Top 10 Reasons Customers Choose SAP


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The top ten reasons that customers choose SAP to transform their business.

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Top 10 Reasons Customers Choose SAP

  1. 1. Top10Ten reasons customers choose SAPto help transform their business. Copyright/Trademark
  2. 2. 1 6Leadership Real TimeExpert solutions for companies of all sizes Deliver the real-time enterprise 2 7Innovation ValueInnovate without disruption Maximize business value 3 8Industries CostBenefit from comprehensive industry expertise Lower IT costs 4 9Analytics SupportIndustry leaders in business analytics Get peace of mind 5 10Mobility ChoiceUnwire your enterprise Leverage an open ecosystem
  3. 3. Top 10 1 Leadership 2 Innovation 3 Industries 4 Analytics 5 Mobility 6 Real Time 7 Value 8 Cost 9 Support 10 ChoiceWe are the leading provider ofenterprise applications. SAP serves customers worldwideTotal enterprise applications marketShare of market, 2010 Small and medium businesses Share of market, 2008 120 countries SAP SAP 24 22.6% 18.1% industries Oracle Oracle 37 languages 14.1% 13.9% 75 country offices Microsoft Sage 1,700+ service partners worldwide 5.4% 7.3% IBM Microsoft 3.4% 6.2%Sources and notes Left: Gartner, Inc., “Market Share: All Software Markets, Worldwide, 2010”, G00211976 (Enterprise Resource Planning, Business Intelligence, Customer RelationshipManagement, Supply Chain Management); Middle: SAP analysis of third-party market data, Right: SAP Internal, as of May 2011
  4. 4. Top 10 1 Leadership 2 Innovation 3 Industries 4 Analytics 5 Mobility 6 Real Time 7 Value 8 Cost 9 Support 10 ChoiceWe offer your business innovationwithout disruption. How we deliver innovationOur integratedsolutions provide We buildinnovative results On Premise An industry leader in R&D investment*Our unique approach Custom development forprovides consistency acrossall on-premise, on-demand, Orchestration customersand on-device applications,designing and orchestratingthem to fit together as“networked solutions.” On Demand We integrate Acquire companies that deliverOur product strategy innovation, not legacy technologyleverages in-memory, cloud,and mobile technologies in away that builds on our existingapplication platform, helpingto minimize disruption for ourcustomers. On Device We partner Co-innovating new solutions and technologies with customers and partners Technology FoundationSource SAP analysis of public financial statements, based on three-year average R&D as percent of revenue
  5. 5. Top 10 1 Leadership 2 Innovation 3 Industries 4 Analytics 5 Mobility 6 Real Time 7 Value 8 Cost 9 Support 10 ChoiceWe have the industry experience and expertiseto help run your company.Who we help How we helpSAP share of Forbes 2000 companies by sector SAP’s unique capabilities Consumer Products Discrete Energy & Natural Financial Multi-industry support & Life Sciences Manufacturing Resources Services on a single platform Deep industry-specific capabilities 85% 86% 77% 73% Embedded, preconfigured best practices Industry-driven development Solutions for 24 industries on a single platform help and co-innovation you evolve into a multi-industry value chain Clear industry road maps Comprehensive industry partner ecosystem 78% 73% 77% 78% 78% Process Public Retail & Services Manufacturing Services WholesaleSource SAP analysis of Forbes 2000 rankings (May 2010) and SAP customer database as of May 2011
  6. 6. Top 10 1 Leadership 2 Innovation 3 Industries 4 Analytics 5 Mobility 6 Real Time 7 Value 8 Cost 9 Support 10 ChoiceWe are a worldwide leader inbusiness analytics.Gartner recognizes SAP as a Leader Business analytics marketin all four solution areas Share of market, 2010BI Platforms SAP 23%Corporate OraclePerformance Suites 16%Data Integration Tools SAS Institute 13%Data Quality Tools IBM 12%Drive higher performance at lower cost Customers and partners trust SAP’swith SAP BusinessObjects analytics for their business#1in real-time functionality Lowest TCO measured on a per seat deployed basis 40,000+ 12% customers worldwide 7,000+ partner organizations(Dynamic Data Movement)Sources L to R: Gartner, Inc.,Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms, G00210036; Magic Quadrant for Corporate Performance Management Suites, G00210145; Magic Quadrantfor Data Integration Tools, G00207435; Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Tools, G00200603. Gartner Market Share Analysis: Business Intelligence, Analytics and Performance Management,Worldwide, published May 2011. Bottom L to R: IDC, “Worldwide Data Integration and Access Software 2009 Vendor and Segment Analysis,” Doc.# 225992, Dec. 2010, Dynamic Data Movementdefined on page 4. Nigel Pendse, The BI Survey, 2009. SAP internal data, as of January 2011The Magic Quadrant is copyrighted 2011 by Gartner, Inc. and is reused with permission. The Magic Quadrant is a graphical representation of a marketplace at and for a specific time period. It depicts Gartner’s analysis of how certain vendors measure againstcriteria for that marketplace, as defined by Gartner. Gartner does not endorse any vendor, product or service depicted in the Magic Quadrant, and does not advise technology users to select only those vendors placed in the “Leaders” quadrant. The MagicQuadrant is intended solely as a research tool, and is not meant to be a specific guide to action. Gartner disclaims all warranties, express or implied, with respect to this research, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.
  7. 7. Top 10 1 Leadership 2 Innovation 3 Industries 4 Analytics 5 Mobility 6 Real Time 7 Value 8 Cost 9 Support 10 ChoiceOur market-leading mobile solutionswill unwire your enterprise. Enterprise Mobility We are the proven market leader in mobility solutions 20,000 Enterprise mobility customers 85% share of Fortune 100Device management Messaging Application platform enterprise mobility customersRecognized revenue leader 1.5 billion SMS and MMS Best-selling mobile enterprisein mobile device management messages processed daily application platform amongenterprise enterprise application providers 4.5 billion subscribers 900 mobile carriersAs a combined entity, SAP and Sybase possess a unique position in the enterprisemobility market, with the ability to offer analytics-enabled infrastructure,a leading mobile enterprise applications platform, mobile device managementand security, and mobile applications across multiple device types.IDC Insight “SAP and Sybase: The Promise of Mobility Takes Shape,” September 2010Sources L to R: IDC, “Worldwide Mobile Device Management Enterprise 2010-2014 Forecast and 2009 Vendor Shares,” Doc.# 224437, Aug. 2010; Sybasecompany reports and press releases, Sybase 10-K 2009; SAP analysis of third-party market data
  8. 8. Top 10 1 Leadership 2 Innovation 3 Industries 4 Analytics 5 Mobility 6 Real Time 7 Value 8 Cost 9 Support 10 ChoiceWe deliver the “real” real-time enterprise throughthe most advanced in-memory technology.SAP In-Memory Appliance Software (SAP HANA™) Experience the real-time Enterprise in actionSAP HANA is the engine of the real-time enterprise. It provides a A live analysis of a consumer products company data reveals howfoundation on which to build a new generation of applications, enabling SAP HANA analyzes current point-of-sale data in real time—customers to analyze large quantities of data from virtually any source, empowering this organization to review segmentation,in real time. The example below showcases actual customer performance merchandising, inventory management, and forecastingof a core reporting process. information at the speed of thought. Runs 3600x faster 70 retailers 460 billion records 50 terabytes of data hours Before SAP HANA seconds With SAP HANA 0.04 seconds analysis response time on any device, anywhere, anytimeSource Customer results may vary and will depend on system configuration. Left: Based on tests conducted by SAP with a construction industry customer’s data from SAP Business Suitetransactions. On an average, queries ran 3600X faster than on SAP Business Suite with traditional disk based databases. Results achieved with SAP HANA 1.0 with one 4-way, 8 core server (2.27GHz clock speed) with 0.5 TB of Main Memory, 2 TB of SSD storage, 1Gb Ethernet running on an open source operating system. Right: Based on tests conducted by SAP with 460 billion rows ofpoint-of-sale data provided by a leading consumer products customer. Results achieved on a typical business query with SAP HANA 1.0 with 10 nodes. Each node consists of one 4-way, 8 coreserver (2.27 GHz clock speed) with 0.5 TB of Main Memory, 2 TB of SSD storage, 10Gb Ethernet running on an open source operating system.
  9. 9. Top 10 1 Leadership 2 Innovation 3 Industries 4 Analytics 5 Mobility 6 Real Time 7 Value 8 Cost 9 Support 10 ChoiceWe provide superior services to measureand maximize your business value. Value management helps companies run: 2.0x more On TimeBenchmark yourbusiness process Certify your teams for value Collaborate with SAP for value 1.9x more On BudgetEstablish a performance baseline Value Academy Value Engineering 1.6x moreand set goals for business Over 2,000 companies have Collaborative business casetransformation using our database participated in our training development for yourof over 10,000 submissions academies to develop value business transformation On Value management capabilities Business Transformation Services Value Lifecycle Management Maximize value realization On-demand business case throughout your life-cycle creation and realizationSAP’s value management program is the most advanced effort of itskind…offer[ing] advanced business solutions along with deep-domainexpertise and insights.Bob Evans,“Global CIO: SAP Shares Corporate Treasures With Customers, InformationWeek, October 22, 2010 ”Sources Left: Data as of November 2010. Right: SAP/AMR Value Management Survey Results 2010: 400+ companies surveyed
  10. 10. Top 10 1 Leadership 2 Innovation 3 Industries 4 Analytics 5 Mobility 6 Real Time 7 Value 8 Cost 9 Support 10 ChoiceWe help reduce your total IT cost so you canincrease spending on innovation.How we can help Tactical IT Tactical IT23% Lower 83% 51%implementation servicecost per component thanleading competitor9.3% Lowertotal software, service,and support per userthan leading competitorFixed Rate Strategic ITfor SAP Enterprise Supportthrough 2016 49%Fastersuccesswith engineered services likeRapid Deployment Solutions Strategic ITto optimize cost and time 17% Limited implementation: IT operational costs Full end-to-end implementation: Lower operational consume the majority of resources. costs allow for greater spending on innovation.Sources Customer results may vary and will depend upon system configuration. Left: Aberdeen Group, “The Total Cost of ERP Ownership in Large Companies,” July 2008. Right: SAP IT Effective-ness Survey, October 2008
  11. 11. Top 10 1 Leadership 2 Innovation 3 Industries 4 Analytics 5 Mobility 6 Real Time 7 Value 8 Cost 9 Support 10 ChoiceWith superior support services, we give you peaceof mind about your organization.Our full range of support options is SAP Enterprise Support offerstailored to your needs unparalleled value 24x7 Service Fixed-Price End-to-End Level Agreements Commitment Support SAP MaxAttention SAP Safeguarding SAP Enterprise Support SAP Enterprise Support Oracle Premier SAP Standard Support Microsoft Business Ready Advantage Plus Our dedication is Our rate will not Our service is unrivaled with one-hour increase due to inclusive of hardware, message response inflation, price software, network, time, and four-hour changes, or any other third-party solutions, resolution time, factors through at and customer anywhere in the world. least 2016. development.Sources and notes 24/7 Service Level Agreements: “Oracle Software Technical Support Policies, Effective Date 12-May-2011”, Oracle. “Business Ready Advantage Plus Plan”, Microsoft. Fixed-Price Commitment: “Support Integration Frequently Asked Questions”, Oracle, “Business ReadyAdvantage Plus Plan”, Microsoft. End-to-End Support: “Oracle Premier Support for Your Oracle Solutions” brochure, 2009. “Microsoft Support Lifecycle Policy FAQ” (Last review: April 29, 2011),
  12. 12. Top 10 1 Leadership 2 Innovation 3 Industries 4 Analytics 5 Mobility 6 Real Time 7 Value 8 Cost 9 Support 10 ChoiceOur open ecosystem gives you morechoice and more flexibility.Our strong partnerrelationships give yougreater flexibilityFinding the best fit software SAP 11,000+for your business is oursole focus. We are the only SAP consultantsprovider that can deliver the Sales and Technologyhighly specialized solutions Services Co-Innovationyou need, with the built-in 4,000+ channel 30 technology partnersversatility you want. partners 5 customer co-innovation labsPlus, our partners delivereven more choice—helping tocomplete the software stacksof our diverse customer base. Deployment Specialized Services Solutions 1,700+ services partners 1,800+ certified 135,000 SAP consultants partner solutions +2 Million Community MembersNotes Data as of May 2011
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