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Stressmanagementslideshow 110531202735-phpapp02

  1. 1. Personal Stress Personally I find financial issues to be the most stressful. This could include budgeting for travelling and rent and still having enough for food at the end of the week. Equally as stressful can be finding ways to obtain money
  2. 2. HEALTH AND SAFETY IN EMPLOYMENT ACT 1992 (sect 6)Every employer shall take all practicable steps to ensure the safety of employees while at work HEALTH AND SAFETY IN EMPLOYMENT ACT 1992 (sect 7)Every employer shall ensure that there are inplace effective methods for identifying existinghazards, and (if possible before they arise) newhazards to employees at work.
  3. 3. Stress in aphysiologicalreaction within thebrain that causeschanges to the bodyaccordingly butmore realistically itsa build up ofpressure that causeworry to the personand can have somepretty devastating
  4. 4. Stress feels different todifferent people it alldepends on the type ofperson and the level ofstress. Some people willlash out causing physicalharm and intimidatecolleges while othersprefer to withdrawal fromeveryone and everything.This isnt to say stressalways feels badsometimes it can give youa healthy sense ofpressure and help you
  5. 5. Negative stress is usually an overload of stress causingyou to function different a person will become far moreindecisive and restless causing them to procrastinateand further cause stress effectively being trapped in aself defeating cycle. When reaching the personal limit ifstress you will revert to your primitive brain causing the“fight or flight” making you either lash out or totallywithdraw from the situation
  6. 6. Stress usually draws very negative connotations and israrely looked at as a positive factor this is far from thetruth however stress causes you to realiseconsequences if something is not completed and driveyou to finish things through your bodys chemicalreactions and release of adrenaline. Also stress is agreat tool for keeping your motivation up and completinggoals, the key here is moderation
  7. 7.  Physical symptoms Mental symptoms Behavioural symptoms Emotional symptoms
  8. 8. 1. Loss of weight2. Pimples3. Hair loss4. Increased heart rate5. Dark rings around the eyes6. Pale7.
  9. 9. 1. Confusion2. Overwhelmed3. Self defeating4. Mentally Distant5. Anxiety6. Indecisive
  10. 10. 1. Bad temper2. Raising your voice3. Compulsive4. Self absorbed5. Socially Distant6. Violent
  11. 11. EMOTIONAL SYMPTOMS1 Upset2 Angry3 Irrational4 Mood swings5 Depressed6 Hopeless
  12. 12. Stress is not the same as ill-health, but has been related to such illnesses as; - Heart Problems - Asthma - Eczema - Depression
  13. 13. We all see the immediate effects stress have on peoplebut easily forgotten is what it costs that person later thisincludes1. Mental health issues2. Physical health issues3. Loss of income4. Damaged credibility5. Family problems
  14. 14. Part 2 Stress at Work
  15. 15. Work is perhaps one of the most stressing places whethertrying to get a job the job itself or being fired all havenumerous stress factors such as 1. Job interviews 2. Strict conducts codes 3. Long hours 4. Deadlines 5. Contracts 6. Being Fired 7. Being harmed
  16. 16. Part 3 Stress Management
  17. 17. Causes of Stress Internal Stresses  External Stresses
  18. 18.  Organisational  Deficit within stress is any kind of company stress that effects  Promotion you from direct  Health and safety result of what is violation happening within  Pay decrease your organisation or business Eg:  Policy change
  19. 19. External Stresses - Major Life Events Marriage Death of family member Becoming unemployed Promotion Birth of family member New Job Moving
  20. 20.  Mental Health problems Self Consciousness Outlook on life Religious Ideals Expectations Perception
  21. 21. STRESS CONTROL Changing your mindset Talking yourself through problems Accepting stress Utalizing stress for motivation Deep breathing Meditation Regular Exercise Healthy Diet
  22. 22.  Change your Outlook Change your Mindset  Change your Life
  23. 23. SummaryAs weve seen stress can comefrom almost any aspect of our lifeand not only does it just effectsour mind and body but also thosearound us. Stress has many sideeffects which can cause greatharm even in small cases butoverlooked is the good stress cando if you manage it right. Work ontechniques to manage stress andyoull find yourself living a moremotivated and productive life