E-Ticket presentation


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Presentation for the idea of E-Ticket.

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E-Ticket presentation

  1. 1. E-Ticket,a new way of payment that will make your life easier!
  2. 2. The TecnologyPeople always carry their mobile every where they go, so we will add to the cellphone another tool: the capability to pay! So, they can carry less on their wallets. The E-Ticket will work on smartphones that has the NFC chip inside and have Android, Symbian or iOS as the operational system. E-Ticket, simplifying your life!
  3. 3. The Communication The E-Ticket is possible thanks to the Near Field Communication.This type of communications works in short distances, allowing security for payments, and with relative low speed, the necessary for payments. E-Ticket, simplifying your life!
  4. 4. The App Why it will make your life simpler? Because with the E-Ticket app, you will have the possibility to: - Pay for the bus, metro and train in seconds - Access transport timetables E-Ticket, simplifying your life!
  5. 5. Testing Value Proposition Hypothesis If people need to use public transportation such as bus or train, they need to have an easy way of paying for it (tickets) and accessing this service. In big cities and metropolis the traffic is growing worse and buying cars has become easier due funding alternatives that are collaborating to the increase of cars in urban areas at non-expected rate. To make the difference, promoting a better traffic condition, we need to develop the public transportation in such a way that more people want to use it. In order to facilitate the payment of tickets in terms of convenience and time, we can use the NFC technology to integrate the payment for the tickets. With the NFC its possible to pay for bus, train and metro tickets, and also potentially expand it to others services sectors. And why would this be a great business? Because instead of carrying a lot of cards youll just need to carry a mobile phone with a NFC chip. E-Ticket, simplifying your life!
  6. 6. Testing Value Proposition Results According to our research 56% of the people is favorable to the use of the NFC technology in order to pay for bus/train tickets. This shows that the idea could be more acceptable if we develop a good business plan and explain all the benefits that this technology could bring to the public transportation users. The biggest challenge is providing security for our customers, according to our survey, only 12% are fully satisfied with the level of security provided by NFC. E-Ticket, simplifying your life!
  7. 7. Testing Value Proposition Results We have found that the major part of the users have a mobile phone and pay the bills with credit card. E-Ticket, simplifying your life!
  8. 8. Testing Value Proposition Results Nokia and Samsung are the brands that is more popular in Brazil. Nokia uses Symbian OS and Samsung is powered with Android in most models. In Brazil, Nokia already started to develop some solutions with NFC and Pagseguro using the Models N9, C7 and C701. Based on this experience we could expect that NFC will be used in a near future and will use this technology. E-Ticket, simplifying your life!
  9. 9. Testing Value Proposition Results According to our survey it was possible to verify that the users who needs bus or metro pay it using money or smart cards. E-Ticket, simplifying your life!
  10. 10. Testing Value Proposition Results The market size according to IPEA could be huge, as the part of the population in Brazil that use bus, train or metro as a way of transport correspond to 65%, in a population of 200 million people, it represents a good opportunity of business. In our survey was possible to observe that 75 % have downloaded some type of app for mobile, based on the results it’s possible to conclude that the ideia has a great potential. E-Ticket, simplifying your life!
  11. 11. Testing Value Proposition Conclusion People provide an excellent feedback over the main idea of the use of mobile to pay bills or bus, but we had a point which was very questioned, and the question was: how we can provide a safe way to use credit card or bank details and how we could prevent information leakage? By the way we discover that some solutions are already in use and we could work making partnership with these solutions than create a new one, this option will make us to save money and time to develop a new tool to process the payments.. Due the results we got it’s possible to conclude that NFC technology could be used and it is workable as a new way of payment for bus or other service, as movies for example. E-Ticket, simplifying your life!