Refine Customer Engagement


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Today’s consumers are just a click away from product reviews and pricing information about you and your competitors. As marketers, you can use what consumers are saying and sharing to your advantage. Discover how with data driven insights:

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Refine Customer Engagement

  1. 1. REFINE CUSTOMER ENGAGEmENT Make personalized connections with customer in real time.
  2. 2. END-TO-END CONSUMER ENGAGEMENT Today’s consumers are just a click away from product reviews and pricing information of you and your competitors. These new touchpoints represent huge potential for marketers, enabling: • Deeper, more personalized understandings of customers • Go-to-market strategies catered to individual customer segments • Reduced marketing costs by investing the right resources at the right time and place 2
  3. 3. SOCIAL EXPLOSION Social networks have empowered consumers with instant access to information and opinions about products and services. Those companies that can turn these conversations into actionable insights can deliver better customer experiences and drive more innovative offerings. 1 Hypatia Research & Advisory,“Customer Centricity: A Time to Listen, A Time to Engage,” 2013 About 36% of companies cite capturing customer information on product likes, design suggestions, or feedback for product development/merchandising as the top priority for social intelligence initiatives.1 3
  4. 4. LISTENING IN ON CONSUMER CONVERSATIONS Consumers expect real-time, personalized connections with the companies from which they buy. Social analytics and customer intelligence tools can give you visibility into their thoughts and opinions about your brand, products, and services and enable you to: • Monitor brand health and equity more frequently with fewer resources • Connect consumer sentiment with actual consumer behavior and emotion • Gauge the social impact of marketing campaigns and events • Track opinions on social, environmental, health, or political issues 4
  5. 5. SOCIAL CLARITY Marketing decisions based on inaccurate social insights can lead to missed opportunities, lost revenue, or even a public relations nightmare. Social analytics that feature highly accurate natural- language processing engines that deconstruct and analyze every post captured can ensure you receive accurate insight into the data captured. 5
  6. 6. THE HOLY GRAIL OF CONSUMER INSIGHT Social analytics enables marketers to go beyond consumers’ behavior and understand their emotions and opinions as well – both the “what” and the “why.” Tapping into the voice of the consumer and applying it to your marketing efforts gives you the opportunity to: • Take advantage of relevant information sources with large amounts of data • Analyze for trends, product likes, design and merchandising suggestions, and all other types of feedback relating to product or service offerings • Innovate and enhance product/service offerings, streamline product portfolio planning, and manage product lifecycles with input from social channels 6
  7. 7. SEE THE CUSTOMER FROM ALL SIDES Marketers who are able to harness the value of both structured and unstructured data can strengthen their relationships with customers by being able to deliver personalized experiences, targeted marketing campaigns, and customized offerings. Customer intelligence solutions are available that can enable you to: • Build an enterprise-wide 360-degree view of your customers • Identify trends and patterns in customer behavior and quickly target groups of customers for specific market initiatives • Actively manage customer engagements to reduce attrition 7
  8. 8. CREATE STRUCTURE FROMYOUR UNSTRUCTURED DATa Use what consumers are saying and sharing about you to your advantage. Check out our library of resources to discover how better customer intelligence can enable real-time market insight, interaction, and execution. DOWNLOAD