Kqa food quiz 2013 finals


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Finals of the 2013 KQA Food Quiz, done by Arul Mani and self.

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  • Kqa food quiz 2013 finals

    1. 1. Food Quiz 2013The Finals
    2. 2. Rules5 phasesOn Infinite Bounce
    3. 3. PHASE IWrite
    4. 4. Rules5 visualsAnswer in writing10 points eachStake +5/+10 against correspondingrisk
    5. 5. 1.They take their names from Persian terms meaningto make the heart happy and to the heart’s choice.What two bakery items popular in Bangalore?
    6. 6. Dilkush, Dilpasand
    7. 7. 2The first ever railway dining cars inAmerica were named _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ intribute to which famous New Yorkrestaurant where the Baked Alaska wascreated?
    8. 8. Delmonicos
    9. 9. 3..Sir Marcus Sandys took a secret recipe from Indiawith himto England and commissioned thepharmacists John Lea and William Perrins toproduce it for him. Which county was Sandys anative of?
    10. 10. Worcestershire – Lea and Perrins invented Worcestershire Sauce.
    11. 11. 4.Henri Gault and Christian Millaubegan what, commonly called ______ inspired by Japanese methodsof food presentation with attentionto texture and detail?
    12. 12. Nouvelle Cuisine
    13. 13. 5. One of his lesser knownworks was inspired by a lifestylechange and celebrates cookingwith a rice cooker. Who?.
    14. 14. PHASE IIClockwise
    15. 15. The Rules8 QuestionsInfinite Bounce - 10 pointsBuzz/Write for 15/-5
    16. 16. 1
    17. 17. In 2011, Coca-Cola released this limited edition set of gold and silverbottles, inspired by a musical act which was in the news thanks to asoundtrack they had featured on. Name the act.
    18. 18. Blank
    19. 19. Daft Punk.
    20. 20. 2Caraway seed is a popular flavouring forfondues and other cheese dishes inSwitzerland. However, the actual seedsare not often used in these dishes. Whatis used in its place to give these dishestheir caraway seed flavour?
    21. 21. Blank
    22. 22. Kummel, the caraway seed liqueur.Kummel liqueur
    23. 23. 3Seen here is an Italian dessert made with brandy, cake and ice cream. This dessert istraditionally made in a special pumpkin-shaped mould, from which it gets its name. Bycoincidence, the plural of this dessert happens to be an Italian surname, one whichwas much in the news in late 2011. Name it.
    24. 24. Blank
    25. 25. • Zuccotto, Zuccotti.
    26. 26. 4This 1797 book by Dr. Christoph Hufeland entitled “The Art of Prolonging Human Life” isconsidered to be “the Bible of ____________”, and is also where this word was used for the firsttime. In it, Hufeland proposed that moral and physical health are intertwined and flow from thesame source, both marked by an abundance of life force. In his view, illness was to be preventedprimarily by pursuing a proper diet and lifestyle. Fill in the blank with a latter-day buzzword.
    27. 27. Blank
    28. 28. • Macrobiotics
    29. 29. 5This Mexican condiment, also known as “salsa fresca” and similar in composition to kachumbari,has a bird-related name either due to its similarity in appearance to bird feed, or becausepeople originally ate it by pinching pieces between the thumb and forefinger like a roosterpecking at its food. Name it.
    30. 30. Blank
    31. 31. • Pico de Gallo (“rooster’s beak”)
    32. 32. 6•“_______ In The White House” was meant to be thethird book in the series, continuing the protagonist’sadventures with President Lancelot R. Gilligrass fromthe second book and picking up after _______ is donewith helping President Gilligrass defeat the VermiciousKnids. This was achieved by crashing the second book’stitular method of transportation into the first book’stitular manufacturing facility.• The author began work on this book, but onlymanaged to finish one chapter of it before his death in1990. Fill in the blanks and name the author.
    33. 33. Blank
    34. 34. • Charlie Bucket (of Charlie and theChocolate Factory and Charlie and theGreat Glass Elevator fame)• Roald Dahl
    35. 35. 7.Salt was once available inlarge grains, and this is thereason for a particular kindof preserved meat having afootsore, agricultural sortof name. What name?
    36. 36. Corned Beef.
    37. 37. 8.The idea of grinding beef into steaks wasbrought into Europe after an Asiatic peoplewere noticed using it. This debt is perhapsacknowledged in the name given to onesuch delicacy, feared because it might leadto direct access for tapeworm. What?
    38. 38. Steak Tartare.
    39. 39. 9.The location of this village, a stagecoachstop on the Great North Road betweenEngland and Scotland, led to producefrom nearby villages attracting muchdemand. Wheyfore?
    40. 40. This is why only cheese produced in the three counties of Derbyshire, Leicestershire,and Nottinghamshire may be called "Stilton". Thus any cheese produced in Stilton, thevillage in Cambridgeshire after which the cheese is named, would not currently beallowed to be called Stilton Cheese.
    41. 41. 10.He set up the Hindoostanee Coffeehouse in England in 1806, thuseffortlessly staking claim to aparticular distinction. Who? Whatclaim?
    42. 42. Dean Mahomet, who started the first curry house in England.
    43. 43. PHASE IIISpectrum
    44. 44. The RulesList the elements in a finiteset5 points, +10 bonus if allcorrect-5 if you exceed the number.
    45. 45. In 1886, Henry J. Heinz sailed to England carrying withhim a Gladstone bag containing samples of the then-complete range of seven Heinz products. Theseproducts were a hit in England, helping establish theHeinz name worldwide, and many of them are stillamong Heinz’s most popular products today.Name them.—all 7.
    46. 46. Answers follow
    47. 47. Answers1.Horseradish2.Pickled Gherkins3.Sauerkraut4.Vinegar5.Ketchup6.Apple Butter7.Baked Beans
    48. 48. PHASE IVAnticlockwise
    49. 49. The Rules8 QuestionsInfinite Bounce - 10 pointsBuzz/Write for 15/-5
    50. 50. 1•This drink had many varieties, depending on whatingredients were added to it. Some are still madetoday, although very few are made commercially.•If Maple syrup was included, it was known asAcerglyn. If hops and malt were added, it was knownas Braggot. If apples were mixed in, it was known asCyser. If grapes were added, the result was Pyment. Ifmulberries were included, it was known as Morat. Ifherbs and spices were added, it was known asMetheglin.•If only the two basic ingredients are used, however,what is it called?
    51. 51. Mead, or Honey Wine.
    52. 52. Seen here are several types of antique silver __1__ ___2___. These were used to serve __1__ atthe table, as opposed to the plain tins used to store cooking __1__. The particular type of fine__1__ used in these ___2___ became so associated with them that it was named ___2_____1__, and this name survives even though the use of the ___2___ has died out. Fill in theblanks.
    53. 53. • Sugar Casters, which were filled withCaster Sugar.
    54. 54. Seen here are grains of X’s Y, also known as Coixseed, Y Grass or Adlai. The plant is native toSoutheast Asia, but is cultivated widely in North America, especially in areas which are tooelevated for corn or rice to grow. The name comes from the Biblical character X, who endured alot of suffering, although it is also known as Davids Y, Saint Marys Y, Christs Y, or just plain Ydrops. Identify the grain.
    55. 55. • Job’s Tears
    56. 56. Joe Profaci (1897-1962) was an Italian-American Mafioso who founded what istoday known as the Colombo crimefamily, the youngest and allegedly mostbloodthirsty of the five New York Mafiafamilies. Although he made much of hismoney through traditional Mafiaenterprises such as protection racketsand extortion, he always maintained thathe was nothing more than an _____ ___importer, thus earning himself thenickname “The _____ ___ King” in themedia. Fill in the blanks. Also, what inpopular culture did Profaci inspire?
    57. 57. The Genco Olive Oil Importing Company from the Godfather series.
    58. 58. These are ________, small containers of nitrous oxide that are meant to be used in certain typesof food dispensers. However, they are commonly used by recreational drug users asan inhalant (for the psychoactive effects of nitrous oxide), and as a source of cheap nitrousoxide in model rocketry. Fill in the blanks, or describe their intended use.
    59. 59. Blank
    60. 60. Whippits (or whipped cream chargers),intended for use in whipped creamdispensers.
    61. 61. • ______ are the hulled grains of various cereals, suchas oats, wheat, barley, or rye. ______ are wholegrains that include the cereal germ and fiber-rich branportion of the grain as well as the endosperm (theusual product of milling) of the grain.• Wheat ______ such as bulgur are commonly used,along with oat, millet, barley and maize ______.• The _____ is also the name of long-defunct Englishand Scottish silver coins worth four pence. Bothnames come from the old Dutch for “large”. Fill in theblanks.
    62. 62. Blank
    63. 63. The Groat.
    64. 64. 7.THERE ARE usually two ways ofharvesting them—dry—where rakes areused, and wet harvesting—here the fieldsare flooded and the produce wrestedfrom the vines. What crop with aremarkably high benzoic acid contentthat allows it to be stored for months onend without damage?
    65. 65. Cranberries.
    66. 66. 6It takes its name either from the Italianfor better than good, or from thesame source that gives us the wordmasturbation—meaning to take inhand. What cheese, best known for itsuse in an Italian pick-me-up?8
    67. 67. Mascarpone, used in Tiramisu.
    68. 68. 9.The finger lime of Australia has littlejewel like vesicles that burst forthwhen you cut it open. This looks likeanother high value commodity, andso it is often called _ _ _ _ _ _ lime.What?
    69. 69. Caviar Lime
    70. 70. 10The mature fruit is celebrated across asia, but its immatureform is also apized delicacy called edamame. What are wetalking about?.
    71. 71. Soya Beans
    72. 72. PHASE VDifference Wars
    73. 73. The Rules5 Questions20/15/10 and -5
    74. 74. 11Khalal denotes a full size product thatis still hard and pale while bisr is whencolor starts to appear. Rutab is he termfor when it begins to soften. TheseArab terms are used the world over forwhich commodity?
    75. 75. Dates
    76. 76. 2The Date plum bears the name Diospyroslotos in tribute to which unproven storyabout its first occurrence in humanmemory?
    77. 77. These are supposedly the fruits that the Lotus-eaters ate in The Odyssey.
    78. 78. 3It refers to a kind of windinstrument with a mouthpiece, buton account of confusion with thename Phaseolus, this term nowrefers also to a species of kidneybean. What 9-letter term?
    79. 79. Flageolet
    80. 80. 4Members of the Wagyu breedare fed grain and beer andperiodically massaged toensure the ideal production ofwhat?
    81. 81. Kobe Beef.
    82. 82. 5.His friends called him Thammu, and hisbest known theory was that the niddaligebecame the idli through the intervention ofHindu princes from Indonesia whobrought local innovations with them whiletravelling to India looking for wives. Who?
    83. 83. K. T. Achaya.
    84. 84. The End.Thank you!