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61659229 rigi-miracle-sample-pdf

  1. 1. RIGI MIRACLE volume- 1 RIGI (READ IT GRASP IT) MIRACLE (Hindi Version) VOLUME-1 (A -G) VOCABULARY BOOK FOR GRE/CAT/GMAT/SAT/MAT/IELTS/TOEFL Umesh Sehgal RIGI PUBLICATION 777, STREET NO 9, KRISHNA NAGAR, KHANNA- 141401 (PUNJAB), INDIA Phone: +91-9357710014, +91-9465468291 Website: www.rigipublication.com Email: info@rigipublication.comRIGI MIRACLE- By Umesh Sehgal Try to imagine every ridiculous story into picture
  2. 2. RIGI MIRACLE volume- 1 RIGI PUBLICATION ©copyright 2011 by RIGI PUBLICATION All right reserved No part of this book may be reproduced in any form, by Photostat, microfilm, xerography, or any other means or incorporated into any information retrievel system, electronic or mechanical, without the written permission of the copyright owner. RIGI MIRACLE (Hindi Version) Volume- 1 nd 2 EDITION Originally published in the India ISBN: 978-81-907513-2-2 Published by RIGI PUBLICATION 777, Street no.9, Krishna Nagar Khanna-141401 (Punjab) Website: www.rigipublication.com Email: info@rigipublication.com Phone: +91-9357710014, +91-9465468291RIGI MIRACLE- By Umesh Sehgal Try to imagine every ridiculous story into picture
  3. 3. RIGI MIRACLE volume- 1 Preface Every effort is made to make the book easily understandable. Key words and ridiculous stories (as mnemonics) are taken from day today life to help the students in memorizing difficult words. No doubt there are some offensiveridiculous stories but don’t take them as offensive. These are here only to make the students learn the words by linking the meaning & remember the wordsquickly. The ridiculous stories will keep your mood light while studying & you will be free from any burden.The book is very helpful for those who want to be higly successful and make their mark in life. The author has put his heart and soul to make this vocabulary book very easy, fluent with appropriate meanings, forms, mnemonics and synonyms. All the sentences are written in very short & interesting way. It is hoped that the book will be found useful for one and all especially those for whom it is meant. Comments and suggestions are most welcomed. “Trust youself. You are the maker of your destiny.” “Never complaint about your present situation. Instead of it you should always pay your gratitude to the Almighty.” For comments & suggestions please go to our website: www.rigipublication.com RIGI MIRACLE Facebook Group http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_113227245426553 RIGI MIRACLE Orkut Community http://www.orkut.co.in/Main#Community?cmm=42605538With Best WishesUmesh Sehgal AuthorRIGI MIRACLE- By Umesh Sehgal Try to imagine every ridiculous story into picture
  4. 4. RIGI MIRACLE volume- 1 ContentsS. NO. Title Page no. Part- 1 HOW TO DEAL WITH RIGI MIRACLE? 1. What is RIGI MIRACLE? 7 2. Word power 8 3. Eye memory 9 4. Memory graph 10 5. Choose your revision plan 11 1. Revision plan according to memory graph (LEARN IN 22 DAYS) 2. 2. Revision plan according to memory graph (LEARN IN 38 DAYS) 6. Guide line 16 Part- 2 START VOCABULARY WITH RIGI MIRACLE Pronunciation Symbols 18 Mnemonics Keys 19 Word list- 1 Abase – Actuarial 21 Word list- 2 Adapt – Allegory 33RIGI MIRACLE- By Umesh Sehgal Try to imagine every ridiculous story into picture
  5. 5. RIGI MIRACLE volume- 1 Word list- 3 Allude – Annuity 46 Word list- 4 Annul – Approbation 61 Word list- 5 Appropriate –Astigmatism 72 Word list- 6 Astral – Balm 85 Word list- 7 Balmy – Benevolent 97 Word list- 8 Benign – Bountiful 108 Word list- 9 Bourgeois – Cajole 120 Word list- 10 Calamity – Catcall 131 Word list- 11 Catechism – Chicanery 143 Word list- 12 Chide – Clime 154 Word list- 13 Clique – Compensatory 151 Word list- 14 Compilation – Congruent 173 Word list- 15 Conifer – Convene 184 Word list- 16 Convention – Crestfallen 195 Word list- 17 Crevice – Decomposition 206 Word list- 18 Decoy – Depravity 218 Word list- 19 Deprecate – Din 230 Word list- 20 Dinghy - Dispirited 242 Word list- 21 Disport – Dowdy 254 Word list- 22 Downcast - Elusive 266RIGI MIRACLE- By Umesh Sehgal Try to imagine every ridiculous story into picture
  6. 6. RIGI MIRACLE volume- 1 Word list- 23 Downcast - Elusive 278 Word list- 24 Entreat - Ethnology 290 Word list- 25 Ethos - Expletive 300 Word list- 26 Explicit - Fatalism 313 Word list- 27 Fathom - Finite 324 Word list- 28 Firebrand - Ford 334 Word list- 29 Forebears - Fulcrum 343 Word list- 30 Fulminate - Gawk 352 Word list- 31 Gazette - Gnome 360 Word list- 32 Goad - Gyroscope 369 Part- 3 RIGI MIRACLE TEST SERIES Test- 1 380 Test- 2 385 Test- 3 390 Test- 4 395 Test- 5 400 Test- 6 405 Test- 7 410 Test- 8 415RIGI MIRACLE- By Umesh Sehgal Try to imagine every ridiculous story into picture
  7. 7. RIGI MIRACLE volume- 1 Test- 9 420 Test- 10 425 Test- 11 430 Answer Key 434RIGI MIRACLE- By Umesh Sehgal Try to imagine every ridiculous story into picture
  9. 9. RIGI MIRACLE volume- 1 2. Word PowerNow I am referring to the most important topic from which it wouldbecome a tricky game for you to learn any language has vocabulary so bylearning them we can learn any language. This is the method of linkingand association. As we all know that every new word is somewherelinked with old words so ultimately there is nothing new so try to traceout those old words from new, which are already known to you.Only two rules to learn any vocabulary 1. One should find out an old word which is already known, from new word or should find a word which rhymes similar to it. 2. Find a key word from new word make its memory link with meaning of new word you can memorize very easily.In this book mostly use second rule, because this is the best rule forremember numbers of words.RIGI MIRACLE- By Umesh Sehgal Try to imagine every ridiculous story into picture
  10. 10. RIGI MIRACLE volume- 1 3. Eye Memory Our Eye memory is stronger by 27 times than the ear memory since the nerves connecting eyes to the brain 27 times more powerful than thenerves connecting ear to the brain so eye memory is the strong memory.RIGI MIRACLE- By Umesh Sehgal Try to imagine every ridiculous story into picture
  11. 11. RIGI MIRACLE volume- 1 4. Memory GraphWhatever you learn that remains in your mind for at least 24 hours.Within this time duration if you revise it again, then it will remain for 3days in your memory. And if you again revise it, in between those 3 daysthan it will remain for 7 days in your memory. At last if you again reviseit, in between those 7 days then it will remain for longtime in yourmemory. The main thing is that this technique increases your applicationconfidence.RIGI MIRACLE- By Umesh Sehgal Try to imagine every ridiculous story into picture
  12. 12. RIGI MIRACLE volume- 1 5. Choose Your Revision PlanRIGI MIRACLE- By Umesh Sehgal Try to imagine every ridiculous story into picture
  13. 13. RIGI MIRACLE volume- 1 1. RIGI MIRACLE REVISION PLAN ACCORDING TO MEMORY GRAPH (LEARN IN 22 DAYS) Days Numbers of word list day 1 1,2 day 2 3,4 1,2 day 3 5,6 3,4 1,2 day 4 7,8 5,6 3,4 day 5 9,10 7,8 5,6 day 6 11,12 9,10 7,8 day 7 13,14 11,12 9,10 1,2 day 8 15,16 13,14 11,12 3,4 day 9 17,18 15,16 13,14 5,6 day 10 19,20 17,18 15,16 7,8 day 11 21,22 19,20 17,18 9,10 day 12 23,24 21,22 19,20 11,12 day 13 25,26 23,24 21,22 13,14 day 14 27,28 25,26 23,24 15,16 day 15 29,30 27,28 25,26 17,18 day 16 31,32 29,30 27,28 19,20 day 17 31,32 29,30 21,22 day 18 31,32 23,24RIGI MIRACLE- By Umesh Sehgal Try to imagine every ridiculous story into picture
  14. 14. RIGI MIRACLE volume- 1 day 19 25,26 day 20 27,28 `day 21 29,30 day 22 31,32RIGI MIRACLE- By Umesh Sehgal Try to imagine every ridiculous story into picture
  15. 15. RIGI MIRACLE volume- 1 2. RIGI MIRACLE REVISION PLAN ACCORDING TO MEMORY GRAPH (LEARN IN 38 DAYS) Days Numbers of word list day 1 1 day 2 2 1 day 3 3 2 1 day 4 4 3 2 day 5 5 4 3 day 6 6 5 4 day 7 7 6 5 1 day 8 8 7 6 2 day 9 9 8 7 3 day 10 10 9 8 4 day 11 11 10 9 5 day 12 12 11 10 6 day 13 13 12 11 7 day 14 14 13 12 8 day 15 15 14 13 9 day 16 16 15 14 10 day 17 17 16 15 11 day 18 18 17 16 12 day 19 19 18 17 13 day 20 20 19 18 14RIGI MIRACLE- By Umesh Sehgal Try to imagine every ridiculous story into picture
  16. 16. RIGI MIRACLE volume- 1 day 21 21 20 19 15 day 22 22 21 20 16 day 23 23 22 21 17 day 24 24 23 22 18 day 25 25 24 23 19 day 26 26 25 24 20 day 27 27 26 25 21 day 28 28 27 26 22 day 29 29 28 27 23 day 30 30 29 28 24 day 31 31 30 29 25 day 32 32 31 30 26 day 33 32 31 27 day 34 32 28 day 35 29 day 36 30 day 37 31 day 38 32RIGI MIRACLE- By Umesh Sehgal Try to imagine every ridiculous story into picture
  17. 17. RIGI MIRACLE volume- 1 5. Guide Line When we read again & again it makes link between conscious and subconscious mind. If the link is not made properly then it diminished,but if we learn ridiculously then the link between two remains for a very long time. Here is a guide line for every reader to try to imagine a ridiculous video in your mind of every ridiculous story given for every word & then you will feel the difference. Why I am telling this justbecause as I tell the name of anything like “Johnny Lever, Shahrukh Khan, Mr. Been, Barbie Doll” the picture of that particular thing/person willimmediately come to your mind. In the same way imagine the ridiculous video of every ridiculous story of every word given in the book. Note: Please don’t take any name/action in ridiculous stories as offensive.RIGI MIRACLE- By Umesh Sehgal Try to imagine every ridiculous story into picture
  18. 18. RIGI MIRACLE volume- 1 Part- 2 Start Vocabulary with RIGI MIRACLE “Destroy the blocks, Break Down the Wall, Let Go of the Rope, Dance Your Way to Success”RIGI MIRACLE- By Umesh Sehgal Try to imagine every ridiculous story into picture
  19. 19. RIGI MIRACLE volume- 1 Pronunciation Symbols a at n, nn not, funny aa father n fashion aw all ng song ay day o odd air hair ō open b, bb but, ribbon oō good ch chin oo school d, dd do, ladder ow owl ə about, item, edible, oy oil common, circus p, pp pen, happy e egg r, rr road, carry ee eel s, ss say, lesson f, ff fond, differ sh sheep g, gg go, giggle th thin h hat th this hw when t, tt tell, butter i it u up ī ice ur urge j, jj juice, pigeon v, vv very, savvy k key, thick w wet l, ll let, silly y yes l apple z, zz zoo, blizzard m, mm mother, hammer zh vision m rhythm NOTE: This book uses double letters to show many sounds in the middle ofwords, because English spelling normally uses double letters in these positions.This is one of several ways that the system of spelling pronunciations here ismore natural and easier to use than the systems in many other dictionaries orbooks. Formation Verb - (v) , Adjective – (adj.), Noun- (n) Sen- Sentence, Syn- SynonymsRIGI MIRACLE- By Umesh Sehgal Try to imagine every ridiculous story into picture
  20. 20. RIGI MIRACLE volume- 1 Mnemonics Keys Mnemonics keys are given only for information sake & guidance. Butthese keys don’t apply on every word and all the mnemonics keys are not shown on this page. If you feel need of these keys then you may read it otherwise don’t bother. (Mnemonics keys are basically key words of words which are used in ridiculous stories (as mnemonics) to clear the meaning)Ab- Amitabh Bachchan Cere- sir (brain)Agg- egg Chas- chessAg- egg Cal- call or kal (tomorrow orApe- (monkey) yesterday)Ala- (Aladdin) Cis- sis (sister or hospital nurse)Ali- (Aladdin) Cal- kalu (black)Allu- (potato) Cla- clayAmbi- ambe mata (god) Cle- clayAc- A.C. [air conditioner] Cl- clayAl- (Aladdin) Col- cola (coka cola)Aman- (shanty – mandira bedi) Com- comaAm- aam (mango) Comp- (computer)Ani- animal Con- kaunArb- Arab Cor- coreash- ash (ashwariya) Cre- crew (ship)At- aata (wheat) Crest- crust (outer portion of the earthAud- audio (earth crust))Aug- aag (fire) Cul- kul (community or religion)Auto- autoriksha Cur- kuru (dog)Ap- ape (planet of ape or monkey) Cer- sir (teacher)Ana- Anna kournikova (tennis player) Cy- seeAnti- (aunti or aunt) De- de (Delhi)as -ass (donkey) Deci- desiBer- (bair- Zizyphus fruit) D- D (D movie or protractor or Compass inBal - (force) geometry, Drafting instrument used toBhor- morning draw or measure angles)Bro- bru (coffee) D- d (dancer)Beati- beti (baby) De- deafBe- bee Deli- DelhiB- bee Del- Delhi or Dell laptopBene- been (Mr. been) Dep- deepBes- bees (20) Dep- depp (Johny Depp)Bi- bike Des- deskBi- bi (two) Dev- Dev (shahrukh khan in devdas)Brag- bagger Dia- diya (diya mirza)ci- sea Din- din (morning)Cen- sen (shushmita sen) (bollywood Du- deo (deodorant)RIGI MIRACLE- By Umesh Sehgal Try to imagine every ridiculous story into picture
  21. 21. RIGI MIRACLE volume- 1actress) Nery- nari (female)Dis- dish n (Jawaharlal Nehru)Dle- Dil- (heart) NunDent- (dentist) nt- (ant)Ence- nuns per- pariEpi- appy (appy fizz) pi- pari (angel)ep (appy- apple taste) Rt- arte- e (elephant) Rous- russ (juice)em (e-mail) Rize- riceEqu- aqua (aqua fresh water) Rin- (rin supreme)Ex- axe (axe effect deodorant) Sity- cityesque- ishq (love) sive- (Shiv ji)ence- ans (answer) Sion- sonf- (F TV) se- (sea water)Fe- fee sy- seaFi- fee Thro- throwf- fee t- teafore (four) Tary tory- treeFr- free Tion- shaan (singer)fle- fal (fruit) Tive- TVg (gravity or gravitational pull) Ter- frog (frog sound’s ter-ter)g- (gear box) Try- treeGro- grow Ted- teddyger (money) Tation- (station)ish- (ash or aishwariya) Tra- trayile (illi- small insect found in vegetables) us- (U.S. - United States)ister- ister (sister) Us- assion- ion (iron or press) u- joo (lice or hair insect or WinglessJure- jer (money) usually flattened bloodsucking insectJu- joo parasitic on warm-blooded animals)Logo- (people) or A company emblem uo- jooLation- lotion Ver- [groom]mia- (husband) Ver (bridegroom)Mor- mor (peacock) or more Ys- bees(20)M.P. (Madhya Pradesh) Yen- (japan currency)Nal- (tap) Zen- (car)RIGI MIRACLE- By Umesh Sehgal Try to imagine every ridiculous story into picture
  22. 22. RIGI MIRACLE volume- 1 Word List – 1 Abase - ActuarialAbase [ ə báyss ] (v) – lower; degrade.Key word- (AB) amitabh bachchan + base (basement)Ridiculous story- mai amitab bachan ko basement main le ja ker degradeker raha hu.Sen- English people abased Mahatma Gandhi by throwing him out of thetrain.Syn- lower, degrade, humiliateAbash [ ə básh ] (v) – embarrass.Key word- (AB) Abhishek bachchan + ashRidiculous story- amitab bachchan ne ash se shadi ker lee or ye dekh kerabhishek bahut embarrass hua.Sen- Many Mughal rulers always abashed Hindus.Syn- embarrass, humiliateAbate [ ə báyt ] (v) – subside; moderate.Key word- (AB) amitabh bachchan + ateRidiculous story maine amitab bachchan ko kaha ki bahut ate ker- ker kemota ho gaya tu ab moderate ker le apna pait (stomach).Sen- English while ruling over India abated the power of Indian rulers.Syn- lessen, appease, subsideAbbreviate [ ə ] (v) – shorten, condense, abridge.Ridiculous story- I told Amitabh Bachchan that we called him by hisshorter name usually i.e. A.B., his wife J.B. and his son Abhi.Sen- Due to shortage of space I have abbreviated ridiculous stories in“RIGI MIRACLE”.Syn- abridge, curtail, retrenchAbdicate [ ábdi kàyt ] (v) – renounce, give up.Key word- (AB) amitabh bachchan + bidi (like cigarrate) + catRidiculous story- amitab se galti se cat ko bidi lag jati hai ab cat ussemarne aati hai phir amitab us se mafi mangta hai ki usse chhod (give up)do.Sen- Most of the drunkers always promise to abdicate drink but theynever do so.RIGI MIRACLE- By Umesh Sehgal Try to imagine every ridiculous story into picture
  23. 23. RIGI MIRACLE volume- 1Syn- bate, dwindle, lull, relent, slacken, subsideAberrant [ ə bérrənt ] (adj) – abnormal.Key word- (AB) amitabh bachchan + ber (bair- Zizyphus fruit) + rentRidiculous story- amitabh bachchan abnormal behavior karne lag gayahai because voh mere ghar ke baher bair (Zizyphus fruit) ko rent per denelag gaya.Sen- He mostly annoys his friends by his aberrant behavior.Syn- anomalous, atypical, untypicalAberration [ àbbə ráyshn ] (n) – abnormality.Sen- He shows aberration while solving any problem.Syn- departure, abnormalityAbet [ ə bét ] (v) - assist usually in doing something wrong.Key word- (AB) amitabh bachchan + betRidiculous story- maine amitabh bachchan se bet lagai ki vo ek daru kibottle nahi pee sakta, maine usse assist kiya ki vo daru piye ordhirmandra ki tareh water tank per chad ke basanti- basanti chilaye.(Sholey movie scene).Sen- He was unwilling to abet him in drugs trade.Syn- aid, be an accomplice, assistAbeyance [ ə báy ənss ] (n)- Suspended action.Key word- (AB) amitabh bachchan + yen (Japan currency)Ridiculous story- amitabh bachchan Japan gaya usko vaha se yen lainethe per vaha ke officers ne uska kaam latka (suspended action) diya.Sen- I have to keep abeyance the work of publishing my book due tohealth problem.Syn- dormancy, intermission, interruption, latency, pause, quiescence,suspensionAbhor [ ab háwr ] (v)- hate, detest.Key word- (AB) amitabh bachchan + bhor (subeh or morning)Ridiculous story- amitabh bachchan ko bhor (morning) se bahut hate hai.Sen- I wouldn’t say that I abhor housework, but I must admit that I avoidit whenever I can.Syn- loathe, revileRIGI MIRACLE- By Umesh Sehgal Try to imagine every ridiculous story into picture
  24. 24. RIGI MIRACLE volume- 1Abject [ áb jèkt ] (adj) – Wretched; lacking pride.Key word- (AB) amitabh bachchan + jacketRidiculous story- amitabh bachchan ne wretched (fati purani) si jacketpehni hoti hai, or kayi baar mere ghar ke bahar khada hota hai.Sen- Widows had to lead a wretched life in old period.Syn- as low as possible, wretchedAbjure [ ] (v) – Renounce upon oath; disavow.Key word- (AB) amitabh bachchan + juryRidiculous story- amitabh bachchan ne jury main oath li thi ki vo darunahi piye ga but usne oath ka palan nahi kiya.Sen- Drunkers always abjure their oath for not drinking.Syn- recalls, recant, retract, withdrawAblution [ə ] (n) – Washing, the act of washing one’s body ora part of it as a religious ceremony.Key word- (AB) amitabh bachchan + lotionRidiculous story- mai amitabh bachchan ki puri body per lotion laga keuski washing ker raha hu.Sen- I take my daily ablution under shower.Syn- comfort station, convenience, public lavatory, restroomAbnegation [ ábnə gàyshn ] (n) - renunciation; self sacrifice.Key word- (AB) amitabh bachchan + naga sadhu + shaan (singer)Ridiculous story- amitabh bachchan or shaan aaj kal naga sadhu kejhund main bathte hai because vo bhi ab naga sadhu ki tareh self sacrificekarna chahte hai.Sen- Most of the Indian saints lead the life of abnegation.Syn- denial, renouncementAbolish [ ə bóllish ] (v) – cancel; put an end to.Key word- (AB) amitabh bachchan + bole + ishRidiculous story- amitabh bachchan bole ish maine kaha ki “cancel shot”,maine kaha aise nahi bolna, jis tareh ash (Ashwariya) bolti hai vaise bolna‘ish’.Sen- English rule in India was abolished on 15th August, 1947.Syn- abrogate, annihilate, annul, invalidate, nullifyAbominable [ ə bómminəbl ] (adj) – Detestable, extremely unpleasant.RIGI MIRACLE- By Umesh Sehgal Try to imagine every ridiculous story into picture
  25. 25. RIGI MIRACLE volume- 1Key word- (AB) amitabh bachchan + boman irani (bollywood actor) + bal(force)Ridiculous story- amitabh bachchan or boman irani kachre (dustbin) kedhair main gir gaye the, phir maine unhe bal (force) laga ker usme senikala, un dono main se extremely unpleasant smell aa rahi thi.Sen- The behavior of most of the modern youth with their old parents isabominable.Syn- disgusting, repugnantAbominate [ ə bómmi nàyt ] (v) – loathe, hate, abhor.Key word- (AB) amitabh bachchan + boman irani (bollywood actor) + ateRidiculous story- amitabh bachchan & boman irani dono kabhi bhi mil kerkhana ate nahi karte because voh ek dusre ko bahut hate karte hain.Sen- Many abominates the dowry system but avoid practice.Syn- abhor, detest, execrate, hateAboriginal [ àbbə ríjjənəl ] (adj) – Primitive, native, being the first of itskind in a region.Key word- (AB) amitabh bachchan + original CDRidiculous story- maine ek original CD main dekha ki amitabh bachchanor meri ek hi native place hain, hum dono bachpan main langotiya pahenke khelte the.Sen- Aboriginal of India was Aryan.Syn- indigenous, original, primitive, nativeAbortive [ ə báwrtiv ] (adj)- Unsuccessful, fruitless.Key word- (AB) amitabh bachchan + bore + TVRidiculous story- mai amitabh bachchan ki unsuccessful movies ko tv perdekh- dekh ker bore ho gaya hu.Sen- The second attempt proved even more abortive than the first.Syn- futile, fruitless, ineffective, ineffectual, unproductive, vainAbrasive [ ə bráyssiv, ə bráyziv ] (adj) - rubbing away, sharplydisagreeable.Key word- (AB) amitabh bachchan + brush + shivRidiculous story- amitabh bachchan shivling ko brush se rubbing awayker raha hai, shivling metal ka hai. It was sharply disagreeable act for me.Sen- I never gave abrasive remarks to any person.Syn- tending to grind downRIGI MIRACLE- By Umesh Sehgal Try to imagine every ridiculous story into picture
  26. 26. RIGI MIRACLE volume- 1Abridge [ ə bríj ] (v) – condense, shorten.Key word- (AB) amitabh bachchan + bridgeRidiculous story- amitabh bachchan or mai ek bridge per koodte hain perbridge dhire-dhire shorten ho jata hai or hum dono niche water mai girjate hai.Sen- I have given abridged & imaginary ridiculous stories in “RIGIMIRACLE”.Syn- summarize, abbreviate, curtail, retrenchAbrogate [ ábbrə gàyt ] (v) – abolish, cancel.Key word- (AB) amitabh bachchan + brow (eye brow) + gateRidiculous story- mai amitabh bachchan ke ghar ke gate per eye-browsbnane gaya, per usko mere eye-brows pasand nahi aaye or usne cancelker diye.Sen- No one, however powerful of intellectually dominant, can abrogatethe basic moral laws on which civilization rests; He intended to abrogatethe decree issued by his predecessor.Syn- annihilate, annul, invalidate, nullify, vitiateAbscission [ ] (n) - removal by cutting off, as in surgery,separations.Key word- (AB) amitabh bachchan + scissorRidiculous story- maine amitabh bachchan ki body ka ek part surgerymain scissor se cut ker diya.Sen- The abscission of a leaf leaves it dried out.Syn- Prune, schism, rendAbscond [ ab skónd ] (v) - depart secretly & hide.Key word- (AB) amitabh bachchan + second class sleeper (in train)Ridiculous story- amitabh bachchan second class sleeper main secretlybhag gaya or hide ho gaya because usne kisi ka khoon ker diya tha.Sen- He absconded from police custody on the way to court.Syn- escape, fleeAbsolute [ ábssə ] (adj) - Complete, totally unlimited, certain.Sen- Although the King of Siam was an absolute monarch, he did notwant to behead his unfaithful wife without absolute evidence of herinfidelity.RIGI MIRACLE- By Umesh Sehgal Try to imagine every ridiculous story into picture
  27. 27. RIGI MIRACLE volume- 1Syn- total, unrestricted, unlimitedAbsolve [ əb zólv ] (v) – pardon (an offense).Key word- (AB) amitabh bachchan + solveRidiculous story- amitabh bachchan ne meri class main sum ko galatsolve kiya, per maine usse maaf ker diya (pardon).Sen- The inquiry absolved the driver of all responsibility for the accident.Syn- Forgive, clearAbstain [ əb stáyn ] (v) - refrain; withhold from participation.Key word- (AB) amitabh bachchan + stainRidiculous story- jab amitabh bachchan school aaya to uski shirt per staintha maine usse assembly se refrain ker diya.Sen- Her decision to abstain from eating meat has nothing to do with anyreligious beliefs.Syn- spare, eschewAbstemious [ ə əss ] (adj) - sparing in eating & drinking,temperate.Key word- (AB) amitabh bachchan + stem + us (U.S. - United States)Ridiculous story- amitabh bachchan U.S. gaya vahan per doctor ne sirfstem khane ke liye hi kaha or uske ilava kuchh nahi.Sen- Monks live abstemious life styles.Syn- abstinent, continent, temperateAbstinence [ ábstənənss ] (n) - restraint from eating & drinking.Key word- (AB) amitabh bachchan + tin + nunsRidiculous story- amitabh bachchan ko nuns ne ek tin ke dibbe main bandker diya or usse kuchh khane bhi nahi diya, usse restraint from eating &drinking ker diya.Sen- The doctor recommended total abstinence from salted foods.Syn- continence, sobriety, temperanceAbstract [ áb stràkt ] (adj) – Theoretical, not concrete, nonrepresentational.Key word- (AB) amitabh bachchan + track + teaRidiculous story- amitabh bachchan ne car racing ke track ko tea (tealeaves) se banane ka theoretical work pura ker liya.Sen- We may talk of beautiful things, but beauty itself is abstract.RIGI MIRACLE- By Umesh Sehgal Try to imagine every ridiculous story into picture
  28. 28. RIGI MIRACLE volume- 1Syn- Conjecture, hypotheticalAbstruse [ ] (adj) – Obscure, profound, difficult to understand.Key word- (AB) amitabh bachchan + straw + russ (juice).Ridiculous story- amitabh bachchan jab straw se russ (juice) peeta hai tousko ye samjhna difficult (difficult to understand) ho jata hai ki kaun saruss hai.Sen- He tried to conceal his lack of true scholarship and intellectual depthby making use of unnecessarily abstruse language.Syn- esoteric profound, recondite, enigmaticAbusive [ ə ] (adj) - Coarsely insulting; physically harmful.Sen- (1) You are an abusive bad old creature. (2) An abusive parentdamages a child both mentally and physically.Syn- Offensive, rudeAbut [ ə bút ] (v) - border upon; adjoin.Key word- (AB) amitabh bachchan + but (puja bhutt)Ridiculous story- amitabh bachchan jab straw se russ (juice) peeta hai tousko ye samjhna difficult (difficult to understand) ho jata hai ki kaun saruss hai.Sen- His land abuts onto the highway.Syn- contiguous, touchAbysmal [ ə bízml ] (adj) - Bottomless.Key word- (AB) amitabh bachchan + bees (20) mileRidiculous story- amitabh bachchan ek bees mile gehre kue (well) maindive ker deta hai, or mujhe ander se jor se aawaz deta hai ki ye kua tobottomless hai.Sen- His arrogance is exceeded only by his abysmal ignorance.Syn- extremely bad, terrible, fathomlessAbyss [ ə bíss ] (n) - enormous chasm, vast, bottom less pit.Key word- (AB) amitabh bachchan + bees (20)Ridiculous story- mujhe bees amitabh bachchan ek sath ek chhote segehre bottomless pit main milay.Sen- It takes great will power to come out of the abyss of depression.Syn- gulf, deep holeRIGI MIRACLE- By Umesh Sehgal Try to imagine every ridiculous story into picture
  29. 29. RIGI MIRACLE volume- 11.5 LAKH COPIES SOLDRIGI MIRACLE VOL.1PRICE: 299 INRRIGI MIRACLE VOL.2PRICE: 289 INRRIGI MIRACLE VOL.1 & VOL.2[OFFER PACK]PRICE: 540 INRP & H: 45 – 75 INRBUY NOW PAY ON DELIVERY [INDIA]HELPLINE NUMBERS: +91-9357710014, +91-9465468291More info Visit: www.rigipublication.comRIGI MIRACLE- By Umesh Sehgal Try to imagine every ridiculous story into picture