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Drive Global Growth with Optimized Product Innovation and Operations


Published on : Learn how you can innovate for growth and improve operational efficiency through faster, smarter new-product development and manufacturing. Hear how optimized product … : Learn how you can innovate for growth and improve operational efficiency through faster, smarter new-product development and manufacturing. Hear how optimized product lifecycle management, manufacturing, and compliance processes at Colgate-Palmolive Company are increasing speed to market, improving quality, and boosting productivity in operations.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Unlocking the Value ofProduct Lifecycle Management& Supply Chain OperationsCOLGATE-PALMOLIVECompany
  • 2.  Innovate for growth and improve operationalefficiency through faster, smarter new-productdevelopment and manufacturing. Hear how optimized product lifecyclemanagement, manufacturing, and complianceprocesses at Colgate-Palmolive are increasingspeed to market, improving quality, andboosting productivity in operations.Drive Global Growth with OptimizedProduct Innovation and Operations
  • 3.  $17.1B global consumer productscompany, founded in 1806 39,000 Colgate peopleworldwide Products sold in223 countriesCompany OverviewHill’sPetNutrition12%NorthAmerica18%LatinAmerica28% Europe/SouthPacific20%GreaterAsia/Africa22%
  • 5. Strong performance driven by fourglobal strategy initiatives Engage to Build Our Brands Innovation for Growth Effectiveness and Efficiency Leading to Win
  • 6.  Generate More Ideas, Better Ideas and Manage Ideas Enable Project Portfolio Management to Focus onInnovation, Bigger Hits and Streamline Development Lay the Foundation to Meet Increasing GlobalCompliance Requirements- Government, Customers, Consumers and Internal Make Information Visible to Management to SupportDecisionsColgate’s PLM Goals
  • 7. Leveraging PLM Tools from Idea to ManufactureIdea & ConceptDevelopmentBundle Development&ValidationHandover toManufactureFormulateIdeateDocument ValidateIdeaManagementRecipe & SpecManagementDocumentManagementComplianceCheck & WorkflowWebdynpro in PortalPortfolio & ProjectManagementAnalyticsAudit
  • 8. Supply Chain Operations Goals The continuous improvement ofeffectiveness and efficiency of factoryoperations Provide consumers the highest qualityproducts by assuring their performance,consistency and safety Protection of our environment and thehealth and safety of our customers,people and communities
  • 9. Leveraging SC Tools for OperationsPlanning &CollaborationManufacturing SalesMaterial InspectionNon-ConformanceManufacturing Integration &IntelligenceManagement ofChangeAnalytics
  • 10. New focus on Alignment• Touch points between PLM &Supply Chain Operations• End to End business Processesdriving sustainable solutions• One Vision aligned on that single, most compellingdestination…• Winning the hearts and minds of consumers• Driving the Growth• Efficiency and Effectiveness, Everywhere
  • 11. End to End ComplianceBenefits• All recipes go through standardapproval process in Recipe Management• No downstream recipe changes allowed
  • 12. End to End IdeationTargetedIdeationNew ProductDevelopmentBenefits•Standardized process for new productinnovation• Innovation across all business units
  • 13. End to End QualityApprovedSpecInspection Plans&CharacteristicsShop FloorSystemsBenefits• Compliance• Automation• Quality at the source (Zero recalls)SAP Recipe and SpecManagementSAP QualityManagementSAP ManufacturingIntegration & Intelligence
  • 14. End to End AnalyticsProjectRecipes TonsProducedPDMPPM ERP / SCBenefits• Ability to standardize/harmonize recipesand reduce manufacturing change-overs• Reduce Complexity
  • 15. End to End AuditBenefits•Common audit application and set of reports acrossbusiness groups•Web based interface to conduct audits and manage thefacility follow-up action plan•Offline capability for supplier audits
  • 16. End to End GovernanceIdeaApprovedProductProductionBenefits• Compliance• Effectiveness & Efficiency• Quality at the source (0 recalls)SAP ProductLifecycleManagementSAP Managementof Change
  • 17. Thank You !Robyn MandalakisDirector,Product Lifecycle ManagementGlobal InformationTechnology909 River Road, P.O. Box 1343Piscataway, NJ 08855-1343E-Mail robyn_mandalakis@colpal.comFrancisco RamosAssociate Director,Supply ChainGlobal InformationTechnology191 East Hanover Ave, P.O. Box 1928Morristown,NJ 07962E-Mail