Social Media Archetypes


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How the classical archetype fits into the new age media... Correlation of the twitter group with the classical archetypes

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Social Media Archetypes

  1. 1. Ancient Archetypes in Modern MediaToday is the age of personal media ownership. According to a recent news releasefrom Twitter ( on an averagearound 4 Billion tweets are sent out every month. From individual point of views,re-tweets, status updates, what’s happening?, and direct messages….Twitter hasbecome the favourite platform for self-expression for manyEvery Twitter account can be measured on the following parameters – Popularity – The number of people following a twitter profile Pursuit – The number of people whom a twitter profile is following..either for information or interaction Publishing – The volume of tweets (original) and re-tweets being done by the profileBasis the above 3 P’s mentioned, we can organize the twitter users into differentgroups…and each group fit into the classical Archetype.The Twitter grouping:Popularity Pursuit PublishingHigh High HighHigh High LowHigh Low LowHigh Low HighLow Low LowLow Low HighLow High HighLow High LowOn the X- axis is broadly the values of Popularity/Pursuit (for ease of grouping havegrouped into 3 categories – less than 1, equal to 1, and greater than 1)Y-axis represents the volume of tweets – High and Low
  2. 2. Creator: These are people who create something unique and have value. Since theyhave huge following they can influence a huge number of people by what they say.Usually, the publications, media houses, are the ideal examples that fall into thistype of archetype. @nytimes, @cnnbrk, @bbcnewsRuler/Sage: These are people who exert a lot of control. They are usually successfulin their sphere of activity. CEO’s of companies, Thought leaders, Movie Stars,Celebrities are ideal examples that fall into this type of archetype.LadyGaga,@justinbieber, @BarackObama, @KimKardashian @kanyewest, etcCaregiver: These are people who would love to help others. Either by way ofretweeting, or tweeting relevant information they often try and help other achievetheir goals. While the active caregiver goes ahead and spreads his network byfollowing more number of people (and expect reciprocal following) the inactivecaregiver is happy with the small universe he follows or being followed. Each of uswould have our own caregivers archetypes in our twitter network. The ideal profilein my network is @Unseenntmktg
  3. 3. Regular: All he wants is to ‘fit in’. Being connected to others is his prime drivingforce. He also loves to see that others also connect to him. Most of the people herehave reciprocal connections – You follow me, I follow you. A bulk of the people youfind on Twitter would fall in this categoryExplorer: An Explorer archetype is a person who keeps following people. Whatdrives him is journeying the world by following others. While he mostly re-tweetsabout others experiences, He also shares the happenings around him. But hemainly wants to enrich himself by the experience of othersOutlaw: He believes in himself, and has a will to transform this world. While hefollows a lot number of people, the number of people following him is usually low.The reason attributed to the same is that many would not like to be associated witha rebel in a public platform. However, there are some Outlaw archetypes whoachieve cult status and thus would fall in the Ruler/Sage archetype mentionedearlier.The reason for understanding the twitter archetypes is that it can give you someinsight into specific characteristics of a specific twitter group…through which onecan understand the motivations and behavior. While most of the archetype mightresonate, there could be exceptions..So which archetype are you??---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SantoshAssociate Vice PresidentTwitter: