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Presentation on nabard sdtt

  1. 1. Promotional Schemes of NABARD Odisha Regional Office NABARD
  2. 2. Promotional Funds of NABARD • Promotion of Rural Non-Farm Sector • Micro Finance Development Fund – SHG / JLG / Micro Enterprise Development Progarmme • WDF - Watershed Development Programme • TDF - Tribal Development Programme (Wadi) • Farm Innovation and Promotion Fund • Farm Technology Transfer Fund – Farmers Club / Seed Village / SRI / Village Development Programme / Capacity Building for Technology
  3. 3. Promotional Funds of NABARD • Rural Innovation Fund • Financial Inclusion Fund / Financial Inclusion Technology Fund • Umbrella Programme for Natural Resource Management (UPNRM) • Producer Organisation Development Fund
  4. 4. • A collective of progressive farmers in the village • May be a formal or informal entity Main functions : • To act as a bridge between Govt Dept / banks and farmers • Facilitation of adoption of improved farming • Activities like aggregation, value addition, processing, collective farm produce marketing, etc • Also undertake community works for socio- economic development Farmers Club Programme
  5. 5. Future Strategy for FC • Encourage Contract Farming through Farmers’ Clubs. • Act as a small tools bank for providing FM related services on hire purchase basis • Deepening the services provided by Farmers’ Clubs. • Efforts at developing Farmers’ Clubs as revenue models.
  6. 6. Capacity Building for Adoption of Technology (CAT) Scheme • To sensitise farmers towards adoption of proven technologies for agriculture development by research institutions, progressive farmers, etc. through exposure visits • Technologies covered include Integrated Pest Management (IPM), organic farming, tissue culture, rainwater harvesting, livestock management, improved rice cultivation (SRI technology), poly house technology, vermi composting, etc.
  7. 7. • Aims at economic empowerment of tribal family through development of 1 acre Wadi (small orchard) • The components include - Establishment of Orchard, Water resource development and soil conservation, Plantation of Fruit trees (2-3 types), Boarder plants (forest sps.), Intercropping, Training & capacity building, Women Development / Livelihood component, Marketing & Processing Tribal Development Fund
  8. 8. • It is a loan – cum – grant based product • Supporting sustainable NRM-focused initiatives to improve livelihoods • Capacity building of communities • Some of the activities supported by Odisha RO include : 1. Promotion of Farm Forestry 2. Integrated Fish Farming Activities Umbrella Programme For Natural Resource Management (UPNRM)
  9. 9. Watershed Development • Area under each micro watershed ranges between 500 to 1000 ha Project components include : • Community Mobilisation through Shramdan • Soil & and land management • Water management • Afforestration • Agri development / Fodder development • Live stock management • Rural energy management
  10. 10. Non Farm Sector • Various programmes for promotion of Rural Non Farm Sector include : 1.Rural Entrepreneurship Development Programme / Skill Development Programme 2.Rural Haat Scheme 3.Rural Mart Scheme 4.Loan – cum – Grant based products for production, processing and marketing of farm and non farm produce
  11. 11. Scheme for Agri Clinic and Agri Business Centres (ACABCs) by Agriculture Graduates Agri-Clinics: • To provide expert advice and services to farmers on technology, cropping practices, protection from pests & diseases, market trends, prices of crops etc and also clinical services for animal health Agri-Business Centres: • To provide farm equipments on hire, sale of inputs and other services
  12. 12. Rural Innovation Fund • Promotional programmes supported from RIF include Innovative & unconventional experiments as also replication of proven technology in a new area • All organisations, institutions & individuals are eligible for assistance • The activities funded are for development of new products, processes, prototypes, technology, patenting and extension support
  13. 13. “Producers Organization Development Fund (PODF)” • Producers Organization Development Fund (PODF) will be used to support Producers Organizations across three areas, viz. credit support, capacity building & market linkage. • The focus is development of business model involving primary producers as well as to ensure their sustainability & economic viability.
  14. 14. THANK YOU Odisha Regional Office NABARD