Ksrtc User Experience Vision


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Ksrtc User Experience Vision

  1. 1. KSRTC User Experience Vision August 2009
  2. 2. Why KSRTC.In 2.0? Because each day more guests enter KSRTC websites than the counters. Because it is here at KSRTC.In where first impressions are made, where travel experiences are brought to life and where lasting guest relationships are built and fostered for the future.
  3. 3. Today… Like it or not, we have a site that reflects the strengths (and weaknesses) of the corporation and brand. We have a need to excel at operational efficiency, scale and consistency. But for today’s highly-informed and empowered travelers and users, with a world of options at their keyboards, it is simply not enough. The call for relevant, engaging and customized information and experiences has been heard loud and clear. It has become the new table stake.
  4. 4. W H A T W E H E A R D “…it’s fast, it works, that’s about it.” “…it feels like a site with lots of links, not a mass transportation site.” “…all the links are static or behave the same.”
  5. 5. So… We must leverage every pixel of guest, market and search intelligence to provide our users with what they now demand - from the very moment they enter our site. And, trends clearly indicates this is no longer just the home page. Our mission for KSRTC.in 2.0 is to craft an innovative framework of flexible, customizable online entry points that reflect a new spirit to serve. A spirit to serve each and every user with the Content of Highest Relevance.
  6. 6. KSRTC.in - Experience Hierarchy CONTENT OF HIGHEST RELEVANCE OPTIMIZED EXPERIENCE We know you. We know what you want. CUSTOMIZED EXPERIENCE We don’t know you. We know what you want. RECOGNIZED EXPERIENCE We know you. We don’t know what you want. LEAST COMMON DENOMINATOR EXPERIENCE We don’t know you. We don’t know what you want.
  7. 7. KSRTC.in | Experience Hierarchy NEW / POTENTIAL USERS INFORMATION SEEKERS INFREQUENT GUESTS GUESTS FROM SEARCHES/PROMOTIONS RECOGNIZED EXPERIENCE CUSTOMIZED EXPERIENCE OPTIMIZED We know you (a little). We We don’t know you. We EXPERIENCE don’t know what you want. know what you want. GLOBAL USERS We know you. We (Travelers) know what you want. LEAST COMMON DENOMINATOR EXPERIENCE We don’t know you. We don’t know what you want.
  8. 8. Great, now how does KSRTC.in 2.0 Look, feel and flow…
  9. 9. Don’t get too excited we’re still working on design, but… Here are some of our guiding principles. .
  10. 10. What if… We thought of our online presence just like our offline presence or make it even robust. A space where personal service, customized with genuine experience live and breathe each day. What if we could create a warm, welcoming environment where the best of KSRTC’s attributes are shown through at every turn (click). Here’s how we can do that on KSRTC.in 2.0.
  11. 11. Just as we would expect to do at our stations, We will welcome visitors warmly upon arrival…
  12. 12. …with a warm, inviting environment...
  13. 13. …rich in texture and vibrant with color,
  14. 14. …and a unique approach to layout and space.
  15. 15. Just as we do at our properties, We will understand (better than anyone) our Free Browsing Techniques need for efficiency and performance…
  16. 16. …highly streamlined reservations and travel arrangement tools...
  17. 17. …that are simple, visual and seemingly uncomplicated,
  18. 18. …fluid and highly intuitive…
  19. 19. KSRTC.IN …and accessible 24/7.
  20. 20. Just as we do at our exotic locales, Our leisure travelers are invited to relax, explore and discover…
  21. 21. …whenever, however they choose,
  22. 22. …understanding they, they are the ones in control.
  23. 23. Just as we do with our rich culture and heritage, We will share the unique personality of our brand. We will also invite guests to experience the little things that can make their travel special…
  24. 24. …realizing that we offer much more than just seats to relax.
  25. 25. And for the multitude of other visitors that enter our doors for a myriad of other reasons… We will ensure that they all walk away with a satisfying, dynamic & vibrant impression of KSRTC on their mind.
  26. 26. Thank you.
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