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  • “Help us monitize”“They’re my clients”“Re-seller for my inventory”
  • “a media vendor basis”“Place for putting my ads”“a new medium to widen reach via bundle of sites”“a new efficient and measurable channel to add in besides my traditional one”
  • An advertising network is a company that that generates revenue by offering advertising spots (for advertisers) through a network of online properties (publishers). 
  • Ad networks are delivering what the marketplace is looking for; large, highly targeted audiences that deliver ad results in an efficient manner. While content sites provide advertisers with “brand-focused” content, context and ad experience, networks provide these benefits at scale
  • Ad networks are valued for reach and targeting. Audience data and insights are seen to be the new differentiators- Providing target audiences at scaleThis finding indicates that inventory quality and targeting technology will continue to become ubiquitous as top-tier ad networks rise above the rest.
  • What are the site quality standards of the network? How do they decide whether a site is good enough to run my advertising? The network should have impeccable standards to ensure your ads run in brand-enhancing environments. Running next to the wrong kind of content can do damage to a brand.Is the network willing to share its site list, as well as the actual site list on which my ads will run? You have the right to know where you will be advertising. At a minimum, you should see the site list of your campaign.What is the reach of the network to my target audience? Reach isn't everything, but working with larger networks makes the job of buying, reporting and optimization easier.How robust are the targeting options? Can they pinpoint my audience? Can they segment my audience and offer tailored campaigns? Digital advertising is getting increasingly sophisticated, and the capability to offer these will become increasingly important over time.Does the network offer me opportunities to develop programs across digital platforms such as mobile, widgets, social media and gaming? Audiences are fragmenting across platforms. Having a network that can offer you platforms beyond PC-based Web pages will make it easier to migrate more and more of your advertising to follow your audience in the near future.What are the reporting capabilities of the network? Can I see them before I buy? Can it be integrated into my current reporting platform? The network you choose should make these critical tasks easier, not harder.Is the sales rep I would be working with responsive? Do they strive to meet reasonable requests and deadlines? Personnel is critical; the staff should make your job of planning, buying, reporting and optimizing easier, as well as offer ideas for improving your campaign and ways to plan for the future.
  • Ad network basis for FREE

    1. 1. Ad Network basic for FREE!A short thought and research on…WHAT is ad network?,HOW does ad network work?, andWHY to work with Ad Network?
    2. 2. Ad Network Overview What? How? Why? Find it out for FREE …
    3. 3. WHAT?
    4. 4. Money Client Publishers Think
    5. 5. Place ads on multiple New media channel for Website audience reaching Sales Immediately Advertisers Think
    6. 6. What is ad network? Basic model Sell Buy Ad Network Advertisers Publishers
    7. 7. HOW?
    8. 8. The Long Tail has Grown Focused Content sitesUnique users Travel Autos Technology Men Top Portals Portal Inventory Content rich inventory Small sites, blogs Inventory Ranking
    9. 9. How does ad network do? Ad Network Categorized by Publishers Demographic Advertisers (e.g. Men, Women, Tee ns) Categorize by Auto Content Type (i.e. News, Sports, Tec h) Sports
    10. 10. Types of ad network • Representative Network • Blind Network • Vertical Network • and more ….
    11. 11. WHY?
    12. 12. Publisher 1. Why should you join? 2. Ad Network Selection Checklist
    13. 13. 1. Why should you join? Monetizing your (remnant) inventory Reach out to agencies and advertisers
    14. 14. 2. AD NETWORK SELECTION CHECKLIST FOR PUBLISHERs• Recommendations (Reliability and Credibility)• Advertiser ads quality and ads control ability• Placement Requirement• Compensation (CPM/CPC/CPA)• House Ads and Remnant Space• Payment terms and method• Stats and Tracking• Channel conflict (Report, Data, …)
    15. 15. Advertiser 1. Why should I work with an ad network? 2. Ad Network Selection Checklist
    16. 16. 1. Why should I work with them? Source: Collective Media Ad Network Study 2010
    17. 17. Inventory quality and targetingtechnology will continue tobecome common as top-tier adnetworks rise above the rest. Source: Collective Media Ad Network Study 2010
    18. 18. 2. Ad Network Selection Checklist for Advertisers • Brand-safety • Digital platform capabilities • Transparency • Reporting capability • Target audience reach • Responsive staff • Targeting capabilities
    19. 19. Let’s TalkLoi TranSales ExecutiveKomli Media VietnamW: loi.trandai@komli.comM: +84 122 888 1077