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Intellectual performance is achieved in 3 steps. Grasping, Storing and Recall. This presentation shows the scientific way to improve overall intellectual performance. It has 3 products respectively for Grasping, Storing and Recall. For products, write to

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Memory ppt slide show

  1. 1. Memory EnhancementProgram with Success kitDr. Santosh Jalukarsantoshjalukar@rediffmail.comMobile: 9969 106 404 A Novel Ayurvedic Approach
  2. 2. What is the Need? Intellectual performance plays a major role in all fields It is the only tool for sure success Can make proper decisions Achieve respect in society Arrive at seniority Money Overall bright future
  3. 3. Have you seen him?This is a geniusIndian individual.Recognize?
  4. 4. Hint:Initials S. B. Born in Chandigarh 1968 Father ‘Baldev’ Indian Army officer Mother ‘Daman’, a bank officer Graduated engineering from Banglore Did his M. S. in Stanford University Joined Apple computers Left the job and created some innovation
  5. 5. Sabir Bhatia He was rewarded $ 400 million by Microsoft for his Hotmail invention. Rs. 16,00,00,00,000 Intelligence can not be calculated in terms of money, but it is obvious that the appreciation or reward is valued only in terms of money.
  6. 6. What is Intelligence?An individual’s strength or ability toacquire and use knowledge for solvingproblems and adapting to the world inday-to-day life
  7. 7. What are the typesIntelligence?1. Linguistic intelligence (word smart)2. Mathematical intelligence (number smart)3. Spatial intelligence (picture smart)4. Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence (body smart)5. Musical intelligence (music smart)6. Interpersonal intelligence (people smart)7. Intrapersonal intelligence (self smart)8. Naturalist intelligence (nature smart)
  8. 8. Where lies the Intelligence ?15 areas for different functions
  9. 9. Brain Area & Functions: Brain stem: Controls unconscious vital functions like blood pressure and breathing Brocas area: Controls speech Cerebellum: Maintains posture, balance and coordination of movement Gustatory area: Controls the sense of taste
  10. 10. Brain Area & Functions: Left cerebral hemisphere: Together with right cerebral hemisphere, controls most conscious and mental activities Left middle cerebral artery: A major source of blood supply to the brain Motor cortex: Sends instructions to muscles to cause voluntary movements Optic radiation: Tract of nerve fibers involved in vision
  11. 11. Brain Area & Functions: Parietal lobe: Involved in sensations of pain and touch, spatial orientation, and speech Prefrontal cortex: Provides ability to plan, reason, concentrate, and adjust behavior Premotor cortex: Coordinates series of movements or intricate, complex movements Primary auditory cortex: Distinguishes sound qualities (eg, loudness and tones)
  12. 12. Brain Area & Functions: Primary somatic sensory cortex: Receives information from skin receptors, distinguishing different types of sensations Primary visual cortex: Detects basic parts of a visual scene (eg, outlines and light or dark) Wernickes area: Interprets sensory information
  13. 13. Acquisition of Knowledge:Sense organs The 1st step in Memory enhancement Dependant on 5 Sense organs Clean and adequately lubricated Helps proper neurotransmission from environment to the brain External devices for acquisition Common cold affects the sense of smell to the brain
  14. 14. 5 Sense organs
  15. 15. 5th Most Important… Nose: The most important organ for various brain activities. It is the gateway to brain. Smell is stored almost exclusively in the long-term memory. Smells stimulate learning and information. Edwin Morris noted that a list of words was recalled much more easily and retained better when olfactory information was given along with a word list.
  16. 16. Nose, the gateway… Sensory cells are closely packed along the nasal-membrane lining, and convert scent to chemical messages transmitted to the olfactory bulb region of the brain.
  17. 17. Nasal medication ऊधवजतुिवकारे षु िवशेषाननसयििषयते | व नासा िि िशरसो दारं  तेन तदवयापय ििनत ता न  | ् For supraclavicular diseases, nasal medication is best. Nose is the only door of administering medicine, hence such diseases are perfectly treated only with nasal route.
  18. 18. Nutrition to Human brain  Book gives all the research data towards importance of Lipids in Brain development
  19. 19. DHA and Memory A brain wave ‘p300’ is linked to memory and learning. The faster the rate of transmission, the brain functions more efficiently. Researchers took 26 volunteers hooked them with electrodes and checked their p300 rate. Immediately after taking the test, they were given DHA (derivative of Omega-3). Two hours later, their brain waves were measured, and this time the p300 rate was significantly faster in the group. This supports importance of lipids in the neurotransmission. Myanaga, K., K. Yonemura, and K. Yazawa. International Conference on Highly Unsaturated Fatty Acids in Nutrition and Disease Prevention. 1996 Barcelona, Spain.
  20. 20. Connections of Nose Eyes: Through the lacrimal ducts. Ears: Through the Eustachian tube Throat: Directly from Naso-pharynx Brain: Via Olfactory apparatus Hence it is directly connected to major organs involved in the sensory system for acquisition of information
  21. 21. Nasal absorption studies The nasal route is being studied for the administration of systemically active drugs because delivery is convenient, reliable and rapid. It was absorbed rapidly after nasal administration with peak concentration in1.5 min. The nasal bioavailability of NXX-066 was 100 ± 30 % Ref: Maria Dahlin and Erik Björk Department of Pharmacy, Division of Pharmaceutics, Uppsala University, Biomedical Center, SE-751 23 Uppsala, Sweden
  22. 22. Cleverin Nasal-DropsCow ghee + saffron शसतं धी सिित िेधाऽििन बलायुः शक  ृ ु चकुषाि ् .... This shloka is from Ayurvedic text describing the properties of Cow ghee. Meaning: Cow ghee is best for grasping, storing and recall process of brain. It also improves appetite, physical strength, vigor and eyesight.
  23. 23. Cleverin Nasal-DropsCow ghee + saffron Crocin is an active component of Crocus sativus (saffron). Antioxidant effects of crocin were more effective than those of α-tocopherol. The studies suggest that crocin is a unique and potent antioxidant that combats oxidative stress in neurons.Ref. Neuroscience Letters, Volume 362, Issue 1, 13 May 2004, P. 61-64 Authors: Takashi Ochiai, Shigekazu Ohno, Shinji Soeda, Hiroyuki Tanaka, Yukihiro Shoyama, Hiroshi Shimeno (Japan )
  24. 24. Cleverin:Mode of action Protects the neurons from oxidative stress Properly lubricates the neuronal passage Improves oxygenated blood flow to the brain. Strengthens the grasping capability of the brain
  25. 25. Step 2:Storing of knowledge After proper grasping, it is essential to store the acquired knowledge properly Make adequate space for proper storing Arrange the information systematically It will help to locate the data easily as and when essential
  26. 26. CleverolImproves storage Not Just a drink Contains 4 herbs Chocolate flavour Memory Immunity Strength
  27. 27. CLEVEROL Granules:Makes child clever and all-round A delicious health and memory drink. CLEVEROL is a delicious composition containing Brahmi, Shankhapushpi, Shatavari and Ashwagandha. This delicious powder drink is blended with chocolate flavour and sugar. Schooling children simply love this to have it with milk as a regular health drink. It is rather a better alternative to other beverages
  28. 28. BRAHMI in Cleverol There were three testing sessions: one prior to the trial, one after three months on the trial, and one six weeks after the completion of the trial. The results show a significant effect of the Brahmi on a test for the retention of new information. Follow-up tests showed that the rate of learning was unaffected, suggesting that Brahmi decreases the rate of forgetting of newly acquired information. Ref. Chronic Effects of Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri) on Human Memory Department of Psychology, University of Wollongong, Australia
  29. 29. SHANKHAPUSHPIin Cleverol Shankhapushpi administered orally for 3 days in adult male Swiss mice, was effective in decreasing scopolamine induced deficit in passive avoidance test. The improvement in the peripheral stress markers and scopolamine induced dementia by EA in the present study indicates the adaptogenic and anti-amnesic properties of EA. Ref. Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior, Volume 81, Issue 3, July 2005, Pages 424-432
  30. 30. SHATAVARIIn Cleverol The immunoadjuvant potential of Asparagus racemosus was evaluated using serological and hematological parameters for 15 days resulted significant increase (P = 0.0052) in antibody titers compared to untreated (control) animals. Immunoprotection against intra-cerebral challenge of live B. pertussis cells was evaluated based on degree of sickness, paralysis etc. Improved health status was observed indicating development of protective immune response. Ref. J Ethnopharmacol. 2004 Apr;91(2-3):251-5. Authors: Gautam M, Diwanay S, Gairola S, Shinde Y, Patki P, Patwardhan B.
  31. 31. ASHWAGANDHAIn Cleverol The aqueous suspension of Withania somnifera root powder was investigated for their in vivo and in vitro immunomodulatory properties. W. somnifera showed potent inhibitory activity towards the complement system, mitogen induced lymphocyte proliferation and delayed-type hypersensitivity reaction. Ref. Vascular Pharmacology, Volume 44, Issue 6, June 2006, Pages 406-410 Authors: M. Rasool, P. Varalakshmi
  32. 32. Step 3:Memory Recall process Most important for students Cleveroma agarbatti, a novel approach and revolutionary research product. Nasal medication has immediate effect on brain cells as it bypasses BBB. Directly acts on the target of action. German research supporting to this concept.
  33. 33. Cleveroma Agarbatti, A Novel Revolutionary Product.
  34. 34. Recall process… 34 students given memory test Rose perfume sprayed in the room fMRI scan showed stimulation in the hippocampus 97% recall in the treated group 84% in the control group Hippocampus is involved in consolidation of knowledge
  35. 35. Recall process… Based on this concept, aromatic herbs like Rose, Jatamansi, Vekhand are incorporated in this agarbatti. Students should light this during studies and in the bedroom while sleeping Those allergic to smoke should not use this agarbatti
  36. 36. Diet Each cell in the body is the result of your diet.
  37. 37. Diet, a part and parcel forgood mental health Ayurveda has recommended special nourishing recipe for improving intellectual performance It is called “Panch-Khadya” Contains: Kharik, Khajoor, Khobra (Coconut), Khus-khus (Poppy seed), Khadi-sakhar (Candy sugar)
  38. 38. What is good for memory Tiffin for recess: Better than Wada-Pav, Wafers, Biscuits and other junk food
  39. 39. Prayers…Scientific perspective Prayers play a major role in improving intellectual performance and it can be proved scientifically. Cortisol is a stress hormone proved to have long-lasting adverse effect on Brain. Prayers create confidence and keeps you away from fear and stress. Thereby help to prevent the brain damage and improve performance eventually.
  40. 40. Exercise:Improves O2 to the brain.Only regularity important
  41. 41. How meditation helps CHANGES IN P300 FOLLOWING TWO YOGA-BASED RELAXATION TECHNIQUES S. P. Sarang & Shirley Telles Cyclic meditation (CM) is a technique that combines “stimulating” and “calming” practices, based on a statement in ancient yoga texts suggesting that such a combination may be especially helpful to reach a state of mental equilibrium. The changes in the peak latency and peak amplitude of P300 auditory event– related potentials were studied before and after the practice of cyclic meditation compared to an equal duration of supine rest in 42 volunteers (group mean age ± SD, 27 ± 6.3 years), from Fz, Cz, and Pz electrode sites referenced to linked earlobes. The sessions were one day apart and the order was alternated. There was reduction in the peak latencies of P300 after cyclic meditation at Fz, Cz, and Pz compared to the “pre” values. A similar trend of reduction in P300 peak latencies at Fz, Cz, and Pz was also observed after supine rest, compared to the respective “pre” values, although themagnitude of change in each casewas less after supine rest compared to after cyclic meditation. The P300 peak amplitudes after CM were higher at Fz, Cz, and Pz sites compared to the “pre” values. In contrast, no significant changes were observed in the P300 peak amplitudes at Fz, Cz, and Pz after supine rest compared to the respective “pre” state. The present results support the idea that “cyclic” meditation enhances cognitive processes underlying the generation of the P300.
  42. 42. Adequate sleep… As the body requires adequate rest for replenishing the physical strength, brain also needs adequate sleep to recharge the intellectual abilities. Sleep deprivation leads to impairment in cognitive process. Hippocampus activity is maximum during the sleep which helps to consolidate the acquired knowledge.
  43. 43. Tratak:Improving concentration Just 5 minutes in a day Improves focus removes distraction
  44. 44. POSITIVE ATTITUDE Positive attitude has immense potential in learning and achieving knowledge. Instead of saying “Oh No”, Always say “Oh Yes”. If you say “I can do it” you can really do it. Never underestimate yourself.
  45. 45. SUMMARY of SUCCESS KIT Cleverin nasal drops for improving the grasping capacity of the brain Cleverol for strengthening the storage volume of the brain Cleveroma agarbatti for stimulating the recall process of brain
  46. 46. Summary of thepresentation Cleverin improves input of knowledge Cleverol increases storage in the neurons Cleveroma accelerates recall process Have Good Diet Perform Regular Exercise Have Faith in God Take Adequate sleep Perform Tratak for concentration Make a habit of Positive attitude Success is assured
  47. 47. With SUCCESS KIT,Have a wonderful future