is to purchase the initial client software, and then to pay a monthly subscription. However, while this is typical for most of the main MMORPGs, other payment models exist, such as either paying only for the initial client software, or receiving it free and paying a monthly or usage time-based subscription. Free online games, even MMOGs, exist. These tend to be developed by amateur teams of people.
  • 34.  Top 10 gaming companies 2010 (Based On Software Revenue)1. Nintendo2. Activision Blizzard3. Electronic Arts4. Sony5. Microsoft6. Konami7. Ubisoft8. Take-Two Interactive9. Square Enix10. THQ
  • 35. Top Six Gaming Companies inIndia:Syna-GibiboGames2WinInnocent TechnosoftDigital ChocolateOzura
  • 36.  Growth of gaming revenues mainly took place in Asia, the top 5 fastest growing companies are all from Asia. Out of these five, four are online computer game companies : NCSoft and Nexon are the leading South Korean companies. Aion, Guildwars are MMORPG produced by NCSoft. NetEase and Perfect World are headquartered in China.
  • 37. The Future of Gaming – Are Developers and Console Makers Ready?
  • 38. FUTURE TRENDS IN GAMINGINDUSTRY :Face expression gamingVoice control gamingMultiplayer over NFC (Near Field Communication)3D Holography augmented realityTouch to change gaming device with same platform Cloud storage gaming
  • 40. THANK YOU…!!!